Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit

FILM The Penthouse: War In Life might be one of the best Korean films that you must follow for fans of the Korean drama. Success with its first episode, The Penthouse 2 managed to achieve great success. Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit.

The film, starring Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah and Eugene Kim, has indeed succeeded in playing the emotions of those who watched it. However, apart from the intrigue of the story, the fashion of the main characters is one that attracts attention.

Well, one of them is the luxury fashion of Kim So Yeon who plays the character Cheon Seo Jin, the evil prima donna at Hera Palace. Acting as chairman of a prestigious music school foundation in Korea; it is only natural that the outfit worn by Kim So Yeon is always luxurious and has fantastic value.

Summarizing the Instagram account, @kdrama_fashion, here is a portrait of the expensive sleeping and bathing outfit Kim So Yeon, the evil prima donna at The Penthouse, if totaled for an iPhone 12.

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Bath robe

For a bathrobe or bathrobe, Cheon Seo Jin’s character appears in a luxurious white bathrobe. The bathrobe is a collection designed by the Versace fashion house, I Love Baroque Bathrobe; which sells for USD595 or approximately Rp.8.5 million! Fantastic isn’t it?

Silk nightgown

Acting as the prima donna, the nightgown worn by Kim So Yeon still had to be luxurious and branded. For example; in episode 3 last week, this woman born in 1980 was seen wearing a silk nightgown, Avito Silk Long Gown; Champagne which sold for USD684.5 or approximately Rp.9.8 million per one piece.