Jang Nara Fashion Style

Korean drama lovers have long been familiar with the beautiful actress Jang Nara. This veteran actress is returning to greet her fans through the latest drama series, Sell Your Haunted House. Jang Nara fashion style.

In this series, Jang Nara acted with actor and musician Jung Yong Hwa. Despite being 40 years old and appearing in so many drama titles, Jang Nara’s beauty and youthful face have never changed with the times.

No need to linger, summarizing her personal Instagram account, Thursday (15/4/2021) let’s take a peek at five beautiful and youthful portraits of Jang Nara, the actress of Sell Your Haunted House.

Short hair

Jang Nara’s face, which is already small and smooth and white as porcelain, looks even more cute with this super short haircut style. It doesn’t seem like it’s 40 years old, right?

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Bare face

Have a beautiful and cute face, smooth and youthful without wrinkles and lines. Naturally, if a Jang Nara is so confident with a plain face without even makeup, aka her bare face.

Graceful in Hanbok

Dressed in traditional Korean clothing, the Hanbok is bright blue complete with traditional pinched hair. Jang Nara shows off the classic and simple beauty of a typical East Asian woman. Like a Korean royal princess huh!

Well, if this is Nara’s style of appearance when she starred in a hit drama, VIP when she plays the character of a manager. In this drama, Nara looks beautiful, elegant, and mature with a long side-length hairstyle without brunette bangs.

Front bangs

In 2019, Jang Nara appeared cute and beautiful by wearing a schoolgirl-style haircut, shoulder length black, complete with see-through front bangs that perfectly framed her beautiful face.