Intimate Portrait of Dimas

An intimate portrait of Dimas and Nadine Chandrawinata, becoming fathers and mothers-to-be! Actor Dimas Anggara received a sweet gift on his 33rd birthday on September 10, 2021. His beloved wife, Nadine Chandrawinata announced that she was pregnant.

This was revealed by Nadine Chandrawinata through her Instagram account, right on her husband’s 33rd birthday, Friday (10/9/2021). Dimas Anggara is now a prospective father from the fruit of his love with Nadine Chandrawinata who always looks romantic and harmonious.

What is the portrait of the future father and the harmony of the couple who are often called couple goals like? Come on, take a peek at the portrait, which is summarized from the Instagram account @dimsanggara, Saturday (11/9/2021).

1. Celebrating a special day

In this portrait, the couple, who got married on May 5, 2018, looks compact posing looking at the camera with a flat face while holding a crystal ball together. They wore clothes with a monochrome fashion theme complemented by striped motifs. Against the background of the ultrasound image of the baby-to-be and the declaration of “Father’s Dirgahayu”, they looked so enchanting.

2. Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr

They appear compact wearing white shades with a combination of brown on the other parts. Posing straight while jumping, they held hands tightly. Dimas is wearing a white koko shirt combine with brown chino pants. Meanwhile, Nadine is seen wearing a white ethnic dress that makes her face look radiant. Not to forget, the sandals they wear are compact!

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3. Celebrating Wedding Day

This photo was take while celebrating his third wedding anniversary. Posing while looking at each other, both of them smiled so cheerfully. A positive aura emanated from this couple. In his statement, Dimas expressed his feelings to Nadine.

4. Compact with bucket hat

Portrait of Dimas and Nadine leaning against the car while wearing a compact bouquet of hats and glasses. Nadine wore a patterned dress combined with white sneakers. For the bucket hat, she chose red to match the motif on her dress.

Dimas himself looks simple wearing a white shirt combined with white sneakers. The bucket hat he wore matched his shirt. As if they never let go, again they posed holding hands.

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