Indonesian Fashion Brands

Indonesian fashion brands are ready to show off at New York Fashion Week 2022. The quality of local fashion brands created by the nation’s children is increasing and increasingly able to penetrate the global market.

One example can be seen from the good news brought by the local fashion product line Erigo. The local fashion brand will show off at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Spring/Summer 2022 September.

Erigo’s moment of breaking into New York fashion week coincided with the 10 year anniversary of the presence of this clothing brand that is loved by many young people.

Appearing on the New York Fashion Week The Show stage in collaboration with well-known e-commerce, Muhammad Sadad, CEO and Founder reveal that on the NYFW runway stage later, he will display around 60 total looks of daily wear, active and formal wear, one of which is from the exclusive line. , ERIGO X which is specially design to perform in New York.

“The show takes about 20 minutes, later there will be 60 gender neutral looks; collections that can be wear by men or women as well as plus sizes. This year, it is know as a “market” product; so at NYFW we present something exclusive, bolder and more different,” said Sadad, in a virtual press conference, Monday (23/8/2021).

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Debuting in a fashion week as big as New York Fashion Week; Sadad admit that all preparations for the show had been compress since last May.

“Preparations have been going on since March this year, actually; but because PPKM was block, I was also positive for Covid-19, then there was Lebaran. So, pushing it since the end of May, we’ve really condense it,” he added.

For the color game, the collection on the NYFW runway will be present with classic colors; that are young at heart. “Elements of color palette, neonic such as orange tiger, black beauty, lemon chrome, teal blue, raspberry, and lime green. The theme is fashion meets function, which is definitely not uncommon,” conclude Sadad.

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