In Summer 2021 Slowlove Collection Will Go on Sale

This coming Thursday, April 8, in Summer 2021 Slowlove Collection will go on sale. The first proposal of the brand that will see the light in this its new stage of development under the umbrella of the Spanish multinational Tendam, also meaning the debut of Sara Carbonero; and Isabel Jiménez, the founders of the firm, as part of the team of the Textile Group. This aspect resulted from the fact that between the terms of this “association”, as Tendam described the operation through which Slowlove has become part of its own brand catalog, the permanence of both in the position of creative directors of the signature.

Thus showing himself faithful to that same folk; and boho aesthetic with which he managed to establish his presence in the always competitive world of fashion, as well as towards that same slow philosophy with which Carbonero; and Jiménez knew how to give value. Meaning to each of the firm’s proposals, we will come across a colorful collection of spring tones in which sustainability comes to play a determining role.

Not only as a result of the defense of calmer. More leisurely rhythms of life that lead to more responsible consumption practices; such as those that have been defending since Slowlove since its foundation, but by the introduction of a good; and large number of organic, recycled; and sustainable fabrics as raw materials for making garments. This point is also one of the aspects that Tendam has established as a base from which to promote the organic growth of its different commercial brands.

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“The Slowlove Spring / Summer 2021 collection”, the fashion firm itself details through a statement, commitment to sustainability; and an urban folk style. For some garments with personality, inspired by the idea of ​​transporting the boho essence to the city; and slow philosophy to the frenetic daily rhythm; which result in designs that not only show a style, but rather an attitude; and a way of living and in which nature and respect for it is the protagonist.

“Without this concept, the collection cannot be understood”, they emphasize from Slowlove; while indicating how it is characterized by “colors; and fabrics that transport the warmth of summer, its sunsets, a walk through the countryside, the diverse tones of the sea ”; as well as the versatility that comes as a result of the pieces being able to“ combine with each other; and adapt ”to both“ a casual lifestyle ”and“ more special occasions ”.