Handsome Portrait of Arifin Putra

Handsome Portrait of Arifin Putra – Actor Arifin Putra is famous for his good acting skills as an actor. It is undeniable that many fans have hailed him for having captivating visuals.

Having a handsome face, tall body and athletic fit, it’s no wonder the appearance of this German-Indonesian-blooded man has successfully amazed netizens. Curious about what handsome actor Arifin Putra looks like now?

Summarizing Arifin’s personal Instagram account, Wednesday (7/7/2021) let’s take a peek at the review of handsome portraits of Arifin Putra below.

1. It’s cool to be a magazine model

Recently, Arifin’s handsome and cool face adorned the cover of a famous fashion magazine in Indonesia. Appearing in a clean-cut style and displaying a cold expression, Arifin Putra looks cool in a black jacket and pants.

2. Natural Glowing

Now, if this is Arifin’s natural handsome portrait in the morning, his handsome face looks glowing aka glowing exposed to the sun’s rays of divine light. The colour in this picture just look so good.

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3. Haircut

After trimming his already rather long hair, it became shorter and neater, although part of his face was covered by a mask, the handsomeness of this Rumah Dara star actor still radiated clearly, right? I mean he just look so good in that mask. Even the mask cannot keep his handsome from radiating.

4. Hair in a ponytail

Usually seen with a neat short haircut, don’t get me wrong, it turns out that this The Raid 2 actor has also grown his hair long. Her slightly long hair at that time was stylishly styled with a ponytail at the top and skin-cuts on the sides.

5. Relaxing

Handsome men still look handsome even when lying relaxed? Well, Arifin Putra is one example. Lastly just look at this relaxing photo lying in Arifin’s house, which makes netizens intoxicated.