Glenca Chysara Elegant Portrait

Glenca Chysara elegant portrait in 3 expensive dresses, the total is almost Rp. 20 million! Glenca Chysara’s name has become increasingly known, since her role as Elsa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta which airs every day on RCTI. In addition, his appearance was no less interesting, and also became the spotlight.

With a feminine face, Glenca often wears elegant and elegant outfits. If Poppy Bunga’s nephew usually appears with an outfit of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, Glenca also has a million rupiah dress collection, you know.

Reported from the Instagram account @fashion_glencachysara, here are three fashion collections of beautiful Glenca Chysara dresses that are quite fantastic.

Orange Dress

In this photo, Glenca wears an orange dress, with a strap detail on the belly. This time he wore a collection from Tory Burch, priced at Rp. 8,111,000.

Glenca looks fashionable. She combined her dress with beige heels, her makeup look matched her outfit.

Black Dress

Then Glenca looked elegant with this black dress. Coupled with stone details such as swarovski, making the dress more attractive.

This outfit is an Elegant Dress collection from Faddat, priced at IDR 3,500,000. Glenca looks more elegant with a make-up look that matches her outfit.

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Yellow Dress

Finally, there is Glenca Chysara wearing a pretty yellow dress, or more looks golden yellow with lace details in the form of waves on the sleeves.

This beautiful dress is a collection from Nozomi Counter, priced at IDR 7,800,000. His appearance made Rendi Jhon’s lover look elegant, and charming. And she combines it with flawless make-up.

In total, these 3 collections of Glenca Chysara dresses cost Rp. 19.4 million. No wonder Glenca Chysara’s appearance is even more stunning! man how can a normal citizen even afford those kind of price, only people like Glenca can afford those.

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