Films That Leave an Imprint in Our Wardrobe

Some films leave an imprint not only in the hearts of viewers, but also in their wardrobe. The cult images of your favorite characters make such a strong impression that you immediately want to repeat them. We offers recall a few things that appeared in films and TV series, and then went out to people (in a literal style). Who knows, maybe there are some of them in your closet? Films that leave an imprint in our wardrobe.

Blair Waldorf headbands from “Gossip Girl”

Immediately after its release, the series “Gossip Girl” became incredibly popular. And it’s not so much about the plot that is interesting for teenagers and young people, but about the style and images of the main characters. And given that in almost every episode, the Manhattan elite threw parties, fashionable outfits changed one after another.

But most of all, the audience fell in love not with the dresses, but with the headbands of one of the main characters, Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester. The girl not only wore it paired with a school uniform, but also complemented everyday and holiday outfits. The accessory became popular, as it automatically became the main highlight of the image. Interestingly, almost 15 years after the release date of the first season, the headbands still remain relevant. And judging by the designer collections of 2021, this season the accessory will once again bask in the rays of glory.

Interesting fact: Thanks to the series “Gossip Girl“, not only headbands became popular; but also plaid scarves, without which heartthrob Chuck Bass rarely appeared in public. As soon as fans found out which brand of accessories Ed Westwick was using, they instantly snapped up the scarves in stores.

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Dana Scully’s costumes from The X-Files

Considering who the X-Files protagonist worked for; it’s no surprise that she always appeared in front of the camera in classic costumes. Classic trench coats, oversized trousers and jacket, low-heeled pumps – a strict; but at the same time elegant image of an FBI agent performed by Gillian Anderson, admired a business woman of the 90s. Who would have thought that 30 years later, women of fashion would prefer just such a free-business style. No wonder they say that fashion is characterized by cyclicality.