Fashion Trends That Will Boom

Fashion trends that will boom in 2022, back to the 70’s era? . 2022 is coming soon and fashion trends will soon change. Many fashion trends have also looked back in recent years.

It is estimated that next year’s clothing will feature a combination of styles in the 1970’s, cutbray-style jeans or known as wide leg jeans.

As one of the versatile fashion pieces, wide leg jeans can be combined with casual or formal clothes. Here is a series of fashion combinations of wide leg jeans that you can apply in all situations, as reported by Highend.

Denim Chic

This look makes your loose jeans look chic instantly. The addition of a light blue striped accented shirt gives a neat and fashionable impression a la ‘Parisian Chic’. Beautify the look with multi strap flat shoes in black and a small bag of the same color.

Two-Toned Denim

The loose impression caused by wide leg jeans sometimes makes the wearer’s legs look shorter. The way to get around this is to wear two-toned jeans that accentuate the ankles to make them look more level. Roll up the bottom of your pants a little to give a two-toned look through the darker interior of the jeans.

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Cropped Jeans

If you don’t like to roll up your pants, wide leg jeans with cropped accents can make your legs longer. Cutting the pants at the bottom gives a firm and level impression by showing half the legs and shoes. Make sure you wear semi-formal pieces like sweaters to avoid being slouchy.

Being on Top

Not only modifying the appearance of wide leg jeans, you can also be creative with the selection of an attractive top. An example of Margot Robbie‘s style is wearing a combination striped shirt and an oversized coat in dark colors, offsetting light-colored jeans. Use high heels and a simple bag to create a posh impression.

90’s Classic

Not only attached to the style of the 1970s, wide leg jeans are also synonymous with fashion styles in the 90’s era. The 90’s era supermodel off-duty style that combines a white t-shirt, black oversized blazer and branded bags and shoes is worth a try for your casual look. To thicken the 90’s accent even more, choose an acid wash accented denim that was a hit at that time.

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