Fashion in Film That Became Popular

Shorts Vivienne from “Pretty”. A lot of outfits from this film became cult; and went to the masses: one red evening dress is worth it! But we want to recall another wardrobe item that was not very relevant at the time of the film’s release, but is now at the peak of popularity – Bermuda shorts. Complement them with a basic shirt, a loose jacket in a bright color and classic pumps – voila, a business or festive look is ready! A stylish outfit will definitely attract attention and will cause a storm of admiration from others. Fashion in film that became popular.

Polka-dot dress Eden from “Santa Barbara”

Even for those girls who know nothing about the lives of rich people in California; it was breathtaking when looking at the luxurious outfits of the characters of “Santa Barbara”. Dresses with eccentric shoulder pads, huge clips, massive necklaces, deep neckline. Many may think that the cult series has nothing to do with modern fashion, but it only seems so.

Take, for example, a blue dress with white polka dots, in which one of Eden’s main characters appeared on the screensaver every time. Outfits in the style of the 90s have returned to the fashion pedestal again, so the print, and the curly neckline and overhead shoulders are more relevant than ever. Such wardrobe items fit perfectly into the modern romantic style, as evidenced by the collections of designers presented at fashion weeks.

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Panamas and berets from “Emily in Paris”

The high-profile 2020 premiere from Netflix has not been without new fashion trends. Perhaps we would have been surprised at such an influence of the series “Emily in Paris” on the fashion world, if we did not know who exactly worked on the costumes of the main characters. The creators decided not to waste time on trifles and to involve Patricia Field, an American fashion designer, stylist, winner of two Emmy awards; and an Oscar nominee, in the work on the painting. At one time, the designer made incredibly popular images of the heroines “The Devil Wears Prada”; and “Sex and the City”, and Emily in Paris “only continued the trend.

Lastly the plot of the series tells about an American woman who moves to Paris for her new job. In the new city, she has a hard time, because she needs not only to feel the local flavor, but also to find friends. After the premiere, fans of the film began to sweep away from the store shelves the red berets and Kangol masters, in which Emily often appeared. By the way, the goods from Chanel and Aldo also received the attention of fans – the popularity of branded products has grown several times.