Farah Azizah Beautiful Portrait

Farah Azizah beautiful portrait of BJ Habibie’s granddaughter is charming. Rarely highlighted, BJ Habibie’s grandson, Farah Azizah, has grown up. Not only blessed with a beautiful face, the grandson of the third former President of Indonesia also has a fashionable appearance.

No wonder he is popular on Instagram with more than 32 thousand followers. Curious about the figure of Farah Azizah Habibie?

The following is a beautiful portrait of the grandson of the former President of Indonesia, BJ Habibie, which is summarized from his personal Instagram account @farrahab, Saturday (25/9/2021).

Graduation portrait

First, there is a portrait of Farrah Azizah Habibie’s graduation from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. She looked beautiful in a white brocade blouse with flowing hair.

Elegant in kebaya

This time, Farrah looked elegant wearing a pink kebaya. The appearance of the daughter of Thareq Kemal Habibie and Widya Leksmanawati is more charming with her hair in a bun. Her grace just can’t be measured.

Feminine with dress

Furthermore, Farrah Azizah Habibie, who is growing up, exudes her beauty charm in a dress. She looked feminine and beautiful in a black dress with batik straps. Posing with her hair loose while smiling sweetly, her charm shines even more!


Next there is Farrah’s style appearing with a semi-formal outfit. He wore a black blazer with a white tank top as the inner. Man she just look like a hot office lady doesn’t she. You just want to follow her every order.

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Look simple

Not only appearing in formal clothes, Farrah is also cool with a casual fashion style. The style is still cool even though the outfit is fairly simple. He’s wearing a plain white t-shirt combined with ripped jeans, isn’t that cool! looks very trendy.

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