Exclusive Collection of Knitted Clothing from Noir Sur Blanc

Exclusive Collection of Knitted Clothing from Noir Sur Blanc – Knitted clothing is as popular as knitting activities that are popular in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. No one knows for sure the history and origins of the knitting technique and making it a clothing material.

One of the articles on the Indonesian Creative Crafts Community website on March 20, 2021 stated that one of the clues led to Egypt; where in 1000 AD a pair of cotton socks with a knitted motif were found. After the discovery, some circles; and researchers believe the knitting technique that has developed to date comes from the Middle East.

Many suspect, this technique survives, develops, and is in demand by many people today because of its advantages. Can process into various designs, worn in many occasions, and comfortable for various ages and circles.

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The Designer

A person who really likes knitting, fashion designer Dwi Iskandar, who works from Bali, thinks that one of the advantages of knitted materials is that they can be processed as desired.

“It depends on the use, but it tends to be more casual when worn. I like colorful (knitted clothes), of course the shape is not market. Knit materials can made according to the wishes; both in terms of motifs and colors,” said Dwi Iskandar to MNC Portal , Sunday (4/7/2021).

One of the world’s leading brands that focuses on developing knitted clothing, Noir Sur Blanc; specializes in knitwear or knitwear with simple, relaxed designs, and no doubt stays in fashion.

The wool used for Noir Sur Blanc products comes from the finest wool which is comfortable and warm; not hot and sultry. No less important is that the knitted fabric produced by Noir Sur Blanc is not easily stretched and damaged, because apart from being made from the best materials, the knitting process is carried out carefully with an authentic machine so as to produce neat knitwear.