Didiet Maulana Admits It’s Hard to Find Young Weavers

Didiet Maulana Admits It’s Hard to Find Young Weavers – 2021 will be a special year for Indonesian designer Didiet Maulana. This is because this year is the year he has been a fashion designer for a decade or 10 years focusing on Nusantara literature such as ikat, batik and songket.

It has ten years since he has produced works ranging from fashion to home living through his cold hands, until he has successfully establish himself as one of Indonesia’s top designer names who are subscribe to by many celebrities.

Didiet’s journey is not without obstacles, like other ordinary people, the 39-year-old designer is also filled with many challenges. Didiet admitted that in his work to promote the beauty of Nusantara literature, he had most difficulty finding the figures of young craftsmen and weavers.

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The Difficulty

“The first difficulty is finding new weavers. The regeneration process of weaving, so how to make this something legit and people believe in it. That this is not a job that is done when ‘there are no fields to work on’; but it can indeed be the main job,” said Didiet, in a virtual press conference, Thursday (29/7/2021),

Furthermore, the designer of Maudy Ayunda’s graduation kebaya revealed that another challenge she has faced over the past decade; is that it is dominate by technical aspects. Such as the expansion of the number of production and supply of materials; for example, the sad thing is that most of the threads have to be import from abroad.

“Expand the amount of production, yes, we do it by hand. In this pandemic, weavers who usually work in weaving workshops can’t do it now, if the weaving machine is small, they can do it at home. Then raw materials such as yarn, there are still a lot of imports. If the material is available from upstream to downstream, the cost can be reduce, “concluded Didiet.