Denny Sumargo Street Style

Denny Sumargo street style in New York, compact and intimate! Denny Sumargo with fellow celebrities and well-known Indonesian influencers is traveling around New York. They are introducing a local fashion brand that was pioneered by Muhammad Sadad. The local Indonesian brand itself will appear at New York Fashion Week 2022.

Denny Sumargo also invited his wife, Olivia Allan, at that moment. This hit couple often shares their compact and intimate moments in New York. What’s the portrait like? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized on Saturday (11/9/2021).

1. Posing at the airport

This one portrait hasn’t arrived in New York City yet! Here, Denny and his wife are posing like teenagers in love at the airport when they are about to leave for New York City. Compact wearing black sweaters, they look so harmonious. Posing looking at the camera while holding hands and forming a heart image, this couple looks so cute!

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2. Look cool with street style

Posing hand in hand, they looked so cute wearing street fashion style clothing. Denny wore a bright blue hoodie combined with his gray ripped jeans.

Meanwhile, Olivia is seen wearing a pink oversized t-shirt combined with her transparent leggings. To complete her style, she ate an electric blue snapback with the LA logo on the front. Their appearance looks so simple but still fashionable.

3. An intimate portrait while eating ice cream

In this photo, they appear intimate by eating a small ice cream cone that is eaten together. Denny wore a gray jacket combined with a hat and sunglasses. Meanwhile, Olivia looks beautiful with a bucket hat and her hair that is deliberately flowing.

4. Carrying wife in Times Square

Portrait of Denny and Olivia enjoying the beauty of the sparkling lights in the Times Square area while cradling on the roadside. Deny wore a black t-shirt wrapped in a white jacket and paired with his blue light denim pants.

For his shoes, he chose to wear a Nike Air Jordan to make it look cooler. Olivia looked simple wearing an all-beige outfit combined with white sneakers. Posing grinning at the camera, Denny Sumargo’s wife looks cute like a child.

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