Colorful Portraits of Celebrity Fashion

Colorful portraits of celebrity fashion at the 2021 Emmy Awards. The 2021 Emmy Awards, an award ceremony for Hollywood television personalities, has just been hold. The event at the Live’s Event Deck, Sunday, September 19, 2021, Los Angeles time marks the return of this event being held live.

The 2021 Emmy Awards red carpet event was even more special for the nominees and invitees who attended. If you pay attention, the Emmy Awards 2021 for actors and actresses comes with outfits in the form of dresses, dresses and tuxedos that are so colorful, so eye-catching.

Curious? Summarizing Variety, Monday (20/9/2021), here is a brief review of the colorful fashion variety at the 2021 Emmy Awards.

1. Classic black – Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet, who this year has been nominated for a lead actress in the limited series category with her role in the Mare of Easttown series, comes with a classic look, a plain black dress with sheer sleeves and a deep V-neck.

2. Tomato red – Mandy Moore

Posing on the red carpet, Mandy Moore caught the eye in a luxurious fashion tomato red spaghetti strap dress with an eye-catching ruffle tulle skirt by Carolina Herrera which she paired with sparkling jewellery, a ring and a pair of earrings from Fernando Jorge.

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3. Blue velvet – Jason Sudeikis

Getting rid of the safe black tuxedo, Jason Sudeikis, who was nominate for four awards at once, looks neat in a blue velvet dandy suit from Tom Ford.

4. Lime green

At this year’s Emmy Awards, star actress Kaley Cuoco looked beautiful; and fresh in a lime green open-front dress which she paired with a pair of matching high heels.

5. Pinky pink – Keenan Thompson

Keanan Thompson, who this year was nominate for the category of main actor; and supporting actor in a comedy series, looked dapper and sweet in an all-pink dress. Pink formal suit complete with pink bow tie and black aviator glasses.

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