Classy Street Style

Classy street style at Shanghai fashion week. Since Covid-19 cases have decreased and the spread of vaccines has become more massive, many fashion shows have been held again. One of them is Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 (SFW) which runs until October 16.

Not only presenting classy brands from well-known local designers, this event also featured a variety of interesting street styles with outerwear and accent games.

Dominated by unique outerwear in the form of windbreakers, jackets and oversized blazers, the SFW 2022 street style style displays an authentic style with fashion diversity from the play of patterns, colors and accents. Here, Highend summarizes a row of street style Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 that you should try:

Floral Statement

This style is suitable for those of you who want to try a floral fashion pattern without being feminine. Suitable for both men and women, the sharp-edged floral pattern with monochrome color on the coach jacket makes the look more edgy. Pair it with flare pants and black statement sneakers to accentuate the look.

Fur What is Worth

The simple look of this look becomes extraordinary with the addition of a simple element, a white long fur. The black head-to-toe look comes alive with the addition of long fur at the waist.

In addition to making the appearance more attractive, these accents make the body not look slouchy and straight because of the all-black silhouette.

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Wild, Wild Soul

One of the trends that will rise next year is animal print. In order not to be mainstream, use animal prints like Zebra which consist of monotonous colors and avoid tacky motifs such as leopards.

Make the coat look classy with light fur accents. Combine these pieces with white cargo pants to balance the color of the printed pattern which is dominated by the same color.

Tear It Up

If you’re a fan of denim jackets, copy this look so that your everyday look isn’t boring. The addition of pearls and ripped accents on the sides and bottom make the appearance seem high fashion.

Balance the jacket with black flare pants and create a vibrant impression through the play of motifs on purses and sneakers.

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