Cinta Laura Style

Cinta Laura style is dressed in ethnic clothing in the latest video clip, it’s cool to wear Papuan weaving! Cinta Laura gave birth to a new work entitled Passion, which is also called ‘Marqueesa’. This song features the energetic character of Cinta but with a touch of ‘Bollywood’ which has influenced him a lot lately.

The song, which is really good for dancing, also has a video clip. There, Cinta Laura appeared very total, not only in how she danced, but also in appearance.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some of Cinta Laura’s appearances in the latest ‘Marqueesa’ video clip, which is a pity to miss. Because Cinta gives ethnic elements with an edgy impression according to its mission to bring Indonesian culture to the world stage. Here’s the review:

1. Crop Top made of woven

This first look seems to be inspired by Papuan culture. Cinta Laura wore a long sleeve crop top made from Papuan woven fabrics designed by Jacob William with an attractive dark color. He doesn’t want to hide his plaid belly.

As for the skirt, it’s like wearing a root skirt which is a typical Papuan dress for women. However, it is formulated in such a way that it looks more modern, especially at the waist. So stunning!

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2. Shining like the sun!

In the second portrait, Cinta Laura looks shining in a flashy yellow dress that is so beautiful. The clothes designed by Yogie Pratama designer highlight the beauty while maximizing the appearance of Cinta’s body.

The gold woven fabric accents around the belly create a simple yet glamorous impression. Moreover, Cinta combines these clothes with Bvlgari brand jewelry. So perfect!

3. Color block style

Laura’s love is full of energy and passion. He tried to implement this young spirit into the clothes he wore and this is how it turned out. Yes, super cool color blocks.

Cinta wore a top structure like a Victorian bun designed by Jacob William in orange, combined with bright blue pants with split edges that maximized her long legs exposed. Super stylist!

4. Tropical Queen!

In the photo shoot for the latest song, Cinta Laura appeared in super high fashion. As revealed by the designer, Priyo Oktaviano, Cinta Laura is like a ‘Tropical Queen’.

She wore a bra-top with a super detailed ornament on the front. The ornament is also in the leggings section. Bvlgari jewelery was re-applied to complete the style.

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