Choosing Anti-Tacky Colorful Clothes

Tips for choosing anti-tacky colorful clothes  with the color wheel technique . Bored with clothes that have a wardrobe because the colors are monotonous but afraid of being weird when the color is wrong? Well, there are mix and match tips for fashion using the color wheel technique.

For women, sometimes having a lot of clothes is not necessarily easy to combine. Especially if the outfit that is combined must be with a certain theme and color.

On this occasion, HighEnd will provide tips on mixing and matching outfits with the color wheel technique to add inspiration to your outfit.


Fashion lovers must be familiar with the use of the color wheel in mixing and matching various outfit colors. With the color wheel, you can combine two opposite colors and apply them to tops, bottoms, and accessories. Here are some types of color combinations that you can try.

Spectral Yellow and Purple

Yellow is one of the brightest colors and can be quite dazzling in summer. For that, yellow should be combined with colors that are not too dark like black or bright colors like white. therefore, a suitable color to accompany yellow as in the color wheel is dark purple.

Blue Turquoise and Dark Orange/Brown

Blue is a color that is suitable for use when attending formal or non-formal events. To look more stylish with blue, you can use brown or dark orange.

This color combination creates an earth tone so that it is still suitable for use in summer and winter. Don’t forget to use colored shoes that are still in the same color tone as your subordinates to avoid color blocking.

Dark Red and Brunswick Green

The combination of these two colors reminds you of Christmas, doesn’t it? True, these two colors are identical to the color of the Christmas tree and Santa Claus clothes.

You can use a combination of these two colors if you want to attend a formal event or an event at night. You can also add accessories such as a sling bag or cream colored clutch to add a bright impression to the outfit.

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Lilac Purple and Sage Green Colors

Being a trendy color in 2021, fashion lovers are looking for ways to combine outfits with a touch of lilac color. One of the colors that are suitable to be combined with these colors, besides yellow is green.

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