Charm of Tiphaine Poulon

The charm of Tiphaine Poulon who was attracted to Acehnese men, to the point of converting to Islam! A woman named Tiphaine Poulon from France suddenly went viral because she married an Acehnese man. This news spread quickly on social media and made netizens curious about the portrait of the French Caucasians.

According to some information, Tiphaine Poulon is a model in France. However, the job he threw away for the sake of love. In fact, the former model’s beliefs changed because she went with her husband.

Yes, Tiphaine Poulon decided to convert to Islam. He claimed to find happiness in Islam and because of that now he claims to be happier than before.

Apart from that, MNC Portal here wants to share some portraits of Tiphaine Poulon which are spread on his personal Instagram. So, what is the figure of the French model who is attracted by this Acehnese man?

1. Casual style

Tiphaine apparently likes the casual fashion style of Santi. You can see in this photo, she looks attractive even though she’s only wearing a black midi dress combined with baby blue sneakers. Don’t miss the sunglasses so that the style is better.

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2. More feminine

Unlike the previous photo, here Tiphaine looks more feminine wearing a mustard yellow blouse with a turtleneck accent. The floral motifs on her clothes make her look more fresh. Again, sunglasses are not to be missed to accompany her daily outfit.

3. Wear modern ethnic clothes

If you refer to the photo caption, Tiphaine here is wearing Minang clothes but of course more modern. There is a gold kebaya combined with a blue scarf that is used as a veil and a headpiece that is worn on the forehead. Her smile melts the heart!

4. Photo with horses

While in her home country, Tiphaine was not a woman who was afraid of animals. Yes, he is quite comfortable being close to the horse, even looks calm because he can still smile at the camera.

The fashion style here is very simple, only wearing black long sleeves but somehow the aura is very beautiful.

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