Charm of Naura Ayu

Portrait of the charm of Naura Ayu, the eldest Nola B3 in ethnic cloth. In addition to singing talent, Naura Ayu also has a charming beautiful face. Plus, the daughter of singer Nola B3 is also fashionable!

On many occasions, this young singer looks charming in a traditional Indonesian ethnic cloth that can’t be doubted. Curious what the portrait of Naura Ayu looks like in ethnic clothes?

Here, Okezone summarizes the beautiful portrait of Naura Ayu in ethnic cloth from her personal Instagram account, @naura.ayu, Monday (

So curious right? Gathering Naura Ayu’s Instagram account, Thursday (19/8/2021) let’s take a peek at the charm of Naura wrapped in ethnic cloth below.

1. Ethnic pants

Appearing at an event that promotes tourism and local creative creations, Naura looks cool in an ethnic dress with a modified azure biur color by famous designer Priyo Oktaviano. A long sleeved dress as a top combined with straight pants with a woven motif. Modern, young and cool with ethnic fabrics.

2. Batik wrapped cloth

Balinese dance practice for the first time, here, Naura performed optimally by wearing traditional clothing, a golden yellow Balinese kebaya combined with a waxy skirt with a blackish brown Batik motif as a bottom. Don’t forget to tie a white scarf around the waist as an obi.

3. Batik Camp

Celebrating the moment of Indonesia’s 76th independence day this year, a few days ago Naura uploaded a portrait of herself looking so elegant and beautiful in her Batik fashion motif knitted skirt and Batik motif cloth wrapped skirt. Make Naura look like a young and modern Kartini portrait.

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4. Balinese Kebaya

The Balinese kebaya suit seems to be one of Naura’s favorite traditional clothes. In addition to the golden yellow kebaya, Naura has also uploaded a beautiful portrait of herself appearing in a turquoise Balinese kebaya and a blackish brown batik motif cloth wrapped skirt.

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