Princess Syahrini's Hermes Bag

Princess Syahrini’s Hermes Bag

The luxury of Princess Syahrini’s life is unquestionable. What is in his body is branded goods at exorbitant prices. Princess Syahrini’s Hermes Bag.

About bags, for example, Syahrini doesn’t play around, you know. There are many collections of expensive bags that he often displays on Instagram, one of the most eye-catching ones is a rather large white bag that is predicted to cost Rp1.8 billion.

The Syahrini bag is known as the Hermes brand type ’35cm Nuage Matte Alligator Birkin Bag’. There is an interesting fact revealed by the Instagram account @ fashionsyahrini2, that there are only 100 bags in the world and it was released at the Grand Opening of the Hermes Store Shanghai.


However, this bag is actually not the latest release. Because, the same Instagram account revealed that the bag was released internationally at the Grand Opening of the Shanghai Hermes Store in 2014. Even so, it’s very lucky, yes, this Mrs Barack has one of 100 99 other collections.

From the photos that were shared, Syahrini was carrying the white bag with outift feminine looks. Yes, she wore a black long-sleeved midi dress with an additional accessory in the form of a sizable white belt. Then, she paired it with transparent heels and sunglasses. Syahrini’s distinctive style.

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When it comes to makeup and hairstyling, Syahrini is always consistent with her simple yet flawless makeup. The pink on his lips is enough to make him look fresh. When it comes to hair, she tied it in a simple bun style.


So, how do netizens react to knowing about this limited edition Rp1.8 billion bag collection?

“Edaaaann! It also seems like I just bought it when I was married with Mr. RB? Hermes, who bought Rp1 billion and above, was bought during marriage,” said @ ekonovianti **.

“Definitely buy the limited one for Hermes, so there aren’t many twins with other people,” said @ ernaerna74 **.

“Shit,” shocked @ edrea._letes ***.

“Wow it bounces mehong yaaaa,” said @ mawati **.

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand. As a national cultural heritage, of course the existence of the archipelago literature needs to be preserved. Especially among young people who are now exposed to a lot of acculturation from outside cultures, don’t let them not know what ethnic fabrics and clothing and batik are typical of Indonesia.

When examined, Nusantara wastra has a strong potential to compete in the world fashion industry. Especially in the stories and messages that stored behind every motif and color that poured into ethnic clothing; this is a potential for Nusantara literature to more widely known. The notion of wastra itself is interpreted as a traditional cloth which has its own meaning and symbol which refers to the dimensions of color, size, and material, such as batik, weaving, songket and so on.

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F Thing

Therefore, pride in wearing ethnic clothing in everyday life must be the main goal in maintaining the nation’s culture. There is a need for outreach to local fashion designers who are more sensitive to developing fashion trends.

Therefore, The F Thing held a special discount promo for product variants not only for clothing, but also for accessories such as bags and scarves, which have ethnic motifs or batik entitled “Proud of Dressing” for men and women in April.

The “Proud Berkain” promo give you discount up to 60% specifically products featuring ethnic fabrics that sold on The F Thing website. In addition, buyers will also get an additional voucher of 10%; with a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000 and enter the voucher code BERKAIN10.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop for authentic; and reliable ethnic clothing and batik at The F Thing at affordable prices; only valid from 19 April to 2 May 2021 plus free shipping.

For your information, The F thing is an original and trusted e-commerce fashion. This fashion, beauty and lifestyle based content platform aims to help; and develop retail businesses so they can show their work and stories to consumers. The F Thing also aims to have a positive impact on millennials and Gen Z both at home and abroad.

Soviet Combination Help Hiding the Imperfections

Soviet Combination Help Hiding the Imperfections

The soviet combination help hiding the imperfections of the underwear. Underwear in the Soviet Union could not boast of exquisite design or elegant cut. Sometimes on the shelves of clothing stores lay such styles that it was even unpleasant to wear. But there was not much choice, and here the combination came to the rescue. She allowed to hide the unaestheticness of Soviet bras.

The combination visually hides figure flaws

It seems that apart from underwear, this weightless piece of clothing can no longer cover anything. However, many of the women who have worn the combination for years argue that this is far from the case. It allowed to visually improve the silhouette of the figure – it emphasized the merits and at the same time smoothed out unnecessary “bulges”.

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The combination warmed and acted as a petticoat

It turns out that the combination was indispensable in winter, because, in fact, it was an additional warm layer of clothing, protecting from the frosty wind. And, in addition, she covered the body from the prickly woolen fabric. Also, the combination played the role of a petticoat, and it was thanks to this that the fabric of the dress did not stick to the feet of Soviet women of fashion, who wore skirts much more often than trousers – there were no antistatic agents in those days.

Soviet Woman's Wardrobe

Soviet Woman’s Wardrobe

Fashion, as you know, is changeable, and with it those elements of clothing that seemed indispensable yesterday can go down in history. A striking example of such a trend is the combination – our mothers and grandmothers wore them every day and could not imagine their image without it. But modern women of fashion sometimes do not know what it is. But even half a century ago, Soviet women had many reasons to wear this seemingly superfluous wardrobe item. Soviet Woman’s Wardrobe.

Wearing a combination was fashionable

It seems that this reason could not be here in any way, because the combination was an item of underwear and was worn under a dress or skirt with a blouse. However, enterprising women of fashion showed ingenuity and knew how to “show off a new thing” in front of her friends. So, they just put on a slip the same length as the dress or skirt. Accordingly, one “awkward” movement showed the edge of the thing – they often tried to show the best combinations in this way, for example, with lace.

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Practicality and versatility

The combinations were very popular thanks in large part to their practicality. And the thing is that it made it possible, oddly enough, to extend the life of basic clothes. In Soviet cities, and even more so in smaller settlements; it was not possible to regularly replenish the wardrobe with new things. And then the combination came into play: being a kind of buffer between the body and the main outfit, it absorbed sweat; and therefore it was possible to wash the latter less often. This is how things stayed wearable longer.

Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit

Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit

FILM The Penthouse: War In Life might be one of the best Korean films that you must follow for fans of the Korean drama. Success with its first episode, The Penthouse 2 managed to achieve great success. Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit.

The film, starring Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah and Eugene Kim, has indeed succeeded in playing the emotions of those who watched it. However, apart from the intrigue of the story, the fashion of the main characters is one that attracts attention.

Well, one of them is the luxury fashion of Kim So Yeon who plays the character Cheon Seo Jin, the evil prima donna at Hera Palace. Acting as chairman of a prestigious music school foundation in Korea; it is only natural that the outfit worn by Kim So Yeon is always luxurious and has fantastic value.

Summarizing the Instagram account, @kdrama_fashion, here is a portrait of the expensive sleeping and bathing outfit Kim So Yeon, the evil prima donna at The Penthouse, if totaled for an iPhone 12.

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Bath robe

For a bathrobe or bathrobe, Cheon Seo Jin’s character appears in a luxurious white bathrobe. The bathrobe is a collection designed by the Versace fashion house, I Love Baroque Bathrobe; which sells for USD595 or approximately Rp.8.5 million! Fantastic isn’t it?

Silk nightgown

Acting as the prima donna, the nightgown worn by Kim So Yeon still had to be luxurious and branded. For example; in episode 3 last week, this woman born in 1980 was seen wearing a silk nightgown, Avito Silk Long Gown; Champagne which sold for USD684.5 or approximately Rp.9.8 million per one piece.

Jang Nara Fashion Style

Jang Nara Fashion Style

Korean drama lovers have long been familiar with the beautiful actress Jang Nara. This veteran actress is returning to greet her fans through the latest drama series, Sell Your Haunted House. Jang Nara fashion style.

In this series, Jang Nara acted with actor and musician Jung Yong Hwa. Despite being 40 years old and appearing in so many drama titles, Jang Nara’s beauty and youthful face have never changed with the times.

No need to linger, summarizing her personal Instagram account, Thursday (15/4/2021) let’s take a peek at five beautiful and youthful portraits of Jang Nara, the actress of Sell Your Haunted House.

Short hair

Jang Nara’s face, which is already small and smooth and white as porcelain, looks even more cute with this super short haircut style. It doesn’t seem like it’s 40 years old, right?

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Bare face

Have a beautiful and cute face, smooth and youthful without wrinkles and lines. Naturally, if a Jang Nara is so confident with a plain face without even makeup, aka her bare face.

Graceful in Hanbok

Dressed in traditional Korean clothing, the Hanbok is bright blue complete with traditional pinched hair. Jang Nara shows off the classic and simple beauty of a typical East Asian woman. Like a Korean royal princess huh!

Well, if this is Nara’s style of appearance when she starred in a hit drama, VIP when she plays the character of a manager. In this drama, Nara looks beautiful, elegant, and mature with a long side-length hairstyle without brunette bangs.

Front bangs

In 2019, Jang Nara appeared cute and beautiful by wearing a schoolgirl-style haircut, shoulder length black, complete with see-through front bangs that perfectly framed her beautiful face.

Phrases That Ruins Fashion Experience

Phrases That Ruins Fashion Experience

Phrases that ruins fashion experience “Why do you need a dark one! Take better light blue! It suits you better. Moreover, spring has come … “(when trying on identical things of two different colors). Suppose a girl intends to buy a gray or black sweater because she wants a basic item. However, he hears from the seller that the model she has chosen in the dark color suits her less than in the light one. Most female shoppers, upon hearing this, would rather not buy anything at all. So the bewilderment arises: why does the seller, giving unsolicited advice, risk / deprive himself of the same revenue?

“Girl! So what if they shake a little! It’s natural leather – it gets carried away! “

This advice when trying on shoes is a little discouraging. The great French actress Catherine Deneuve, half a century ago, shared the secret of the perfect bow: “If you want to look and feel like a goddess, always buy shoes half a size larger.” Indeed, is there a need to buy a pair of shoes that are close to the foot? Firstly, it is not a fact that it spreads. Secondly – will stretched leather give a tightly covered foot elegance and comfort to the hostess? And stretched shoes will look sloppy.

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“At your age, it is a sin to hide your legs / not to emphasize your figure”

Firstly, if the style of clothing somehow depends on age, then good taste is a universal and non-aging thing. Sometimes a woman in her 50s has such legs that you can play a little naughty and put on a moderate mini. And a 20-year-old girl sometimes has such sausage legs that a maxi dress (in a youthful style, of course) will be the right choice. Secondly, the call “to cover / flaunt something” is, in general, overt sexism and a call for objectification. Kind of like, “since you are of marriageable age, so come on, attract men, do not waste time, the clock is ticking.” It’s a little offensive. Especially for those customers who came to the store to choose an outfit with different goals and style preferences.

Be on trend and read about those fashion trends that you want to forget, like a nightmare.

Phrases That Decrease Fashion Sales

Phrases That Decrease Fashion Sales

Shopping is about good mood and comfort. But sometimes sales assistants spoil our mood and force us to either leave without a purchase, or even worse! – to buy something that doesn’t really suit us / need. No, this article will no longer talk about obsessive sellers who leave slowly, but surely in the summer, who haunt you like a shadow asking how to help us. The material collected phrases that decrease fashion sales. For business owners selling clothes – a mustread.

1. “The fabric is delicate – wash only in cold water !!!”

Let’s be honest. Which of the buyers, nodding to the seller, is following this recommendation-caution? Sloths and dirty? No offense will be said, but a bra and panties (by the way, it is in the case of buying linen that we are often advised to wash exclusively in cold water), in contact with the most delicate parts of our body, any normal woman will wash at least in warm water. This is an unconditional rule of hygiene. However, any other clothing will also not be cleaned of dirt, dust, sebum if the water temperature is 25 degrees.

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2. “This dress with a leather jacket will be just a bomb!” (advice to a lady dressed in classics)

Quite often we hear advice from an inspired salesperson that is almost tactless. After all, it is obvious that a woman who comes to choose a new outfit in a classic trouser suit or sheath dress hardly has a secret wardrobe, where torn jeans, leather jackets and rough lace-up boots hang … It happens the other way around. A customer arriving in a unisex outfit hears, trying on trousers: “Longish? Nonsense! With a hairpin will be what you need! “

Films That Revolutionized the Fashion World

Films That Revolutionized the Fashion World

Latex Trinity total bow from “The Matrix”. The Matrix refers to those films that revolutionized the fashion world. Fans of the painting immediately appreciated black leather and latex wardrobe items and began to complement their outfits with raincoats and trousers. Interestingly, the looks of Trinity, Neo and Morpheus still inspire not only ordinary people, but also celebrities and designers around the world.

This is demonstrate the collections of Balenciaga and Vetements, which present the public with elongated leather coats and oversized trench coats, complete with narrow sunglasses. Balmain and Alexander McQueen are also not far behind, in the collections of which you can see similar bows. And in 2018, Alexander Wong dedicated his entire line of clothes to The Matrix, which caused a real delight among fans. Of the stars, leather total looks are preferred by Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Bella and Gigi Hadid.

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Clothes from a man’s shoulder from “Annie Hall”

The film “Annie Hall”, which released back in 1977, brought Woody Allen two Oscars – for Best Director and Best Picture. However, the best reward was the growing popularity of the costumes for the picture, which were created by Ruth Morley. They influenced an entire era in the fashion world.

In the late 1970s, girls still wore floral-print dresses and sundresses, creating delicate; and romantic looks to emphasize fragility and femininity. The more the costumes of Annie Hall played in contrast: tightly buttoned shirts, wide-leg trousers, voluminous jackets. These outfits became a breath of fresh air, which led to their active copying. The emancipated women of Manhattan were the first to embrace the revolutionary idea, followed by the whole world.

As Ruth Morley commented, the image of Annie influenced by the style of the actress who played her. Diane Keaton loved menswear. And judging by the actress’s Instagram page, her preferences have not changed much since the 70s: she still wears wide trousers, oversized shirts and boyfriend-style jackets.

Pearl jewelry from historical series

According to Ari Aminoff, CEO of Matt Aminoff, which supplies cultured pearls, demand for cultured pearls has grown significantly in recent years. This is primarily due to the release of several historical films; including The Favorite by Yorgos Lanthimos, The Two Queens by Josie Rourke, and the Netflix series The Crown by Stephen Daldry. Ari Aminoff emphasizes that clients are showing an increased interest in precisely those jewelry worn by queens in films. The greatest love won by Claire Foy’s jewelry, who played the role of Elizabeth II.

Fashion in Film That Became Popular

Fashion in Film That Became Popular

Shorts Vivienne from “Pretty”. A lot of outfits from this film became cult; and went to the masses: one red evening dress is worth it! But we want to recall another wardrobe item that was not very relevant at the time of the film’s release, but is now at the peak of popularity – Bermuda shorts. Complement them with a basic shirt, a loose jacket in a bright color and classic pumps – voila, a business or festive look is ready! A stylish outfit will definitely attract attention and will cause a storm of admiration from others. Fashion in film that became popular.

Polka-dot dress Eden from “Santa Barbara”

Even for those girls who know nothing about the lives of rich people in California; it was breathtaking when looking at the luxurious outfits of the characters of “Santa Barbara”. Dresses with eccentric shoulder pads, huge clips, massive necklaces, deep neckline. Many may think that the cult series has nothing to do with modern fashion, but it only seems so.

Take, for example, a blue dress with white polka dots, in which one of Eden’s main characters appeared on the screensaver every time. Outfits in the style of the 90s have returned to the fashion pedestal again, so the print, and the curly neckline and overhead shoulders are more relevant than ever. Such wardrobe items fit perfectly into the modern romantic style, as evidenced by the collections of designers presented at fashion weeks.

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Panamas and berets from “Emily in Paris”

The high-profile 2020 premiere from Netflix has not been without new fashion trends. Perhaps we would have been surprised at such an influence of the series “Emily in Paris” on the fashion world, if we did not know who exactly worked on the costumes of the main characters. The creators decided not to waste time on trifles and to involve Patricia Field, an American fashion designer, stylist, winner of two Emmy awards; and an Oscar nominee, in the work on the painting. At one time, the designer made incredibly popular images of the heroines “The Devil Wears Prada”; and “Sex and the City”, and Emily in Paris “only continued the trend.

Lastly the plot of the series tells about an American woman who moves to Paris for her new job. In the new city, she has a hard time, because she needs not only to feel the local flavor, but also to find friends. After the premiere, fans of the film began to sweep away from the store shelves the red berets and Kangol masters, in which Emily often appeared. By the way, the goods from Chanel and Aldo also received the attention of fans – the popularity of branded products has grown several times.

Films That Leave an Imprint in Our Wardrobe

Films That Leave an Imprint in Our Wardrobe

Some films leave an imprint not only in the hearts of viewers, but also in their wardrobe. The cult images of your favorite characters make such a strong impression that you immediately want to repeat them. We offers recall a few things that appeared in films and TV series, and then went out to people (in a literal style). Who knows, maybe there are some of them in your closet? Films that leave an imprint in our wardrobe.

Blair Waldorf headbands from “Gossip Girl”

Immediately after its release, the series “Gossip Girl” became incredibly popular. And it’s not so much about the plot that is interesting for teenagers and young people, but about the style and images of the main characters. And given that in almost every episode, the Manhattan elite threw parties, fashionable outfits changed one after another.

But most of all, the audience fell in love not with the dresses, but with the headbands of one of the main characters, Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester. The girl not only wore it paired with a school uniform, but also complemented everyday and holiday outfits. The accessory became popular, as it automatically became the main highlight of the image. Interestingly, almost 15 years after the release date of the first season, the headbands still remain relevant. And judging by the designer collections of 2021, this season the accessory will once again bask in the rays of glory.

Interesting fact: Thanks to the series “Gossip Girl“, not only headbands became popular; but also plaid scarves, without which heartthrob Chuck Bass rarely appeared in public. As soon as fans found out which brand of accessories Ed Westwick was using, they instantly snapped up the scarves in stores.

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Dana Scully’s costumes from The X-Files

Considering who the X-Files protagonist worked for; it’s no surprise that she always appeared in front of the camera in classic costumes. Classic trench coats, oversized trousers and jacket, low-heeled pumps – a strict; but at the same time elegant image of an FBI agent performed by Gillian Anderson, admired a business woman of the 90s. Who would have thought that 30 years later, women of fashion would prefer just such a free-business style. No wonder they say that fashion is characterized by cyclicality.

Sneakers Shoes Have Become Hot Items for Gen Z

Sneakers Shoes Have Become Hot Items for Gen Z

Sneakers shoes have become hot items for gen Z. Aside from their casual-looking design, sneakers are also very comfortable to use.

Not surprisingly, many people, especially sneakers lovers, are willing to spend a lot of money on the latest or limited edition shoes to complete their collection. Besides being comfortable to wear, sneakers have also become part of the lifestyle and even for sneakerheads, this type of shoe is a very lucrative investment.

To pamper the sneakerheads, The F Thing held a promo with a massive discount specifically for sneakers on the website of The F Thing with the dress “Get Your Sneakers Game”.

The F Thing provides a variety of sneaker brands that are most popular with many sneaker lovers and the best in Indonesia such as Adidas, NIKE, Vans, Puma and Converse. This MNC Group e-commerce ensures that its customers get the desired goods at affordable prices.

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The F Thing

The first best sneaker brand, namely Adidas. As one of the favorite sports shoe brands for men and women, Adidas comes with a variety of original shoe designs that are very charming and attract the attention of anyone who sees them.

Next is NIKE, which is also the best sneaker brand to choose from, and presents many high-quality shoes.

Apart from these two brands, Converse is also one of the best sneaker brands that sneakerheads should have. This is because sneakers are popular with all circles, both young people and adults today, and have been a sports fashion icon for a long time.

Furthermore, Vans is a street fashion icon that is very popular among young people. In addition, there is Puma, which is also the best sneaker brand in Indonesia and abroad. Apart from these 5 sneaker brands, there are also other sneaker brands such as Ardiles, Phoenix Shoes, and Jim Joker.

Not only available for men, but the “Get Your Sneakers Game” promo also provides sneakers for women who like to dress in the latest streetwear styles. The well-known sneakers brands above can be purchased for half the price.

In addition, there is an additional 10% discount by entering the SNEAKERFEST10 voucher code with a minimum purchase of IDR 250 thousand. This promo runs from April 5 to 18, 2021 and customers can buy all of these sneakers at The F Thing.

Follow the latest trends easily and fit your wallet budget, by buying very affordable sneakers at The F Thing. This promo is only until April 18, 2021.

The Ticket Pocket Oldschool Fashion

The Ticket Pocket Oldschool Fashion

Business men’s jackets with two pockets on the right are quite rare today, but more than a century ago they were relevant. Such a pocket was located seven to eight centimeters higher from the main one and at one time was widely used in practice. It was called The ticket pocket oldschool fashion. What was the purpose of this pocket?

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to buy such a thing in a store. Usually they are sewn to order. Jackets with a ticket pocket (which is how The ticket pocket is translated from English) are popular with people with conservative views or are simply part of a man’s style.

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The Ticket Pocket Oldschool Fashion
The Ticket Pocket Oldschool Fashion

It all started in Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Then even wealthy citizens preferred public transport. Every day, men went to and from work on trains and trams. To travel, the conductor had to show a small ticket, which was lost in his pockets. It was this pocket that became the place to store it, which was very convenient.

In large settlements in the USA and England, this piece of clothing began to be in demand. People themselves asked the tailors to sew an extra pocket to their jacket. As a result, this style took root, and this type of clothing began to be sewn with just such pockets.

The fashion for this style remained until the twenties of the last century. Then people began to buy personal cars, and the need for this part disappeared.

Arya Saloka's Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals

Arya Saloka’s Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals

Arya Saloka played the role of Aldebaran in the soap opera Bond of Love which seemed to have an impact on his partner. Yes, the wife of Aarya Saloka Putri Anne, is now getting attention from netizens. Arya Saloka’s Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals.

Princess Anne’s appearance has also been in the spotlight of netizens, starting from her style when she was with Arya Saloka, to when she went to a shopping center. Not infrequently, netizens also seem to want what year the price of the clothes worn by Princess Anne.


The Tukang Ojek Pengkolan (TOP) actress has a casual style with a shirt and jeans. This casual style is combined with a pair of Louis Vuitton sandals. The price for a pair of sandals is apparently up to IDR 12.3 million.

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Arya Saloka's Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals
Arya Saloka’s Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals

This 30-year-old woman looks casual with a combination of a hoodie, trousers, ciput and a pair of sandals in blue and black shades. Arya Saloka’s wife also appears to be wearing a well-known brand bag which is known to cost tens of millions.

Starting from the Fendi brand hoodie, the price is known to reach Rp. 13.2 million. Then, the bag she wore was YSL’s Medium Niki Shoulder Bag for Rp.48.9 million. Then, a pair of shoes also comes from a luxury brand, namely Louis Vuitton, for Rp. 12.4 million. In total, the price of Princess Anne’s outfit reaches IDR 74.5 million. Wow!

Prince Philip Has a Distinctive Fashion Style

Prince Philip Has a Distinctive Fashion Style

Unlike other high-ranking state officials, Prince Philip Has a Distinctive Fashion Style.

1. Trench coat

When accompanying Queen Elizabeth II to sail using an open ship. Instead of wearing a polo shirt to make it look relaxed and casual, Prince Philip never took off his tie and formal clothes.

He combined the clothes with a trench coat to protect his body from the sea breeze. This outfit also makes Prince Philip’s posture look upright and perfect.

2. Downtime style

Not only in a formal style, Prince Philip also often wears smart-casual nuances. In this photo, for example, he appears to be wearing a cream colored shirt combined with brown cloth pants. To complete his appearance, Prince Philip styled his hair in a sleek style with the addition of accessories in the form of contemporary design sunglasses. The combination of classic clothing with modern touches really fits her body perfectly!

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3. Smart tweed

Furthermore, there is a portrait of Prince Philip while watching horse racing. There are some subtle but unusual elements here, the most obvious of which is the perfectly tilted flannel hat. She also wore a double-breasted blazer paired with chunky shoes and socks for an authentic rustic feel. Unfortunately, this is not the way men dress in the countryside now, polyester fleece is becoming the fabric of choice in shires.

4. Country gent

Among the many awesome things in this photo is Prince Philip’s first-generation Range Rover. The car is now recognized as one of the rarest classic cars. Now for the business of clothes, there is no need to doubt.

Prince Philip wore an outfit that also presented a classic feel of a traditional British wool jacket and brown non-matching trousers. The outfit looks adorned with a tie and a pocket box folded sharply. What isn’t too flashy, but still stands out, is the formal tone that the black shoes she wears on.

5. Perfect print

Finally there is a holiday portrait of Prince Philip with Queen Elizabeth II. Here he is seen wearing a full print, dark blue Hawaiian shirt. The shirt’s bold pattern has a Polynesian feel.

The prince looked so comfortable that one would mistake him for wearing such clothes. Nor did she display the awkwardness that politicians often show when they dress for made-up holiday photos.

Jeon Yeo Bin Wear 70 Million IDR Oufit

Jeon Yeo Bin Wear 70 Million IDR Oufit

Jeon Yeo Bin Wear 70 Million IDR Oufit. The 14th episode of the Korean drama Vincenzo, starring Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin, successfully made fans fly. The reason is, the two of them kissed intimately after the character Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) proposed to Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin).

Jeon Yeo Bin’s appearance style in this intimate scene is also in the spotlight; not to mention considering that he looks different with a more feminine and luxurious fashion style than usual.

Citing the Instagram account, ‘kdrama_fashion’, Thursday (8/4/2021), let’s see the full review of Jeon Yeon Bin’s luxury OOTD (outfit of the day) when kissed by Song Joong Ki below.

1. One piece blazer dress

Disguised as Song Joong Ki’s lover, Jeon Yeo Bin appears more feminine and lady-like in a black one-piece blazer dress; Double Button Modern One-Piece is one of the collections designed by the LYNN fashion line. If Jeon Yeo Bin wears a longer version of the one piece, the shorter version only sells for USD653 or approximately Rp.9.4 million.

2. Crystal jewelry

This beautiful and luxurious jewelry is featured as a gift jewelry set from Vincenzo for Hong Cha Young. A pair of earrings shaped like oysters in rose gold color, namely Sparkling Dial Up Earring Gray Rose Gold Tone Plating which is priced at USD246; or approximately IDR 3.5 million per pair.

Which coupled with a Sparkling Dance Dial Up Necklace Gray Rose Gold Tone Plating for USD220 or approximately IDR 3.2 million. Making necklaces and earrings from the luxury jewelry line SWAROVSKI attached to Jeon Yeo Bin’s body for a total of IDR 6.7 million.

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3. Shoes and bags

The black bag, black high heels that complement Jeon Yeo Bin’s graceful, elegant; additionaly glamorous appearance when kissed by Song Joong Ki are the Flower Strass Buckle Clutch; and Flower Strass Buckle Pumps, designs designed by the French designer fashion house, Roger Vivier. Worth USD1,675 or approximately IDR 24.3 million and USD1,995 or approximately IDR 29 million. The total price of just two of Yeo Bin’s fashion items reached IDR 53.3 million!

In Summer 2021 Slowlove Collection Will Go on Sale

In Summer 2021 Slowlove Collection Will Go on Sale

This coming Thursday, April 8, in Summer 2021 Slowlove Collection will go on sale. The first proposal of the brand that will see the light in this its new stage of development under the umbrella of the Spanish multinational Tendam, also meaning the debut of Sara Carbonero; and Isabel Jiménez, the founders of the firm, as part of the team of the Textile Group. This aspect resulted from the fact that between the terms of this “association”, as Tendam described the operation through which Slowlove has become part of its own brand catalog, the permanence of both in the position of creative directors of the signature.

Thus showing himself faithful to that same folk; and boho aesthetic with which he managed to establish his presence in the always competitive world of fashion, as well as towards that same slow philosophy with which Carbonero; and Jiménez knew how to give value. Meaning to each of the firm’s proposals, we will come across a colorful collection of spring tones in which sustainability comes to play a determining role.

Not only as a result of the defense of calmer. More leisurely rhythms of life that lead to more responsible consumption practices; such as those that have been defending since Slowlove since its foundation, but by the introduction of a good; and large number of organic, recycled; and sustainable fabrics as raw materials for making garments. This point is also one of the aspects that Tendam has established as a base from which to promote the organic growth of its different commercial brands.

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“The Slowlove Spring / Summer 2021 collection”, the fashion firm itself details through a statement, commitment to sustainability; and an urban folk style. For some garments with personality, inspired by the idea of ​​transporting the boho essence to the city; and slow philosophy to the frenetic daily rhythm; which result in designs that not only show a style, but rather an attitude; and a way of living and in which nature and respect for it is the protagonist.

“Without this concept, the collection cannot be understood”, they emphasize from Slowlove; while indicating how it is characterized by “colors; and fabrics that transport the warmth of summer, its sunsets, a walk through the countryside, the diverse tones of the sea ”; as well as the versatility that comes as a result of the pieces being able to“ combine with each other; and adapt ”to both“ a casual lifestyle ”and“ more special occasions ”.

Red Velvet's Wendy Fashion

Red Velvet’s Wendy Fashion

The main vocalist of the famous girl group, Red Velvet; Wendy has just officially debuted as a soloist by releasing her first solo mini album; Like Water which is also the title of the main song, aka the title track. Red Velvet’s Wendy Fashion.

Like the concept of her dreamy and flowy song; the concept of the same style of appearance is also shown by this beautiful girl with golden voices. It can be seen from a series of luxurious dresses with feminine; and flowy nuances; which Wendy wore in the Like Water photoshoot teaser and music video (MV).

Want to see Wendy’s beautiful, luxurious dresses? To summarize the ‘redvelvetoutfit’ Instagram account, let’s take a peek at a brief description of the five looks of Red Velvet’s Wendy dress fashion.

Tomato peach dress

This peach tomato color long dress that looks very bright on the white skin of Wendy’s porcelain. This one is a collection of dresses designed by the fashion house Giambattista Valli, Assymetric Ruffled Gown which sells for USD3,977 or approximately Rp. 57.2 million per piece.

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Tulle dress

Midi dress with the dominance of white tulle material is also one of the beautiful outfits worn by Wendy in MV Like Water, it looks simple and without a motive, don’t be mistaken, it turns out that the Blazer Tulle Dress output from Loulou is sold for USD2,150 or approximately Rp.30.9 million per piece!

Lace dress

Lying on the green grass, this virgin who is good at playing the guitar was seen wearing a feminine white lace dress; a plain white Brigton Panel Lace Dress that made Wendy look like a royal princess in a fairy tale. For the price, the Zimmermann fashion house sells this lace dress at a price of USD750 or approximately IDR 10.8 million.

At first glance it is similar to the previous ruffled peach tomato dress; but in fact this dress is a dress with a different color. The strawberry pink Assymetric Ruffled Gown is still from Giambattista Valli design. The price is slightly higher than the tomato peach color, which is USD3,761 or approximately IDR 54.1 million per piece.

Flared dress

Posing in the middle of a shady forest, Wendy is seen wearing a flared mini dress in ivory white. Choker Flared Dress, one of the designs of the luxury fashion house Versace Jeans Couture, is sold to the public for USD780 or approximately Rp.11.2 million.

80s Style Inspiration From Reply 1988

80s Style Inspiration From Reply 1988

80s Style Inspiration From Reply 1988 – Is there any friend of FIMELA who has never watched the Korean TV series “Reply in 1988”? Since its release in 2015, this TV series has become very popular and attracted a lot of attention. Apart from the play “Echo” in 1988, THENBLANK also introduced an 80s fashion inspiration called The Pals.

In Korea in the 1980s, popular fashion items used by teenagers were pullovers, plaid shirts, and double denim. THENBLANK exhibited these products in 4 of their products, namely tartan shirts, denim jackets, mom jeans, and everyday sweaters.

This loose tartan t-shirt is made of cotton flannel which has a unique soft texture and is comfortable to wear. You can choose 8 colors from the tartan shirt to suit your everyday style.

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Then, there is a denim jacket with long sleeves cut Oxford cloth on the front and 2 pockets on the left, right and the bottom as well. There are also mom jeans, high-waisted jeans that are cut down. The material is stretch denim, not stiff, thin or too thick. This is consistent with the fashion style of 80s Style Inspiration From Reply 1988.

80s Style Inspiration From Reply 1988


MUFFEST 2021 Present in The City of Heroes

MUFFEST 2021 Present in The City of Heroes

Not only in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, this year the event of one of the biggest fashion weeks in Indonesia, this year’s Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST 2021) is also present in the City of Heroes, Surabaya.

Held from 1 to 11 April 2021 at Pakuwon Mall, IFC National Chairman and designer, Ali Charisma said that this year MUFFEST involved 20 fashion designers carried out with the big theme of sustainable fashion, or sustainable fashion. With the hope, not only fashion connoisseurs but also the message can reach the fashion industry players in Indonesia itself.


“During a prolonged pandemic with a huge impact on the fashion industry, we are aware that we need to join hands, move together to adapt to changing conditions now so that the fashion industry in Indonesia starts to grow again. MUFFEST invites fashion actors and users to realize and understand the importance of sustainable fashion, ”said Ali Charisma, during a recent online press conference.

Carrying a sustainable fashion concept that is environmentally friendly, in presenting a collection of designs on the MUFFEST runaway stage. Ali added that designers are not obliged to make a collection of the latest designs. In fact, it can modify, take advantage of the previous collections that already exist.

“In accordance with the concept of sustainable, MUFFEST participants do not create new collections, but can take advantage of old collections provided they are adjusted to the latest trends so that they are widely accepted by the market,” he added.

The presence of MUFFEST in Surabaya greeted with enthusiasm from the Muslim fashion industry players based in East Java; and its surroundings. Through exhibitions and fashion shows at MUFFEST, creative; and business actors hope to revive the Muslim fashion market in the country, especially just before the month of Ramadan and Idul Fitri as it is today.

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Hannie Hananto

National designer Hannie Hananto also hopes that the implementation of MUFFEST during the pandemic; can revive the Muslim fashion business sector in the regions to restore the domestic Muslim fashion industry.

“People still need and buy clothes for Ramadan and Eid; so there are still opportunities for us, Muslim designers; and fashion brands. We must be passionate about making new collections. It is very important that we participate in an event like MUFFEST. We cannot participate in an event only once; but we must be sustainable, consistent repeatedly until the target market is aware of our brand or product, “he concluded.

After Surabaya, then MUFFEST held in three other cities. Jakarta, Bandung and Bekasi.

The Attractive Proposal of L’Autresac

The Attractive Proposal of L’Autresac

If something good is bringing with them these difficult times in which we are having to live; it is the acceleration that is being experienced in the field of the fashion industry on issues related to sustainability; and more specifically in accelerating the development; and implementation of new environmentally responsible materials. A series of innovations that we have been collecting regularly from FashionUnited, and to which today we add the attractive proposal of L’Autresac. Firm specialized in the design and manufacture of bags, backpacks, briefcases; and fanny packs from vegan; and sustainable materials. Hands of a team of artisan women where they currently immersed in the development of “The Rosa Bag”. A new model of bag, as versatile as it is sustainable, made of an innovative and resistant textile fiber obtained from recycled car glass.


As the fashion firm itself explains, the new model “is made with a super resistant; and innovative material, which has never been used in fashion before”: recycled car glass. “We couldn’t believe it at first either, because it looks too much like leather,” L’Autresac underlined in a statement. But “yes, it is much more resistant and it is also 100 percent cruelty-free and sustainable”.

Thus, “each Rosa Bag made with 1 kilo of recycled car glass that would otherwise end up in the landfill”; which contributes; according to this brand of sustainable accessories made by women, “to being able to reuse an important source of waste that would otherwise continue to pollute the planet ”. A value as a committed and sustainable piece, to which added that, “compared to a traditional leather bag”, during its manufacture “we save 9.7 gallons of water”, about 44 liters of water, “and we generate zero methane gas emissions ”.

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Sale on demand

True to its character as an innovative; and sustainable firm, for the launch of this new model “The Rosa Bag” the firm, with teams in the cities of Barcelona; and London. They have the capacity to make international shipments to Europe; and the United States, has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Tool that they have used to design a special advance pre-sale system, in this case through the Indiegogo platform.

Catalia Batik Received Support From Yasmine Wildblood

Catalia Batik Received Support From Yasmine Wildblood

Catalia Batik received support from Yasmine Wildblood. On her social media accounts, Yasmine Wildblood looks very proud wearing clothes made by Catalia Batik. Apparently, besides that, there is interesting news from the batik brand.

In the information circulated, Catalia Batik has succeeded in increasing demand drastically more than ever during the pandemic that has hit Indonesia since early 2020.

Alfi Sabrina Romsa as the owner of Catalia Batik, admitted that his business could be increasingly in demand during the pandemic after switching from conventional methods to digital systems, namely through online.

“Actually, we are one year before Corona has started to stand. But we are not really focused online because we also send to stores like that. But since Corona, we have begun to focus,” Alfi told reporters, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

Never Experienced Before

Alfi explained that this has never been experienced before. According to him, this is due to several things. Including questions about online product marketing strategies.

For example, starting from providing promos, discounts, creating your own website, even conducting campaigns abroad, including India.

Alifa also has to spend more to pay for influncers to artists. For endorsement services, Alfi is willing to spend IDR 2.5 million for a 45-second video on the artist’s Instastory.

“Her services are usually used by, among others, Eva Angelita, Gisel, Nabila Syakib, Syahnaznas, Nisyah, Yaswil (Yasmine Wildblood), Vega Kartika Darwanti. About 12 artists,” he concluded.

Endorsement Effect

Asked whether endorsement had an effect on the jump in orders, Alfi considered it a long-term investment.

“Enough. It’s like someone who bought it said, ‘I want what this artist uses,” he explained.

The products that Catalia Batik sells are women’s fashion such as blues, batik dresses, and viscose styles. Catalia Batik also always raises local culture and modern style in each product.

“If we focus on women’s fashion, like dresses, blues. We focus on women. Because women are more consumptive,” Alfi explained.

Production Details

Within a month, the Catalia Batik team, which numbered 25 people, was able to produce around 800 pieces of finished clothes. The work is done in the showroom. Meanwhile, the work system for employees is from 8 am to 4 pm.

“Yes, they work from 8 to 4 o’clock. One day the clothes they produce are around 20. For a dress, sometimes it can be 50 pieces a day. So a day’s capacity for a person to sew is up to 20 clothes,” he said.

For the canting and dyeing process, they need 4 days using printing and screen printing methods. Meanwhile, for written batik, Alfi admitted that the brand doesn’t want to focus on it yet. Because the process takes 8 months to 1 year.

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Alfi Statements

Alfi also said that Catalia Batik has its own designer who is tasked with making patterns.

The resulting variants vary because Catalia Batik always follows trends in the market. There are three materials used, ranging from viscose, cotton doby, and satin. Catalia also provides a collection of veils using paris, satin and cotton materials, with a monthly production of 200 pieces.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Alfi admitted that demand had jumped quite significantly so that production capacity also increased.

“From the current production capacity we have increased, we have sent it outside Java as well as mostly in Sulawesi like Sumatra,” he explained.

The price offered by the Catalia Batik brand ranges from IDR 250 thousand to IDR 850 thousand. Catalia Batik also carries the spirit with the slogan “Affordable prices but boutique-class product quality”.

“Only the Catalia brand, sis. The slogan we use is affordable but the quality of the product is in a boutique class. The cheapest price we have ever sold is around Rp. 250 thousand, the cheapest, and the most expensive, Rp. 850 thousand,” he said.

Starting a Fashion Business

Starting a Fashion Business

Starting a fashion business shouldn’t be careless. It is very important to do the right methods from the start. One-one, your business can stop in the middle of the road. You don’t want this to happen to your business, do you?

In this chapter, you will find out how to start the right fashion business. So, make sure you listen to every point carefully, yes. Ready? Okay, let’s get started.

Product Research

Product research is the first step in determining what products you will sell. This step is important. You can’t just choose the product you want to sell. Also, you also cannot choose products only on personal assumptions.

You need data according to market conditions. That way the product you choose will be accepted by the market. So, here are some ways you can do product research.

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Observing Market Trends

It is very important to know what fashion trends are currently hitting. Relax, there are many ways you can do to analyze fashion trends.

Check on Google Trends

Google Trends is a feature from Google that can quickly analyze the number of searches for certain keywords. You can also compare different types of products to see which ones are more sought after.

Check Trends on Social Media

Apart from observing trends on Google, you also need to look at trends on social media. There you can find various photos or videos of fashion products reviewed by several people or influencers.

Just type in the fashion product keyword you want to search with hashtag (#) in the search tab. In the Top tab you will see keyword products that are a lot of likes (likes).

Survey to Consumers

Apart from observing on the internet, you can conduct a survey to find out which products are needed and liked by consumers. Make a simple online survey so it’s easier to do. You can use several social media to spread this survey and get more respondents.

This 4 Zodiac Don't Care About Their Appearances

This 4 Zodiac Don’t Care About Their Appearances

Fashion trends always change every season. While there are certain rotations in fashion, there are of course updates with each season. So that people who don’t follow trends, sometimes get the nickname as ‘old fashioned’ or ‘old-fashioned’.

However, some people don’t care about fashion. Due to the fashion trends, sometimes it can be tiring if you continue to follow them. Apart from just piling up clothes, following fashion trends is also sometimes referred to as waste.

According to astrology, some signs don’t care about fashion trends. They also tend to not care about their appearance. For them, appearing with a neat appearance is enough.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries has always been famous for its cool image. This zodiac sign is known to have no interest in other people’s business, besides that, he is also not interested in following the latest fashion trends. However, he does not necessarily become a person who is not stylish at all. Aries tend to prefer to mix and match their clothes with vintage styles so that they still look stylish.

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2.Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

As we know, Capricorn is a hard worker. So they are more focused on spending their time working rather than shopping or following fashion trends. This zodiac sign is known to not care about the clothes he wears, as long as he thinks it’s neat and proper, that’s what he will wear.

3.Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces is known as a zodiac sign who is very sensitive and sensitive to its environment. He also always understands what the people in his environment think about him. However, he did not necessarily become a fashion maniac. He tends to prefer to be the center of attention but with a different style.

4.Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini is one of the zodiac signs who are the smartest at mixing and matching clothes. This is because this sign is very happy to get compliments and also be the center of attention. Therefore, he will look different than other people who follow fashion trends, because, for Gemini, that is what should be a trendsetter.

Bebe Rexha Will Be The Face of The New Puma and Deichmann Collaboration

Bebe Rexha The Face of The New Puma and Deichmann Collaboration

The singer Bebe Rexha the face of the new Puma and Deichmann collaboration; as a matter of fact championed by two models of sneakers with clear lines. The American artist; who became known for writing the songs of great artists such as Eminem, Rihanna or Selena Gomez until she stood out with her own melodies; stars in the campaign of this collaboration under the slogan #WhateverSuitsYou.

The new models represent the classic and at the same time fun side of the singer; “With my style, I can show the different facets of myself and express what is inside me and how strong I am;” says Bebe in an official statement.

The two models stand out for their timeless simplicity, their clear lines and their pink color, and will be available from April 1, 2021 in Deichmann stores in Spain, Portugal and in several European countries, as well as on the official website of the brand.

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Today Deichmann has around 43,000 employees, 4,200 stores and 40 online stores. In Spain, the brand arrived in 2010 and already has more than 60 stores in the main cities of the Spanish geography, as well as an online shop.