The Matching Fashion

The Matching Fashion

Jeans with decor is hard to be the matching fashion. Laconic moms without decor look more presentable. Once upon a time, jeans with rhinestones and beads were a real treasure of the era of glamor. But since simplicity, neutrality and brevity came into fashion, decorative elements have gone to the bench. And we believe that rhinestones and beads really belong there. They often fall off, cling to clothes, besides, it is incredibly difficult to find a harmonious top to such a bottom.

Note: If you want to sparkle and surprise others with non-standard clothing design, rely on something else, for example, festive items that can complement your bow for a party.

As for jeans, they primarily relate to the basic, everyday wardrobe, therefore, you need to choose a simple model. Solid moms, bell bottoms or straight fit will look much better. Plus they go with anything from blazers and swirly tops to basic white shirts or T-shirts.

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Ugly shoes

Ugly shoes make the foot bulky. Surprisingly, this controversial trend remains relevant in spite of everything, although everyone has already spoken about their ridiculous appearance. Bulky outsole, exaggerated cushioning, a huge amount of details, thick laces, colorful colors – and this is just a part of the characteristic features of sneakers. “Ugly” shoes really live up to their name, so we advise you to immediately abandon sneakers with wedges or heels. If you like to stand out, pay attention to rough boots or models with bright inserts – they will definitely pay attention to you.

mistakes in the fashion fitting room, the result of which is a purchased bad thing. Most people believe that to try on clothes and purchase a great thing as a result, all you need is you, the dressing room of the store and the clothes to be tried on. But it is not so. The material will tell you what five nuances should be taken into account in order to buy the right thing for sure, which you then do not have to give in favor of the poor.

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Style of Beby Tsabina

Style of Beby Tsabina

Outfit to the beach in the style of Beby Tsabina, a beautiful soap opera actress today! Outfit to the beach in the style of Beby Tsabina can be a reference for your holiday appearance style. The name Beby Tsabina itself is quite familiar to the public.

This young artist’s face often paces back and forth in soap operas. The 19-year-old woman also exists on social media. The film ‘Dear Nathan’ became Beby Tsabina’s debut in the world of cinema. From there, he shines even more and is admired by many young people today because of his achievements and attractive appearance.

His OOTD style on Instagram is widely imitated by young people. He can always combine simple clothes but still look stunning. Even semi-open clothes have been shown, but they are still polite to look at. Well, MNC Portal tries to summarize the fashion outfit for the beach a la Beby Tsabina that you can easily copy, especially if you don’t like the all-open look. Listen together, yes:

1. Navy blue long dress

The beauty of the sea will be even more special if you wear a dress made of flowy like this. Beby looks very beautiful in a navy blue dress with one of the collars being styled down so that the bra straps are visible. Very cute style, yes.

2. Bra top

If you want to swim in the sea, then the top bra option can be tried once. Beby gave a reference to still look beautiful while swimming with the selection of a bright pastel color top bra. Very beautiful, yes.

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3. Sleeveless mini dress

The calm and beautiful beach atmosphere makes you don’t want to miss it, including the photo session. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with wearing a mini dress that you like like Beby in this photo. She wore a super light pastel green sleeveless mini dress with a simple hairstyle but still a touch of styling. Beautiful, simple, but still effective.

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DJ Joana Hairstyle

DJ Joana Hairstyle

DJ Joana hairstyle makes her beautiful and doesn’t get boring. DJ Joana’s hairstyle makes her appearance even more charming. And DJ Joana is known as one of the most beautiful DJs in Indonesia.

On social media, the image that DJ Joana is trying to build is stylish. This can be seen from his appearance at various moments always highlighting the high fashion side and his ability to mix and match clothes.

Apart from being adept at mixing and matching clothes, DJ Joana also likes to change her hair style so that it is always stylish and up-to-date. Curious as to what kind of hairstyle DJ Joana has ever had?

Well, citing his personal Instagram account @dj.joana on Thursday (25/11/2021), here is a portrait of DJ Joana’s hairstyle.

Natural straight

DJ Joana’s hairstyle in this first portrait looks classic, so she also looks naturally beautiful. Her straight hair style was parted in the middle, as if timeless.

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Wear a hat

It’s not DJ Joana, if you don’t perform optimally. Yes, this portrait of him on the beach looks cute with his hairdo decorated with a hat. Apart from wearing accessories, DJ Joana also looked sexy in her brown mini dress.

Cute wearing a headband

Back to wearing fashion accessories in her hair, this time she chose to wear a bright red headband on top of her hair. The headband also matches her outfit very well, which also makes her appearance look even cooler.


Her portrait wearing a swimsuit makes DJ Joana’s figure a woman who looks elegant. Moreover, he also made a braid in his hair which also made his appearance look never boring.

Cute with bangs

Making changes by making bangs on her hair, making DJ Joana’s appearance look cute like a young girl. Moreover, he also wears colorful clothes that add a youthful impression to his portrait. By the way, which DJ Joana’s hairstyle do you like?

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Portrait of Velove Vexia

Portrait of Velove Vexia

Portrait of Velove Vexia wife of Zakry Sulisto who is always charming. Velove Vexia is officially married to Zakry Sulisto on November 11, 2021. However, this happy news has only been published to the public on November 23, 2021, via BAZAAR Indonesia’s Instagram upload.

A love story that not many people know makes this news very special. Velove Vexia, who is the daughter of the famous lawyer OC Kaligis, is certainly happy with her new status.

On personal Instagram, Velove also shared his wedding portrait with black and white photo nuances. The ‘last’ photo caption hints at the multi-talented celebrity’s deepest prayers for his marriage.

As an actress, singer, and even a commercial star, Velove Vexia is certainly well aware that there will always be a camera in her life. Instagram is also a space for him to be able to tell the public his daily activities.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal summarizes the portrait of Velove Vexia whose beauty has never faded from the past. Curious?

1. So elegant!

This photo shows the calm and elegant character of Velove. He is an artist who doesn’t reveal his personal life too much and that mysterious side has been captured in this photo. Velove here is wearing a white shirt with a gold chain bracelet which looks luxurious. His sharp eyes looking into the camera lens made him look confident.

2. Pretty chic

The next style is pretty chic. Here, Velove wears a peach-nude dress with layered ornaments on the shoulders. Again, we can see her absolutely beautiful eyes staring out the side of the camera. Beauty has no opponent!

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3. Adorable!

As a celebrity who often walks in fashion magazines, Velove knows very well how to look adorable in front of the camera. Just look at this photo, so cute! He wore an English pedestal hat but in a very modern chic outfit. Hair style made of bubbles like that gives the impression of young and fun. So much entertaining!

4. So glam!

The glamorous look has also been shown by Velove Vexia. In this photo, she looks stunning with a review of red lipstick on her lips and a black dress with beautiful details on the chest. His eyes are really capable of turning the world

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Portrait of Kim Yo Han

Portrait of Kim Yo Han

Portrait of Kim Yo Han the star of Drama School 2021, his handsomeness makes girls fascinated! Kim Yo Han’s appearance in the Korean Drama School 2021 has been long awaited by fans. K-Drama lovers are already curious to see Kim Yo Han’s acting ability.

Apart from his acting skills, the public of course can’t wait to see Kim Yo Han’s style as an actor. Certainly different from Kim Yo Han when he became a K-Pop idol.

Before watching School 2021 which premieres today, it never hurts to listen to some of Kim Yo Han’s handsome portraits, as follows:

1. Biker-style fierce

Known for his cheerful and friendly image, it turned out that when Kim Yo Han wore a black leather jacket in a biker style, the fierce and cool aura of this man who graduated from Produce 101 immediately radiated.

2. School look

It hasn’t been too long since he graduated high school, Yo Han is still very fit to wear a school uniform. Wearing a typical Korean high school uniform, white shirt, long tie complete with a navy blue long-sleeved formal suit, this schoolgirl’s version of Yohan is cute and handsome, isn’t he?

3. Comma hair

The different hairstyles make the aura displayed by this Taekwondo athlete different. This time, Kim Yo Han looks more mature with a hairstyle that was a hit among Korean youth, a comma hair hairstyle with a wet look accent. Maximum sexy fashion!

4. Idol look

Debuting as the center and rapper of the X1 idol group, it’s incomplete if you don’t show Kim Yo Han’s handsomeness when he is trendy in the style of K-Pop idols. Yo Han looks fashionable in an oversized set of camel blazer combined with an emerald green turtleneck.

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5. Pink hair

From debuting as an idol to being active as an actor, Yo Han does appear more often with dark hair colors like black jets. But don’t get me wrong, Yo Han’s idol-style colorful hair has also been tested, for example, this pink cotton candy color. Are you more handsome with dark black hair or pink like cotton candy?

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Style of Nicole Parham

Style of Nicole Parham

Outfit to the beach in the style of Nicole Parham, a cross-breed soap opera that is hot and sexy! Outfit to the beach a la Nicole Parham can be an inspiration for your holiday fashion style to look cool. Since the more shining role as Mel in the soap opera Princess for the Prince, Nicole Parham became one of the young artists in the spotlight.

Yes, in addition to her stunning acting in soap operas, Nicole Parham also has a beautiful face that never seems ugly. Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize several portraits of Nicole Parham with beach-style outfits. This of course can be a recommendation for Nicole’s fans for style while on vacation to the beach. Like what?

1. White shirts never disappoint!

Holidays to the beach will always be fun if you appear in a white shirt. That’s what Nicole is trying to show in this upload.

In order not to seem ordinary, he wore a versatile white shirt with different sides. He combined the shirt with hot pants and wore a bandana as a headpiece. The excitement!

2. Leisure dress

Dress with an open cut will give the impression of being sexy but still beautiful when you are on vacation to the beach. Like the one used by Nicole.

She chose a tosca green leisure dress with a sabrina collar and a super short skirt. There is also a sweet impression on the sleeves and she combined the dress with a rattan hat and platform sandals. So pretty.

3. Red bikini

Red is never wrong. If you go to the beach, you must slip a red outfit, even bring a bikini like Nicole too please. In this photo, he is seen carrying a super large hat which of course makes the OOTD fashion photo even more optimal!

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4. Pretty casual looks

If you go to the beach but want to go around a cafe, then the choice of clothes like the one Nicole wears can be a reference. So, there is still a sexy impression with the use of a red sleeveless top and then combined with a short jeans skirt and sneakers. For a more special look, you can add headbands and necklaces like Nicole wears.

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Sandrina Mazaya Hairstyle

Sandrina Mazaya Hairstyle

Sandrina Mazaya hairstyle is contemporary and fashionable! Sandrina Mazaya’s hairstyle is no less eye-catching than her fashionable fashion style. Curious about what Sandrina Mazaya’s hairstyle looks like?

Sandrina Mazaya’s name became known after participating in the Indonesia Search for Talent 3 event in 2013 and managed to become the winner. Departing from there, he often fills in various events, is also active on social media.

Especially on her Instagram account, Sandrina often shows off her OOTD plus her fashionable and contemporary fashion hairstyle, so that it often steals the attention.

Citing his personal Instagram account @sandrinamazayya on Monday (22/11/2021), here are five fashionable and contemporary hairstyles.


Sandrina’s hairstyle this time looks fashionable and contemporary. This hairstyle is widely imitated by Korean girls, including Indonesia. Usually, the hairdo is parted on the side and ombre at the bottom and formed in natural waves. This is actually quite common hairstyle now because of oriental culture influence.

Wear a hat

Sandrina’s ombre hair this time looks more natural because it falls straight. Not to forget, she also wore a white hat that matched her outfit to make her look even cooler.


The appearance of Sandrina who wore a white dress combined with her hair tied at the back made her look elegant. She also set her bangs to the side to make it look elegant.

Red color quirky

Sandrina’s appearance this time looks a little more quirky with a golden red color. Her natural straight hair was left loose to make it look feminine.

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High pigtails

Sandrina’s appearance looks more sporty with her hair in a ponytail at the top. She also wears batik-style clothes which are a perfect match for her hairstyle. Doesn’t she look very fashionable in here, the ponytail can complement what she wear very well in here.

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Style of Wulan Guritno

Style of Wulan Guritno

Outfit to the office in the style of Wulan Guritno, very stylish! Wulan Guritno, you must be familiar with this beautiful actress’s style of dress. The age can be four heads, but the appearance must be young and trendy.

Wulan Guritno is an actress who is quite active on her Instagram social media. He often uploads photos of his dressing style, his style is simple but always attracts attention and looks luxurious.

Well ladies, don’t want to lose the style with Wulan. Let’s take a peek at Wulan Guritno’s Office Outfit Inspiration!

1. Trendy Formal

Wulan’s style while attending the Premiere Gala is really suitable to be used as an outfit inspiration for the office. Especially for an office where the dress code is always formal.

Combine a padded blazer with a tank top or black t-shirt. Then trousers and dark colored material. Equipped with pointy wedges to make it look cooler and classier. Looking cool at work is guaranteed to make you more productive and enthusiastic about work!

2. Casual Look

There are many types of offices, Wulan’s outfit is suitable for an office that doesn’t require you to look formal and wear a shirt. Patterned long sleeve top combined with black trousers and ankle boots. You’re good to go!

3. Comfy Outfit

Suitable for creative workers, clothing comfort is number one. Well, here Wulan Guritno combines a short-sleeved shirt with wide leg pants to make it more comfortable and move freely. Don’t forget to pair it with a beautiful auto black bag!

4. Formal Casual

Guritno Who says that your outfit can only stick to one style?! The proof is that Wulan Guritno combines formal and casual styles to make it look cooler and still comfortable. This can be exemplified by the combination of a blazer with a knitted tank top and jeans that are a bit highwaist. Equipped with aviator sunglass and strap mask to make it even cooler!

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5. Boyish Girly Style

It seems that Wulan should be named a fashion teacher. His expertise in combining a number of fashion styles makes his appearance always cool and worthy of inspiration! This time, Wulan combined a boyish or somewhat tomboyish fashion style with an army shirt top as an outer and white shirt inside. Paired with long black culottes. Then the girly style is shown by combining black block heels.

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Wika Salim Style

Wika Salim Style

Wika Salim style of wearing a glamorous, elegant and sexy dress makes you fall in love. Wika Salim rarely appears in a long dress. The sexy impression attached to her has become a character on social media and that’s why Wika often shares open photos.

However, recently Wika Salim has appeared different. She wore a beautiful long glamorous dress at various events. This look makes her different from usual and seems to tell the public that she too can look elegant.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize the portrait of Wika Salim in a glamorous dress that really changes the sexy impression on her to look elegant and beautiful. Here’s a review especially for you:

1. Sabrina dress

Here Wika Salim looks beautiful wearing a dark brown dress with sabrina details and layering ruffles skirts that are beautiful to look at. Because she wanted to highlight the sides of the neck and chest, Wika’s hairstyle was tied with a slight touch of bangs falling on the front part.

2. Rose gold backless dress

This dress shows the sexy side of Wika Salim because of the beautiful backless accent camouflaged with pearl lines. This rose gold dress is not only sexy, but also shows Wika’s glamorous side.

Again, here Wika ties her hair back together and adds a kind of headpiece to lock her bun. This hairstyle was chosen to highlight the beauty of her dress.

3. Greece look

This time, we see Wika’s dress looks like it has a Greek look fashion element. The detail of the shawl that is made across the front of the body makes this dress look like a roman royal attire.

However, if applied to a women’s dress, the feminine silhouette is immediately visible. Moreover, there is a svarowski game on the chest and the sleeve ornament falls on the left arm. So pretty!

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4. Asymmetric dress

This asymmetrical dress also turned out to be suitable for Wika Salim. She looks very glamorous here with a sexy silhouette in a mini dress with an additional tail ornament on her skirt. Accessories on the head and connected to the ears that are worn make her even more beautiful.

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Style of Tanaya Alyssia

Style of Tanaya Alyssia

Outfit to the beach in the style of Tanaya Alyssia, still glamorous even though it’s open. Tanaya Alyssia’s beach outfit can be a cool style inspiration while on vacation. Celebrity Tanaya Alyssia was once excited on social media because she was accused of being Al Ghazali’s mistress.

After the news emerged, the public became busy seeing the celebgram account from Yogyakarta. However, increasingly here his prestige as a person accused of an affair has disappeared and Tanaya Alyssia is more focused on developing her social media.

He also often shows his beautiful face on Instagram, including appearing with a pretty sexy OOTD that can be used as an outfit reference to the beach.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some photos of Tanaya Alyssia with an outfit to the beach that can really be your recommendation. Curious?

1. Tank top style

Going to the beach will feel more exciting with a relaxed style. Tanktops are an interesting choice to wear. Like Tanaya, you can combine a tank top with slim fit jeans. To give a more beautiful impression, you can play with your hair style or make-up.

2. Red bikini

It’s incomplete if you go to the beach without bringing a bikini. Tanaya here is wearing a red bikini with a very sexy look. He posed on a kind of big blue cushion that made him float on the pond. Tanaya’s look is really tempting, huh, here.

3. Bandeau style

Tanaya’s appearance here looks glamorous fashion with a relaxed yet branded style. There is a Yves Saint Laurent sling bag that makes it look even more memorable. This bandeau outfit makes Tanaya look more sexy but still looks glamorous.

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4. Beautiful tank top

Unlike the previous tank top, here Tanaya wears a white tank top with brocade material. He combined the sexy clothes with. Short pants with light material ornaments on the edge of the pants make him more attractive. Even though she’s wearing flip-flops, she’s still beautiful, isn’t she?

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Winwin Handsome Portrait

Winwin Handsome Portrait

NCT’s Winwin handsome portrait fascinates him. It’s no secret that the NCT boy group is filled with personnel who are not only talented, but also handsome. One of them is Winwin NCT who is also part of the NCT sub-unit for China, WayV.

Winwin NCT has a handsome and smooth face supported by a tall, athletic body. Not surprisingly, the appearance of the boy who immediately debuted as an actor in China succeeded in making fans and netizens fascinated.

Curious right? No need to linger, here is a brief description of Winwin’s handsome portrait, as compiled from his personal Instagram account, Tuesday (16/11/2021).

1. Bare face

Full of sweat after playing badminton, it’s not an obstacle for the singer of Take Off and 90’s Love to take a selfie. Through this selfie, it is clear that Winwin’s natural handsome face doesn’t need to be smudged with makeup at all. Winwin’s facial skin also looks smooth without acne!

2. Casual look

When not acting on stage, Winwin looks casual like a typical 24-year-old man. Stylish with an all-black outfit, a black sweatshirt from Celine combined with sunglasses and a black beanie. Although part of his face was covered with glasses, Winwin’s handsomeness still managed to amaze netizens.

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3. Dare to be a pilot

Well, this one is Winwin’s appearance when she dressed up as a pilot during the recent WayV 2022 Season Greeting photo shoot. Wearing a navy blue pilot uniform, complete with a pilot hat and badge. Netizens got dizzy watching the handsomeness and valor of this man who is good at traditional Chinese dances.

4. Blonde hair

Before looking cool with a short black hair style, Winwin also had time to appear wearing a brown blonde hair style that gave a different fashion vibe to his appearance. Are you more handsome with dark hair or blonde hair?

5. Sexy

Among NCT fans, Winwin is known as a shy guy and quite quiet. But specifically for the Resonance 2020 album photo shoot, Winwin appeared with a different look that was bolder and cooler. Winwin looks sexy, in a black formal suit that shows a little part of her chest. Coupled with a short black haircut, Winwin looks even cooler, doesn’t it.

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Sandrina Mazaya Outfit

Sandrina Mazaya Outfit

Sandrina Mazaya Outfit to the beach, bright colors are a mainstay! Outfit to the beach in the style of Sandrina Mazaya can be an inspiration for Okezoners to look beautiful while on vacation. Sandrina Mazaya is getting more and more mature.

The dancer, who is now successful in the music world, has even more followers on social media. On Instagram, Sandrina Mazaya not only shows off her vocal skills, but also often shows off OOTD photos. Some of her styles can be said to be very contemporary, but there are also a few Sandrina looks that are a bit open.

From that open style, MNC Portal tries to summarize it especially for you to be an outfit reference for the beach a la Sandrina Mazaya. Curious?

1. Shorts

The style to the beach that is most chosen is to appear with shorts. Well, if you want to give an edgy touch to your beach style this time, you can check out what Sandrina is wearing.

He combined patterned shorts with an oversized t-shirt. To make the style more contemporary, you can add accessories in the form of a bucket hat to sunglasses.

2. Tanktop

The tank top style is also the most chosen outfit for a cool fashion look to the beach. But, to give a more special impression, you can choose a bright color tanktop like Sandrina has.

A bright purple tanktop like this can be combined with black hotpants. In order to make the look more cool, you can play with the hairstyle so that the appearance does not look ordinary.

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3. Black pink outfit

For a casual but ‘nyejreng’ look, you can play in the outfit selection. What Sandrina wears can be a fashion inspiration for the beach.

So, the statement look is on the fuschia pink shorts, combined with a black t-shirt to neutralize the looks. Well, Sandrina is smart, she chose a t-shirt with a similar color pattern to her pants. Hurricane!

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Kimi Hime Beach Style

Kimi Hime Beach Style

Kimi Hime beach style outfit, unifying super sexy gamers! Outfit to the beach in the style of Kimi Hime can be a reference for your vacation style. Kimi Hime is not in the public eye anymore lately. Even so, the sexy gamers still like to share their photos on Instagram.

Still like before, Kimi Hime still likes to upload sexy photos while playing games or her daily activities. Several times Kimi Hime has also appeared OOTD with an adorable but still sexy ‘Kawaii’ style.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some of the looks of Kimi Hime’s outfit that are suitable for use while on vacation to the beach. Curious as to what? Here’s a brief review:

1. Swimwear is very revealing

At the beginning of the photo, we can already see how Kimi Hime shows her sexy character on Instagram. The clothes that Kimi wears here can be your reference while on vacation to the beach.

So, Kimi wore floral swimwear with a very revealing chest area. Sensitive body parts are even quite visible on the camera. If you wear swimwear like this on the beach, it will definitely be in the spotlight!

2. Casual look

Kimi Hime’s beach outfit isn’t always sexy. Some of the clothes chosen were long sleeves and knee-length pants. Yes, in this photo you can see that Kimi is wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a tie-dye fashion motif, combined with knee-length pants. The beauty of the sunset in this photo is very calming, yes.

3. Cocktail dress

When sailing on a yacht, Kimi is seen wearing a cocktail dress but it looks like it’s made of cotton which is very comfortable. Outfits like this can also be a reference for clothes that you want to wear while on vacation to the beach. Remember, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses!

4. Black bikini

If you want to have a swim at the beach, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bikini. Kimi Hime here is wearing a black bikini with a strap accented bra at the bottom. Wearing a bra like this makes Kimi even sexier, right?

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5. Light blue swimwear

Here, Kimi is seen wearing a bright blue swimwear with a floral print. At first glance, this swimwear is similar to lingerie, yes, but if you look at it in more detail, this clothing material is indeed the material for swimwear. There is a beautiful impression because the bottom of this swimsuit is shaped like a short skirt. Very beautiful.

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Portrait of Stephanie Poetri

Portrait of Stephanie Poetri

Beautiful portrait of Stephanie Poetri, daughter of titi dj who managed to go international! TITI DJ bequeathed his talent in singing to his daughter. Stephanie Poetri. The youngest daughter of the Indonesian diva managed to go international and joined the record label 88rising with Rich Brian and Niki Zefanya.

Stephanie Poetri herself is known after her song ‘I Love You 3000’ went viral, even being included in the Top 50 Global Viral ranks on Spotify Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. The latest achievement was featured at the Head In The Clouds Festival USA.

Meanwhile, apart from having a golden voice, the beautiful face of the woman who was born on May 20, 2000 also makes many people like her. Peeking at his Instagram social media @stephaniepoetri, he is quite active in uploading his photos. Here are 5 Beautiful Portraits of Stephanie Poetri!

1. Outfit gig at Head In The Clouds, USA

Stephanie often wears modest and discreet clothing. Stephanie chose a white cardigan combined with a green dress with an orange motif. Her long blond hair was left loose naturally. Look fresh and young.

2. Eyes on me

Selfie photos showing her brown eyes with winged liner makeup also drew the spotlight. The father is American, that’s why Meni’s face looks like a foreigner.

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3. Keep dazzling with glasses

When it comes to style and appearance, Stephanie always puts comfort first. Oversized sweaters, round glasses, loose hair, and no makeup are her go-to looks!

4. Dare to bareface

Beautiful facial features and a firm jaw structure make Stephanie not have to bother to look beautiful. The photo during the golden hour is enough, showing her glowing and smooth face. Her hair is also often left untied with a messy effortless fashion impression.

5. Stephanie’s cute appearance

Well, this time he tied his hair like piggy buns and left only his bangs. It’s really cute, plus the duck face pose!

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Hana Hanifah Outfit

Hana Hanifah Outfit

Hana Hanifah Outfit to the beach, sexy doesn’t have to be open! Outfit to the beach in the style of Hana Hanifah can be an inspiration for those of you who want to unwind enjoying the panoramic view of the beauty of the sea. Hana Hanifah is not only beautiful, but also fashionable, including on vacation to the beach. Hana Hanifah is quite active on social media sharing her OOTD, including on vacation to the beach.

However, his appearance on Instagram is not too sexy. This is what makes him different now from other adult celebgrams. Even so, we can still see some photos that seem sexy with slightly revealing clothes.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize an outfit to the beach in the style of Hana Hanifah that can be used as your reference this weekend. What’s the style like?

1. Don’t forget the beach hat

Hana Hanifah’s style in this photo can very well be a reference for going to the beach. So, wear black swimwear combined with a fairly large beach hat. Because you wear clothes that are quite revealing, make sure you have applied sunscreen to your skin, yes.

2. Statement look

If you want to look a little more stylish, then you can try this one style. So, like what Hana wore, she chose pants with transparent tail accents that made her look more feminine. For her top, Hana chose a black tank top which made her monochrome look more eye-catching. Who said you can’t go to the beach in black and white?

3. All black outfit

Still with the feel of pants with transparent-material ornaments on the front, Hana now shows an all black style that is very eye-catching. So, she combined a black bra with black hot pants with long transparent dangling ornaments. He didn’t forget to wear sunglasses to maximize his style.

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4. Tank Top looks

If you go to the beach to enjoy the sunset, this style can be imitated. So, you wear a tank top with brocade details combined with high waist palazzo pants. So that the relaxed impression is more visible, just wear casual fashion sandals like the ones Hana wears.

5. Sexy Tanktop Outfit

Well, if you want to get wet, but don’t want to be too sexy, a tank top is the most appropriate thing to wear. Like Hana here, she wore a tanktop with spaghetti stripes which exposed her upper body more. So beautiful!

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Angelina Jolie Style

Angelina Jolie Style

Angelina Jolie style with simple OOTD, still cute! It’s no secret, Angelina Jolie always amazes people with her appearance when walking on the red carpet.

Most recently when Angelina Jolie attended the premiere of the film Eternals in Italy and Los Angeles. Angelina Jolie dazzled the public with her beauty and elegant aura as she walked the red carpet. Graceful on the red carpet, what does Jolie look like every day?

Here are 5 Angelina Jolie styles behind the camera, which are summarized from the @styleangelinajolie Instagram account, Thursday (11/11/2021).

1. Maxi dress

Angelina is one of the actresses who really likes pieces of one-piece dress. Shopping at the Guerlain boutique on the Champs-Èlysèes, Angelina was see wearing a white one-piece maxi dress, the Tanita Wool Maxi Shirt Dress from The Row, which was price at USD756 or around Ro10.7 million.

2. T-shirts

Caught walking in the Manhattan area, New York in early June, Angie looks relaxed in a white short-sleeved T-shirt, The Organic Cotton Box-Cut Tee collection from Ever Lane which costs only USD 18 or approximately Rp. she paired it with a midi skirt, a light gray rampel skirt.

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3. Long sleeve shirt

If you pay attention to everyday style, Angelina Jolie doesn’t like wearing tight press body clothes. He prefers to wear loose pieces of clothing, like this white shirt. Front button long sleeve shirt, White The Relaxed Linen Shirt from Everlane as a top and black straight pants from Yves Saint Laurent.

4. White blouse

Again, this Mr & Mrs Smith and Eternal movie star was seen wearing a monochrome color fashion style, combining white and cream nude. Visiting the Guerlain boutique in Paris, Angie looked stylish in a white Stilton Light Jersey Top from The Row and denim straight pants.

5. Black dress

Angie’s fashion able style during monthly shopping with her children in Los Angeles by wearing a one-piece outfit, namely a long dress with an A-line cut with a Sabrina collar, a plain black long-sleeved model, paired with a black leather saddle bag and creamy nude sandals from Valentino.

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Free to Wear Shoes

Free to Wear Shoes

Startup companies say free to wear shoes, sneakers are being hunted. Have a large collection of sneakers at home? What activities are these shoes suitable for? Maybe you are confused about mixing and matching sneakers and think that sneakers are suitable only for sports, going to work or hanging out. You are wrong, because sneakers are actually suitable to be mix and match with any clothes and are suitable for all activities.

As stated by Riley’s Shoe Store Representative Christiadi Eka Pandu; the popularity of sneakers among the Indonesian people is currently increasing rapidly. The sneaker trend, which initially only functioned as sports shoes, especially basketball, has now shifted into versatile shoes; that can be use on various occasions. sneakers

Especially now that many companies, especially startups, are starting to free their employees to wear sneakers to the office,” he said in a written statement.

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Everyone now likes to wear sneakers. Starting from students, students, office workers, entrepreneurs, and so on. This is proven if the love for sneaker is not limited by age, and everyone get to wear a nice sneaker. Sneaker is just such a versatile shoes that is nice to wear.

Yes, not only young people, but anyone who wants to look young and look stylish is suitable for wearing sneakers. Especially now that the sneaker model is very easy to mix and match with any outfit, you know.

Interestingly, there are now many local brands that introduce cool sneakers. According to Roots Retail Group CEO James Hadisurjo, local brand sneakers are not inferior in quality to designer shoes.

He also shares tips for buying comfortable sneakers. “The most important thing is not only to choose a simple model, but also to know the quality of the fashion material, and try the comfort of the insole,” said James.

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Niki OOTD Style

Niki OOTD Style

Niki OOTD style off stage, cool and trendy! NIKI Zefanya is one of the young singers who has a successful career in the international arena. As a successful young singer whose name is increasingly flying in the international world, for matters of appearance style, Niki Zefanya alias NIKI does not need to be doubted.

NIKI’s stage costume style always looks modern, cool, and contemporary with an eye-catching pop color game.

Eits, but NIKI’s cool fashion style is not only when she acts on stage. Off stage, even in everyday life, NIKI has a cool OOTD fashion style even though the outfit pieces are quite simple. So, are you curious to see the daily fashion style of this singer who just appeared at the 2021 Head In The Clouds (HITC) Festival, California, United States? Summarizing NIKI’s personal Instagram account, Tuesday (9/11/2021), let’s take a look at the review below.

1. Knitted cardigan

Tired of wearing the same cardigan or sweater? This simple and feminine mix-and-match style can be matched by NIKI’s style, combining a strap dress with a light floral pattern such as turquoise blue with a soft nude cream knit cardigan.

2. Full pattern

While watching a movie with her lover, the singer of the hits Lowkey and Indigo looks all-out, choosing to wear a full pattern Madras plaid suit, bluish purple, front button blazer as a top with straight pants. A mini round bag and high platform high heels complete the NIKI look.

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3. Tartan mini skirt

While taking a leisurely stroll enjoying the scenery and sunshine, NIKI here chooses a mix and match graphic tee, aka a short-sleeved white T-shirt with a picture paired with a cut rampel mini skirt with an indigo blue tartan pattern. Complete your OOTD style with a pair of white sneakers and a mini shoulder bag.

4. Latex jacket

Hangout at night, NIKI looks cool in a black and white monochrome concept. A combination of a tight white T-shirt that is intentionally tied at the ends so that it is shaped like a crop top, paired with black and white zebra print trousers and a black latex jacket and black waist bag as a fashion statement.

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Style of Anastasya Khosasih

Style of Anastasya Khosasih

Outfit to the beach in the style of Anastasya Khosasih, a national unifying celebgram for netizens’ new idols. Outfit to the beach in the style of Anastasya Khosasih can be an inspiration for those of you who look sexy while taking a vacation to see the beauty of the sea. Anastasya Khosasih, who also works as a model, is indeed attached to a sexy image.

The celebrity celebrity Anastasya Khosasih has become increasingly known to the public recently after stopping by the Deddy Corbuzier Podcast. The nickname ‘Celebrity Unifying the Nation’ has stuck to him now.

One of the reasons why the nickname stuck to him was his uploads on social media Instagram. If you pay attention, Anastasya Khosasih likes to wear tight clothes and is quite open and this is what makes many netizens comment on ‘The New Hero’.

If you pay attention, the social media content shown by Anastasya Khoasasih is indeed quite mature. Even though the content material is not 100% discussing sensual issues.

But, from the way she looks, it shows that this woman really brings her character on social media to the realm of sexy.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize several portraits of Anastasya Khosasih in style with outfits to the beach. How does it look?

1. Tank top and shorts

It’s not complete if you go to the beach without wearing a tank top and shorts. Well, Anastasya shows an interesting mix and match in this photo.

So, to give the impression of not being too vulgar, she added another kind of thin white outer to offset her gray tanktop and shorts. Don’t miss the sunglasses.

2. Red bikini

Anastasya also dared to appear in a bikini fashion. This outfit is of course also chosen by many women to be more free when enjoying the beach.

However, what can be cheated from her style is that she doesn’t hesitate to choose a dark red bikini and this makes a statement because of her white skin. Funny glasses can be a complement.

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3. Halter crop top

Styles like this can also really make you wear to the beach. So, halter crop top combined with tight jeans. This style is perfect for a casual hangout at a beachside cafe.

4. Swimwear

If there is an agenda to swim at the beach, then don’t hesitate to wear a swimsuit. To give a more special impression, you can wear swimwear that is bright enough like this. Again and again, funny glasses don’t forget to wear.

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Style of Jess Amalia

Style of Jess Amalia

Outfit to the beach in the style of Jess Amalia, sexy bikini makes it hard to blink! Outfit to the beach in the style of Jess Amalia can be an inspiration for those of you who want to unwind by looking at the sea view. What are Jess Amalia’s beach vacation outfits like?

The celebrity Jess Amalia is one of the figures who often steals the attention of netizens on Instagram. His content on social media always steals attention, including his OOTD fashion photos which are always interesting to look at for a long time.

Yes, this sexy celeb when dressed really likes tight clothes. Not only when you hangout, but also when you are at the beach. In fact, not infrequently Jess Amalia only wears a bikini.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some portraits of outfits to the beach in the style of Jess Amalia that don’t hurt to try. Curious?

1. Swimwear combined with a beach shirt

It’s not clear why, but Jess here looks weird because she combines swimwear with a blue beach shirt. You may only see this combination in the style of this beautiful celebrity. If you want to try, yes, there is nothing wrong.

Moreover, if you look at the mix and match, a busy shirt combined with a full pattern swimwear doesn’t seem like a good choice. Even so, he still looks confident by showing his well-maintained body.

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2. Yellow bikini

Like most other women, Jess Amalia of course wears a bikini at the beach. However, the choice of a bold enough color like yellow needs to be appreciated.

Yes, Jess is wearing a yellow top-down bikini and this looks a great contrast to the beautiful tones of beach and sea blue. The expression on his face looked confused, huh.

3. Pink bikini

Unlike before, this time Jess wore a bikini with a more pretty feel, not sexy. This can be seen from the use of the top which looks like a tank top with cut-sleeve accents. He looks very happy in this photo while playing in the water, yes.

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Nikita Mirzani Style

Nikita Mirzani Style

Nikita Mirzani style of appearing in a closed manner makes netizens wonder: elegant like royalty. Nikita Mirzani is one of the celebrity figures who never escapes the spotlight. One of them is a sexy fashion style that often makes men’s eyes fail to focus.

Nikita Mirzani is often seen wearing sexy clothes, tight or mini. For example, tank tops, short denim pants, bike pants, and crop tops.


Naturally, when the style of dress changed, Nikita immediately made people who saw it pangling. Recent examples, such as the OOTD (outfit of the day) style uploaded by Nikita on her social media account.

Through her personal Instagram account, Nikita uploaded an OOTD portrait of herself while walking in one of the elite malls in the Senayan area. It was seen that one of the close friends of the late Vanessa Angel was wearing modest wear.

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Nikita wore a black one-piece midi dress with a full pattern short sleeve. He combined it with a black belt and flat shoes, ballerina flats in black and white.

Seeing a Nikita wearing clothes that are more closed than usual, wearing a midi dress. Famous designer Ivan Gunawan to actress Shandy Aulia immediately praised Nikita’s more modest appearance.

Praise came not only from Ivan Gunawan and Shandy Aulia, seen in the comments column, most netizens also praised Nikita’s polite appearance.

Amazed and amazed to see Nikita’s different fashion style this time, there were netizens who judged the visual appearance of the artist and businessman as the style of dress of nobles to Hollywood artists.

Citing the Instagram account “nikitamirzanimawardi.wearing”, Monday (11/8/2021), the long dress that Nikita wore is one of the collections produced by the luxury fashion house, Celine. The Lavalliere Dress in Crepe De Chine is price at 1,690Euro or approximately IDR28 million.

Combined with a belt, a saddle belt from Dior which sells for 490 Euros or approximately Rp. 8.1 million. What do Okezoners think of Nikita Mirzani’s appearance this time?

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Show Fashion Expression

Show Fashion Expression

Of course, no one can forbid women to show fashion expression and look for their own style, but it is better to do this with the help of trendy things that will definitely make them beauties. For example, shirts with a man’s shoulder or voluminous blouses with long sleeves will be a good alternative to blouses with floral patterns.

Hoodie Dress

Replace the hoodie with a belted shirt dress. Alla Pugacheva is not the best fashion example to follow when it comes to style. Let’s not pretend to be her signature piece of wardrobe and find clothes that look good on us. Of course, at first glance, it may seem that a hoodie dress is the best option for those who have full hips, have extra pounds or large breasts that you want to hide. But in practice, it turns out that such a thing simply turns a girl into a Kolobok: no smooth lines, an accentuated waist, an accent on the neckline.

Fortunately, there are many other dress models that fit perfectly on chubby beauties, as well as those who do not consider their figure to be perfect. Model for wrap, a-line, shirt dress, asymmetrical cut and so on. As for the length, the midi is a safe option at any age – it immediately adds sophistication and chic to the outfit.

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Long natural fur coat

An eco-fur coat is the best solution. There was a time when floor-length mink coats were considered a luxury item. They were chosen for publication, complementing the luxurious look with expensive shining jewelry and shoes with heels. Fortunately, natural fur is now the height of bad taste. Celebrities and ordinary people prefer artificial material so as not to harm the environment. If you are also not indifferent to the fate of nature, pay attention to eco-coats made of fake fur – they became an adornment of designer collections last winter and won the hearts of fashionistas.

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Ashanty Charming Figure

Ashanty Charming Figure

Ashanty charming figure at the age of 38, the future beautiful young grandmother is even more like a brother! Ashanty recently celebrated his birthday on November 4, 2021. Uniquely, Ashanty revealed the fact of his true age.

On wikipedia, Ashanty’s age is 37 years old. However, recently in an interview on the CumiCumi YouTube channel, Ashanty said that his actual age is now 38 years.

“This is my 38th birthday. That person on Google likes to write I was born in 1984 even though I was born in 1983,” said the wife of Anang Hermansyah.

Apart from that, age does not seem to make Ashanty’s charm fade. Ashanty, who is currently waiting for the birth of his first grandson from Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar, still looks young.

Do not believe? The following is a portrait of Ashanty, a beautiful young grandmother, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account @ashanty_ash, Saturday (6/11/2021).

Photo with Arsy and Arsya

First, there is a portrait of Ashanty with his two children from Anang Hermansyah, Arsy and Arsya. Wearing a black fashion outfit, Ashanty still looks like a big brother to his two children in this photo. Her style is even cooler with a bag and sneakers!

Charming young

Next there is a portrait of Ashanty posing beautifully to spread her youthful charm. He wore a calorful tie dye shirt outfit combined with white pants and sneakers. His style is even cooler carrying a mustard color hand bag.

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Prospective grandmothers are still like teenagers

Next, there is a beautiful portrait of Ashanty looking cool in a white shirt combined with green pants. He completed his appearance by carrying a bag and sneakers which made his style really teen.

Beautiful mom

This time, there is a photo of Ashanty with the gemin Arsy. Ashanty looks beautiful in a white and yellow one set. The charm of beautiful mamah makes netizens stunned!


Finally, there is a beautiful portrait of Ashanty wearing a black outfit posing to support his head. With natural makeup, Ashanty’s beauty in this photo shines even more.

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Ayu Ting Ting Portrait

Ayu Ting Ting Portrait

Ayu Ting Ting portrait looks elegant and sexy, it’s really different! As long as Ayu Ting Ting has been active as a dangdut singer, she has produced many works. Some of them followed ‘Fake Address’ and became popular dangdut songs. Among them are Sik Asik, Geboy Mujaer, Fragrant Oil, Sambalado, and the latest TATITUT.

Although famous as a dangdut singer, now Ayu Ting Ting is starting to develop other talents. For example, acting in films, being a host, to making jokes. Even so, this beautiful dangdut from Depok will not leave the music world, because at first she really wanted to enter the music industry, especially dangdut.

As a beautiful singer, Ayu Ting Ting always prioritizes performance and an elegant appearance. The following are sexy portraits of Ayu Ting Ting as a dangdut singer, summarized from her social media, Thursday (4/11/2021).

Sexy at photoshoot

In contrast to her stage appearance which always looks elegant and not too open, in this style Ayu looks bold when shooting. In this style, she wears a black crop top with an off shoulder model. Her appearance is even more perfect with matching makeup and hair.

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Excited with the pink mini dress

Next, Ayu Ting Ting looks cute in a pink mini dress. This uniquely designed long sleeved mini dress was designed by fashion designer, Faddat Indonesia. It is known that this style was used by Ayu Ting Ting when appearing on the MNCTV Kilau Raya program.

Wear off-shoulder clothes when receiving an award

This one style is no less excited. In this photo, Ayu is seen wearing an off-the-shoulder dress with a unique design and a fairly dark color. Her appearance is enhanced with accessories such as necklaces and earrings with ivory white nuances. It is known, this style was taken when receiving an award as the Most Popular Dangdut Singer.

Elegant in silver dress

Lastly, Ayu Ting Ting’s style looks different. She was wearing a beautiful silver dress. This look looks glamorous when she combines it with a matching diamond necklace. In addition, Ayu Ting Ting’s hairdo looks even more tempting.

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Tamara Bleszynski Beach Outfit

Tamara Bleszynski Beach Outfit

Tamara Bleszynski beach outfit is fashionable and sexy! Outfit to the beach in the style of Tamara Bleszynski can be a reference for those of you who want to unwind by sunbathing or swimming in sea water. Tamara Bleszynski is indeed not only beautiful, her appearance style is also fairly fashionable at the age of 46 years.

Therefore, Tamara Bleszynski’s outfit can really make you look cool while on vacation at the beach. Here are 7 outfit inspirations for the beach a la Tamara Bleszynski as quoted from her personal Instagram account @tamarableszynskiofficial on Thursday (4/11/2021).

Crop top and hot pants

Crop top and hot pants are a mix and match fashion outfit that fits on the beach. Like Tamara, she looks beautiful when she wears a leopard-patterned crop shirt combined with hot pants and jeans.

Long dress and sunglasses

The hot sun on the beach sometimes requires you to wear sunglasses to avoid glare. Therefore, Tamara also teaches us to wear sunglasses combined with a sleeveless mint green long dress which is equipped with a slit in the front.

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Oversized T-shirt and hot pants

An oversized t-shirt combined with hot pants can also be the right choice for an excursion to the beach. Therefore, Tamara also wore an oversized shirt with shades of gray combined with floral hot pants.

White dress

White is the right choice to wear to the beach because it can reflect sunlight. Thus, you can imitate Tamara’s style this time, who wore a white mini dress with an off shoulder and puff sleeve model.

Black tank top

This black tanktop like the one worn by Tamara is also the right outfit to wear to the beach. This will make your skin more exposed to the sun if you want to sunbathe. Tamara also wears sunglasses to make her appearance look cooler.

Black dress

Next, there is a beautiful and charming portrait of Tamara wearing a black dress with a matching color tank top. Her beautiful appearance is complemented by a large woven hat as an accessory that sweetens her style.

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