Catalia Batik Received Support From Yasmine Wildblood

Catalia Batik received support from Yasmine Wildblood. On her social media accounts, Yasmine Wildblood looks very proud wearing clothes made by Catalia Batik. Apparently, besides that, there is interesting news from the batik brand.

In the information circulated, Catalia Batik has succeeded in increasing demand drastically more than ever during the pandemic that has hit Indonesia since early 2020.

Alfi Sabrina Romsa as the owner of Catalia Batik, admitted that his business could be increasingly in demand during the pandemic after switching from conventional methods to digital systems, namely through online.

“Actually, we are one year before Corona has started to stand. But we are not really focused online because we also send to stores like that. But since Corona, we have begun to focus,” Alfi told reporters, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

Never Experienced Before

Alfi explained that this has never been experienced before. According to him, this is due to several things. Including questions about online product marketing strategies.

For example, starting from providing promos, discounts, creating your own website, even conducting campaigns abroad, including India.

Alifa also has to spend more to pay for influncers to artists. For endorsement services, Alfi is willing to spend IDR 2.5 million for a 45-second video on the artist’s Instastory.

“Her services are usually used by, among others, Eva Angelita, Gisel, Nabila Syakib, Syahnaznas, Nisyah, Yaswil (Yasmine Wildblood), Vega Kartika Darwanti. About 12 artists,” he concluded.

Endorsement Effect

Asked whether endorsement had an effect on the jump in orders, Alfi considered it a long-term investment.

“Enough. It’s like someone who bought it said, ‘I want what this artist uses,” he explained.

The products that Catalia Batik sells are women’s fashion such as blues, batik dresses, and viscose styles. Catalia Batik also always raises local culture and modern style in each product.

“If we focus on women’s fashion, like dresses, blues. We focus on women. Because women are more consumptive,” Alfi explained.

Production Details

Within a month, the Catalia Batik team, which numbered 25 people, was able to produce around 800 pieces of finished clothes. The work is done in the showroom. Meanwhile, the work system for employees is from 8 am to 4 pm.

“Yes, they work from 8 to 4 o’clock. One day the clothes they produce are around 20. For a dress, sometimes it can be 50 pieces a day. So a day’s capacity for a person to sew is up to 20 clothes,” he said.

For the canting and dyeing process, they need 4 days using printing and screen printing methods. Meanwhile, for written batik, Alfi admitted that the brand doesn’t want to focus on it yet. Because the process takes 8 months to 1 year.

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Alfi Statements

Alfi also said that Catalia Batik has its own designer who is tasked with making patterns.

The resulting variants vary because Catalia Batik always follows trends in the market. There are three materials used, ranging from viscose, cotton doby, and satin. Catalia also provides a collection of veils using paris, satin and cotton materials, with a monthly production of 200 pieces.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Alfi admitted that demand had jumped quite significantly so that production capacity also increased.

“From the current production capacity we have increased, we have sent it outside Java as well as mostly in Sulawesi like Sumatra,” he explained.

The price offered by the Catalia Batik brand ranges from IDR 250 thousand to IDR 850 thousand. Catalia Batik also carries the spirit with the slogan “Affordable prices but boutique-class product quality”.

“Only the Catalia brand, sis. The slogan we use is affordable but the quality of the product is in a boutique class. The cheapest price we have ever sold is around Rp. 250 thousand, the cheapest, and the most expensive, Rp. 850 thousand,” he said.