BTS Meal Packaging Assembled into Trendy Shoes

BTS Meal Packaging Assembled into Trendy Shoes – The BTS Meal had indeed become a hype some time ago, enthusiasm was seen from the long queues at a number of McDonalds outlets when the BTS Meal was first sold. This queue even had time to cause congestion and crowds and had to be closed temporarily to avoid transmission of the Corona virus.

BTS Meal has also become a very selling content on many social media platforms. The public up to the Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir uploaded the success of getting the BTS Meal in the midst of intense competition to get the product.

Well, Singaporean artist Josiah Chua takes this content to a higher level, he also makes unique and trendy shoes. Singaporean fashion designer Josiah Chua uses BTS packaging to decorate his pair of sneakers.

Starting from cardboard boxes for nuggets, sauce packaging, to soda glasses, all the packaging from the BTS and McDonald‘s boyband collaboration menu he used for the details of this shoe.

Launching from hypebae, these shoes utilize soles from the Nike Air Max Plus TN. Meanwhile, the top uses a panel from a McNugget box and a drink carton.

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The Pockets

Chua also pinned details such as pockets to store nuggets at the ankle. Not to forget also the decorations from the packaging of cajun sauce and chili sauce adorn the shoelaces.

It is not yet know how much he will charge for the BTS meal shoe collection. Chua has not announced whether the work will be for sale. But for those who want to see his BTS Meal shoes, you can see his personal Instagram @josiahchua.

As is known, the BTS Meals packaging; which is a collaboration product of BTS X McDonald is the target of the Army. These packages are even being trade on e-commerce at unreasonable prices.