BLACKPINK Jisoo Beauty

BLACKPINK Jisoo Beauty Who Made Her Acting Debut in Drakor Snowdrop. After a long wait, finally BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will make her acting debut in the Korean drama Snowdrop. The teaser poster for the Drakor that Jisoo stars with the famous actor Jung Hae In has also been released to the public.

This made his fans even more impatient to see the appearance and acting ability of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo in the drama Snowdrop. Now, while waiting for Jisoo’s action at Snowdrop, it never hurts to go back and see the amazing charm of the singer of the hits of Boombayah and How You Like That.

Summarizing Jisoo’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (19/8/2021), let’s take a peek at Jisoo’s five beautiful portraits below.

1. Like a princess

Take a fashion photo on a vintage bed with classic bedroom decor like in a fairy tale. Jisoo in a white vintage dress and long black hair, poses beautifully on the bed surrounded by a bouquet of pink roses. Makes Jisoo just like a royal princess in fairy tale books.

2. Blonde hair

Since her debut, Jisoo has been seen in public with dark hair, either black or dark burgundy brown. But for a different vibe for the song Lovesicks Girls, specifically in the video clip, Jisoo appears with blonde brown hair complete with front bangs.

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3. Glowing on the cover of Vogue

Having a naturally beautiful face, makes Jisoo not dressed up in many different ways; when appearing as a front page cover model aka the cover of Korean Vogue magazine. It’s enough to have a light make-up on her face; and pink mauve lipstick and pastel nail art, Jisoo’s beauty is maximized, isn’t it?

4. Glass skin

Like most other Korean stars who look charming with glass skin, so does this beautiful girl born in 1995. Jisoo’s beautiful face with smooth and glowing glass skin looks flawless even though she’s photograph close up or even from close range.

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