Beauty of Nadya Arina

Beauty of Nadya Arina – The figure of Nadya Arina became the talk of netizens as a new player in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Nadya plays the character of Catherine, the sister of Angga (Kevin Hillers), a friend of Aldebaran (Arya Saloka).

Not only her beauty became a byword, but also Catherine’s character in the Love Association. Catherine is a young woman who is a big fan of Aldebaran. Andin, played by Amanda Manopo, is also very jealous of Catherine, who doesn’t know if Aldebaran is married.

Until finally in yesterday’s episode, Wednesday, July 21, Catherine accompanied by Angga met Aldebaran with Andin for lunch together. Andin, knowing that Catherine admired her husband, immediately acted spoiled. Andin feeds Aldebaran in front of Catherine.

Catherine who saw Andin and Aldebaran’s romance immediately left the restaurant. The teaser video for the lunch scene with them was also busy discussing the figure of Catherine, will she be the actor?

Regardless of what it will be like, Nadya Arina is an accomplished figure by starring in several major Indonesian films even though she is only 23 years old. Curious about what Nadya Arina’s portrait looks like? Let’s see.

Beautiful in traditional clothes

Nadya Arina looks naturally beautiful when wearing traditional Balinese clothes. The yellow top combined with the belt is very suitable for Nadya to wear with her bright skin.

The alumnus of SMA Negeri 6 Jakarta also combined the top with a red batik fashion cloth. Not to forget, her hair was in a bun to make it look more like a Balinese girl.

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Narcissism with pets

Nadya has a pet in the form of a cute and adorable dog. So sad with the dog, Nadya also wanted to capture the moment with him.

He also looks cool in his casual attire. Nadya was seen wearing a black T-shirt combined with blue jeans. Her brunette hair color also supports her appearance this time.

Vacation at the beach

While on vacation at the beach, Nadya didn’t want to waste that beautiful view. He captured the moment by sitting on a rock even though the weather looked very hot at that time.

She also looks beautiful in a red tank top combined with blue hot pants. Nadya also wears sunglasses and puts her hair in a ponytail to make it look cooler.