Beautiful Han So Hee

This beautiful Han So Hee with innocent makeup style. Han So Hee’s name soared when she played her role as Yoo Na Bi in the Korean drama Nevertheless. How not, just entering the first episode, this Korean drama has made many viewers baper.

In addition, Han So Hee is also good at playing makeup on her face so that it is pleasing to the eye on the small screen. If you are curious about how Han So Hee looks with her innocent makeup, let’s look at the following 4 portraits.

Glowing nude makeup

If you want to emulate Han So Hee’s makeup fashion style on this one, you can play with the complexion with a dewy finish. Then, you can add a little blush on the nuances of coral.

Next, apply highlighter on the nose to define the shape of your nose. Finally, brush lightly on eyeshadow and frame your eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Don’t forget to apply nude lipstick with a matte finish on your lips.

Brown makeup

Brown makeup is very suitable for people who want to emphasize their makeup, but not too flashy like bold makeup.

Here, Han So Hee is wearing all the makeup products that contain elements of chocolate. Starting from the blush, eyeshadow, to the lipstick. Finally, he also framed his eyebrows which were covered with thin bangs to make them look cute.

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Focus on lips

Maybe some of you think that combining makeup like Han So Hee’s appearance this time is fairly easy. In fact, if you don’t apply the product in the right amount, you may fail in applying a no makeup, makeup look like this.

If you want to imitate it, you can wear a complexion with a matte finish. Then apply a thin layer of soft pink blush. Next, use eyeshadow that is close to skin tone, without eyeliner. Finally, make your lips the focus of attention by wearing a coral nude lipstick.

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