Sneaker Recommendation From Local Brand

Sneaker Recommendation From Local Brand

The next sneaker recommendation from local brand, Heiden Heritage. This brand offers various models of modern sneakers with quite a variety of color choices.

As seen in the photo uploaded by, Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio. In the photo, he is seen showing off a collection of running shoes from Heiden Heritage. At first glance, the appearance is not inferior to sneakers from world-renowned apparel such as Nike and Adidas.

Shoes from Heiden Heritage compose a modern concept with the use of quality materials. The price of the shoes itself is only around Rp. 300 thousand.

910 Sportswear

Confused about choosing affordable sports shoes, but not tinned quality? You can cheat the cool sneakers that the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, often uses.

In this photo, Sandiaga Uno appears to be wearing blue running shoes from a local brand, 910 Sportswear. The fashion design of this shoe is dominated by blue with a few black accents, and white on the sole.

Peeking from the official 910 Sportswear website, the price for the running shoes worn by Sandiaga Uno turns out to be only Rp.400 thousand.

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Compass Shoes

Finally there are the Compass Shoes. Since the last few years, this Bandung-based brand has succeeded in capturing the attention of Indonesian sneaker lovers, thanks to its attractive and contemporary shoe designs.

In fact, Minister of BUMB Erick Thohir also ‘poisoned’ by collecting rows of shoes from the brand. As seen in this photo, Erick appears to be wearing one of the classic black and white collections of Compass Shoes.

After that he combined the sneakers with black trousers with a slim fit cut, and a long-sleeved batik shirt. Super cool!

Lastly for the price itself, the average Compass shoe products are priced starting from IDR 348 thousand-IDR 548 thousand.

Chanyeol EXO Formal OOTD

Chanyeol EXO Formal OOTD

Chanyeol EXO Formal OOTD. Right today, EXO’s main rapper, Park Chanyeol, will be leaving for his mandatory military duty. EXO’s Chanyeol will be on hiatus from the entertainment world for about two years.

Because of that, there is nothing wrong with reminiscing about the handsome portrait of the man born in 1992 in a formal suit. Summarizing his personal Instagram account, let’s take a peek at the brief review of Chanyeol EXO’s 4 formal OOTDs below.

1. Oversized suit

In one of his most recent shoots, Chanyeol was seen wearing a suit with an oversized silhouette of midnight blue sky. Showing a trendy and up-to-date impression, Chanyeol combines the formal suit with a pair of white tennis shoes.

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2. Mix and match the turtleneck

This semi-formal fashion OOTD in the style of the singer of the hits Growl, Love Shot and Call Me Baby, this time is completely black. With a mix and match of a black turtleneck as the inner and a black blazer as the outer. Pair it with black trousers and black loafers or dress shoes.

3. Colorful orange

For the 1 Billion Views album jacket photo for his duo unit group with Sehun EXO, EXO-CY, this handsome man who owns 187 centimeters tall looks colorful in a trendy suit with an eye-catching orange sunkist color combined with dark brown dress shoes. Modern but still looks formal.

4. Suit lavender

Who says formal suits only have to be dark colors. Just look at Chanyeol’s OOTD, Chanyeol looks handsome and fashionable wearing an unusual colored suit for a formal suit, soft and sweet lavender color, plus a diamond brooch pinned to the upper chest as an accessory. Combining the contrast with Chanyeol’s silver platinum hair color, the appearance of the man who stars in The Box film looks really edgy, right?

Kai Exo Release Special Design With Gucci

Kai Exo Release Special Design With Gucci

Kai Exo Release Special Design With Gucci. After successfully debuting as a solo singer, Kai EXO has become a byword again. Kai stole the attention through the release of his special design collection with the famous Italian fashion house, GUCCI, KAIxGUCCI.

Having succeeded in becoming a fashionista, Kai EXO has shown his excellent fashion sense. He is also adept at combining simple pieces of outfit but can look cool and attractive.

Instead of being curious, let’s take a peek at 5 simple and cool OOTD inspirations in the style of Kai EXO, as compiled from Kai’s personal Instagram account, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

1. Denim on denim

As long as you know the trick, wearing jeans or denim as a top and bottom can look cool. For example, this Kai-style mix and match combines a dark blue front button collared jeans jacket as a top and straight-cut jeans that are rolled up at the bottom. The key, choose denim with a darker color tone. For shoes, go for the classic Converse sneakers that are simple and distinctive.

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2. Turtleneck

Well, this one outfit from Kai is perfect for use during the rainy season like this. A plain black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, paired with faded blue or light wash jeans. Fashionable without the effort.

3. Pastel sweatshirts

Want to appear with OOTD in the korean fashion boys in spring? As an example, Kai’s style is wearing a long-sleeved shirt in ivory white as the inner color, then layered with a warm and comfortable nude cream sweatshirt For subordinates, you can wear neutral khaki trousers.

4. Stripes suit

Stylized with an all-black monochrome color theme but doesn’t look monotonous? The trick of this GUCCI brand ambassador trick is to pair a black blazer suit with a semi-formal striped silhouette with a plain black scarf and baggy pants and a pair of casual strappy black sneakers.

During Ramadan Purchase of Kaftans Increases

During Ramadan Purchase of Kaftans Increases

During Ramadan Purchase of Kaftans Increases Over 8,000%, Sarongs 1,800%. Eid al-Fitr DAY is synonymous with religious celebrations packaged in tradition. In Indonesia, pastries and sweet drinks are the prima donna that will always be sought after Eid.

This year is no exception. It is noted that Muslim fashion and cake jars are the best-selling products in online stores, with the majority of Indonesians shopping via their smartphones.

The results of iPrice’s research stated that during the first two weeks of Ramadan or the two weeks leading up to Eid al-Fitr 1442 H, products in the fashion category ranked first with total buying interest increasing to more than 8,000 percent for kaftans in the first 2 weeks of Ramadan.

iPrice compares impressions on Google Analytics for the first two weeks of Ramadan in 2021 and 2020.

Three of the top five products with the highest increase in buying interest are in the fashion category, namely robe in the third position, increasing by 2,800 percent and sarong in the fourth position, 1,800 percent.

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Muslim fashion

IPrice data shows that in second place there is a jar of food whose buying interest has increased by 3,500 percent, then pastries are in 6th place with an increase of 1,600 percent. Followed by syrup in 8th place with an increase of up to 1,000 percent; and dates in the last position with a total increase of up to almost 800 percent.

In contrast to Indonesia, in Malaysia and Singapore perfume is in the top ranks; where interest in buying increases during the month of Ramadan.

Perfume ranked second in Malaysia with a total increase of up to 6,100 percent. Perfume ranked first in Singapore with a percentage increase of up to 6,000 percent.

In Malaysia, the 5 products with the highest increase in buying interest; were skincare, perfume, oven, Malay clothes and sofa categories. Whereas in Singapore the 5 product categories are perfume, supplements, induction cookers, kurta clothes and coffee.

Marion Jola Wearing Sexy Clothes

Marion Jola Wearing Sexy Clothes

Marion Jola wearing sexy clothes became a hot topic of public conversation. This is because Marion Jola’s video when answering netizen questions related to her reasons for looking sexy and sensual on stage and her Instagram uploads, has returned to viral on social media.

In the video, Marion Jola says she often wears sexy clothes because she feels comfortable and fits her personality.

“It’s actually part of my branding as an entertainment product. But whatever I use it must be ‘approved’ by myself. It’s more honest, more idealistic, and I’m enjoying it,” said Marion Jola when she was a guest star on the channel. YouTube Gritte Agatha.

Since working in the entertainment industry, the Indonesian Idol dropout has immediately stolen the attention of Indonesian music lovers thanks to his unique voice and sexy fashion style of dress.

Some of Marion Jola’s outfit styles have even become a trend in themselves among the younger generation. One of them, mix and match basic clothes with long loose hair styles that are now his trademark.

Pink crop top and hot pants

In the first upload, Marion Jola appeared confident in combining a white wool crop top with pink hot pants. Marion also wears white heels to sweeten her appearance.

Sleveeless tees and high waisted jeans

In this photo, Marion Jola looks beautiful in her casual outfit. He wore pink sleeveless tees combined with high waisted jeans. But netizens are actually fascinated by Marion Jola’s super spoiled hairdo. She let her long hair down and then accented it in the middle so that she succeeded in creating a very thick sensual impression.

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Crop top tees and hotpants

Next is a sexy portrait of Marion Jola wearing a white crop top and gray hot pants. In this photo he poses sensually to highlight his sexy curves. Even though she appeared in a casual outfit, Marion Jola was still beautiful with the addition of accessories in the form of fresh frangipani flowers pinned to her ears.

White tank top

Finally, there is a sexy portrait of Marion Jola when taking a selfie wearing a white tank top on the bed. In the caption, Marion Jola said that the photo was taken shortly after he woke up. Even so, her face still looks beautiful and natural.

Tips to Buy Eid Clothes Safely

Tips to Buy Eid Clothes Safely

Tips to buy eid clothes safely. It is feared that there will be market clusters or malls appearing ahead of Eid because many people want to hunt for new clothes. Moreover, the Tanah Abang Market video that shows a crowd of people is viral on social media.

This is proof that the culture of buying new clothes is still being carried out in the community even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, to minimize the formation of a shopping cluster for Lebaran clothes, there are a number of things that can be practiced when buying new clothes.

As explained by Modest Fashion Designer, Jeny Tjahyawati, business people actually have several regulations to ensure that health protocol efforts apply in their boutiques or clothing stores.


“One thing for sure is that clothes should not be tested directly on the body. We enforce this rule in an effort to prevent clothes from becoming a means of spreading the Covid-19 virus,” said Jeny, some time ago.

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In addition, only a maximum of two people are welcome in a shop or fashion outlet with 1 waiter. This rule is also expected to minimize crowds in shops or fashion outlets.

“So, we also enforce that consumers can only be two people in the store with 1 waiter. We are doing this to prevent the accumulation of people in the shop,” he added.

Eid clothes

On the cleanliness side of the clothes being sold; Jeny emphasized that the clothes on display are sure to be clean; and have been sprayed with disinfectant so that buyers are safe when handling them to ensure product quality.

“We also urge that after buying the product, consumers are expected to wash their clothes when they get home. Of course with soap to ensure that Lebaran clothes are clean from germs; even though they are guaranteed cleanliness in stores,” said Jeny.

“One important thing is that we require consumers to enter the store using masks. There is no reason for the masks to be removed when they are in shops or boutiques. This also guarantees that the shop does not become a Covid-19 cluster due to droplet splashes that may stick in the shop area due to removing the mask. “he added.

Song Joong Ki Batik Scarf Style

Song Joong Ki Batik Scarf Style

Song Joong Ki Batik Scarf Style. The appearance of the top Korean actor, Song Joong Ki in the hit drama Vincenzo; which aired on Sunday, March 14 last night, was viral; becoming a conversation among Indonesian netizens on TikTok’s social media timeline.

It is known in the episode 8 which aired last night, in the horse riding scene, Song Joong Ki, who plays Vincenzo Cassano, is seen wearing a brown scarf around his neck as an outfit accessory. At first glance, the scarf looks like a batik scarf.

Not surprisingly, netizens who paid attention to Song Joong Ki’s OOTD (outfit of the day) style were immediately busy speculating whether it was true that the scarf or scarf was a traditional Indonesian Batik-patterned scarf.

Designer Statements

To ascertain whether the scarf is Batik or not, MNC Portal Indonesia also tried to ask the Batik designer, Agnes Dwina Herdiasti from the Bee Seven Batik and Batik Fanatik fashion lines. From Agnes’s statement, the scarf worn by Song Joong Ki, is not the Batik scarf as many netizens think.

“Looks like the technique is not Batik, my motive is also foreign. But in general, like the shape of the paisley motif, the motifs are often found on pashmina, ”said Agnes, when contacted by MNC Portal Indonesia, Monday (15/3/2021).

Agnes emphasized that the scarf worn by Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband was indeed not a scarf made with Batik techniques. He also confirmed once again that Song Joong Ki’s scarf was not a Batik scarf.

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“Batik is actually a process; in which the motif drawn on the cloth is garnished with wax; or hot wax to block the color during the dyeing process. This (scarf) is not batik, “he added.

Meanwhile, quoted by the BBC, this paisley motif with a teardrop silhouette is an iconic motif with a long history. From ancient Persia and India to implied messages and mysterious symbolism; this iconic motif that has been popular in the fashion industry for centuries has traveled the route from East to West.

Then popular in the bohemian concept in the 19th century; until finally popularized by The Beatles with hippie and rock and roll looks. The name Paisley, from the town of Paisley in Scotland; which has a history of textiles related to this motif is now being proposed to become England’s City of Culture for 2021.

Rizuka Amor The Sexy DJ Fashion Style

Rizuka Amor The Sexy DJ Fashion Style

Rizuka amor the sexy dj fashion style is in the public spotlight now after his confession which is considered controversial. Yes, the beautiful DJ was accused of recognizing someone’s husband as his life partner.

The man in question is Handiyana. According to Dr Irene, Handiyana is her husband until now. However, Rizuka on his personal Instagram even said that Handiyana was the father of the child he was carrying.

This household chaos also heated up after Dr Irene showed official evidence that Handiyana was still her legal husband. So, it is not surprising that he hit Rizuka.

Apart from this riot, many people are curious about the figure of Rizuka Amor. No wonder, his personal Instagram is now full of scathing comments from netizens who defend Dr. Irene.

On the other hand, Rizuka Amor’s portrait is a concern because she often shares photos showing off her beautiful face and doesn’t hesitate to take photos with Handiyana. So, what is the face of Rizuka who is suspected of being the perpetrator?

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Beautiful vintage style

Rizuka looks beautiful in vintage monochrome clothes with low cleavage. That’s why the arae of her chest is clearly visible in this display.

To make her vintage look even more visible, she added a white pearl necklace. This sweet smile is probably what attracts the attention of many men.

Pose without pants

Rizuka is quite brave enough to dress. That’s why in this photo he confidently doesn’t wear pants because the concept of the photo wants to give a beautiful fashion impression in the room.

The accused was wearing a broken white long sleeve top that showed off all parts of his legs from the side. The plant tattoo on the bottom of her leg is no less striking than her smiling pose, huh.

Song Joong Ki Vincenzo Outfit

Song Joong Ki Vincenzo Outfit

Song Joong Ki Vincenzo Outfit. Serial Korean drama Vincenzo, starring handsome actor Song Joong Ki, has just finished its last broadcast on Sunday, May 2, 2021. This is the 20th episode and the final part.

Not only the storyline, the chemistry of the players, the cinematography, and the acting ability of Song Joong Ki cs, which successfully highlighted the attention of the audience.

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But not to forget, the dandy, formal; and fashionable fashion styles of Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo Cassano certainly managed to amaze the audience.

What is the portrait of Song Joong Ki’s fashion style in the drama Vincenzo?

Summarizing from the Inkistyle page, Monday (3/5/2021), let’s take a look at a brief review of five dandy and celebrity fashion OOTD portraits of Song Joong Ki in the drama series Vincenzo.

Set of pajamas and robes

In episode 1, in the scene of killing his enemies who sneaked into his house; Song Joong Ki wore a set of pajamas; and a fashionable blue robe Hugo Robe Spark of Light from the Happiestness fashion line; which was priced at 448,000 won or approximately Rp.5.8 million per set.

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Striped pajamas

In one scene of waking up from sleep, Song Joong Ki was caught wearing a set of ivory white pajamas with full stripes Cloud Dancer Pajama Set which was again from one of the collections released by Happiestness, which sold for 378,000 won or approximately Rp.4.9 million. per one set.

Herjunot Ali's Jewellery Fashion

Herjunot Ali’s Jewellery Fashion

Men must look cool, like Herjunot Ali’s choice. Unmitigated, he likes to collect expensive jewelry, such as black diamond rings. Herjunot Ali’s Jewellery Fashion.

Junot admitted that so far men tend to choose expensive watch accessories. But there’s nothing wrong with looking more fashionable with a diamond ring.

“The man sometimes wants to wear jewelry, but it is not accommodated properly.”

“I happen to like to wear accessories on my fingers, like rings. So I think having a ring collection is important,” he said.

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Junot, who is known to be masculine, turns out to like wearing expensive jewelry accessories. “But of course the model must be simple, classic, and can be used on any occasion,” he added.

Not infrequently, he hunts for this accessory in Tokyo. Because of that, he wanted to have diamond accessories for men in Indonesia.

“So far, if you want to buy, you have to go to Tokyo, that’s why there is a desire to make it here, you can even video it with a model that is liked by men,” he explained.

One of Herjunot Ali’s black diamond ring collections with the theme of Noir, symbolizing elegance, masculine, mysterious and dramatic. This Eterno design ring is also very elegant and classic.

The COO of Passion Jewelry Group Airyn Tanu admitted that as a man it is no longer a strange thing in playing with fashion, especially jewelry.

“Now men and women can both enjoy the beauty of diamonds that can support their appearance and can also be used as an investment,” he said.

Like Herjunot Ali’s black diamond ring, it costs around Rp. 25 million to Rp. 30 million. Duh, can you buy it or not?

Novita Condro in White Outfit

Novita Condro in White Outfit

Novita Condro in White Outfit. Captain Vincent Raditya’s household with Novita Condro is indeed in trouble. Both are known to give each other allegations of negative behavior by their partners.

According to Captain Vincent, his wife was having an affair with a young man whom he called ‘Pebinor’ or seizing chant. In fact, Captain Vincent said that the young man was a friend of his own. Captain Vincent Raditya’s accusation was conveyed in Instastory recently.

The public is curious about the figure of Novita Condro, the wife of Captain Vincent Raditya. Well, in this article MNC Portal Indonesia tries to summarize some of the portraits of Novita Condro who was accused of cheating:

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Novita Condro

Novita’s charm is undeniable. She wore a light purple jumpsuit with a vest ornament on the top. You can also see Novita wearing beautiful nude-white Christian Dior heels.

At home, it turns out that Novita Condro still looks beautiful, you know. Especially the look of her hair that is still shaky with her curly hanging style. Captain Vincent’s wife chose to wear a white shirt with a relaxed fashion styling that is visible from the top buttons that are opened a few. Her thin smile is sweet, huh.

Ashanty in Black Hijab

Ashanty in Black Hijab

Ashanty in Black Hijab. In the month of Ramadan, many top celebrities display the hijab style. One of them is Ashanty. Not wanting to outdone by her daughter Aurel Hermansyah who appeared in a hijab, Ashanty also displayed her beautiful portrait wearing a closed and hijab through uploading on her Instagram social media account @ashanty_ash.

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan 1442 Hijriah / 2021 AD, the wife of Anang Hermansyah appears to have uploaded several times her photo wearing a hijab. It is known that the photos were taken while she undergoing a photo shoot with her husband.

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Ashanty’s appearance with this hijab also drew positive comments from many netizens. One of them is Ashanty’s beautiful style with a black hijab. He looks cool wearing the black hijab.


Black itself is known as the safest hijab color to match with any colored clothing or motif.

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Like Ashanty’s style, wearing this black hijab, then paired it with a white high-collar tunic with a pattern designed by the fashion designer Restu Anggraini.

“Mother is very beautiful, wears a hijab,” wrote a netizen in the comments column.

“How come it’s more cute (beautiful) like a hijab ABG,” praised the other netizens.

Modest Fashion Industry Producers

Modest Fashion Industry Producers

As a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, the market or market for the modest fashion industry and Indonesian Muslims is very large and makes Indonesia the potential to become a leader in the world’s modest fashion industry producers.

But in fact, currently Indonesia is still unable to position itself as the leader; or center of the world fashion industry such as Paris, Milan, New York, Seoul or Tokyo.

One of Indonesia’s well-known Muslim fashion designers, Irna Mutiara, explained that the country’s fashion industry still has a lot of homework. One of them is an indicator of international standardization which can be a quality reference for competing.

“If Jakarta, for example; wants to be like a world fashion center such as Paris, Milan, New York; or Tokyo; then we have to follow the unwritten requirements that already exist in other world fashion centers, namely the quality of design; and the superior quality of textiles,” said Irna in the event. General Online Opportunity for Indonesia as a Global Modest Fashion Producer ”.

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Muslim fashion

“If the indicator is, we have reached a large number of actors or players. But it’s not just the number, but the quality,” he added.

As a designer, Irna did not deny that the fashion industry in Indonesia does not yet have a national standard that can be a common reference for Indonesian clothing industry players.

Nikita Willy With Casual Outfit

Nikita Willy With Casual Outfit

Nikita Willy With Casual Outfit. Nikita Willy is not only known as the Queen of soap operas. Indra Priawan’s wife also often stole attention through her appearance.

Not infrequently, Nikita Willy’s appearance fascinates netizens. As in the photo shoot of the 26 year old artist recently.

Nikita Willy uploaded a photo shoot in collaboration with well-known Indonesian photographer, Wong Sim. In this photo shoot, Nikita Willy appeared in a casual outfit posing sitting on a chair.

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Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy’s sexy aura radiant wearing a gray knit top. You can see that this fashion shirt has two separate pieces, namely kemben and mini cardigan.

As for the subordinates, the Queen of soap opera wears a skirt with a green high slit which adds to the sexy impression. For footwear, Nikita Willy wears white short pointed high heels.

Meanwhile, his face is dominated by brown color with a firm contour on the nose, cheekbones and jaw. Then, her hair is rolled low at the back of her neck.


Netizens fascinated by Nikita Willy’s appearance. Even this post is flood with praise in the comments column.

Firstly “Hellllaaaaww so cute ❤️,” praised @rommyandre ***

Secondly “Flawless😍🔥,” said @ asmara7 ***

Thirdly “Waow,” said marianayunus103

After that “Omg ka🔥❤️❤️,” commented @soviame ***

Lastly “😍😍😍 Always beautiful, Niky,” said @kaffi_des ***

New Clothes to Wear During Eid

New Clothes to Wear During Eid

The month of Ramadan is a time when Islamic trinkets are sold. Usually, new clothes to wear during Eid will be widely circulated with the latest shapes and models.

Maybe you are confused by the many options available. But don’t bother looking for trendy clothes, because this time, Carysha’s content will give you inspiration for beautiful Eid clothes at affordable prices.

This time, lifestyle YouTuber Carysha recommends beautiful, polite clothes to wear during family gatherings during Eid.

First he showed a purple robe decorated with white lace. The light purple robe cloth looks very elegant when worn by Carysha. This robe for Rp.89,000 fits a large size, you know. This robe also uses moscrepe material.

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Eid clothes

The next shirt that Carysha showed was a white blouse. There are 2 clothes, namely the inner and outer, for Rp.101,000. The material used is organza which looks luxurious. This shirt is also very suitable to wear when breaking the fast.

Next is the white plisket culottes which is perfect for any occasion. The price is less than IDR 50,000, very cheap for beautiful and luxurious pants. These pants use premium hyget material.

Then Carysha showed off an asymmetry white tunic decorated with beautiful lace at the bottom of the tunic. This cool tunic can be purchased for IDR 75,000. He also showed me a black dress that could be used as an outerwear.

Let’s take a peek at Carysha’s style when trying on beautiful Eid clothes only on the MillionLittleDreams YouTube channel!

2021 Oscars Was the Most Stylish

2021 Oscars Was the Most Stylish

The 93rd Academy Awards or the 2021 Oscars was the most stylish, glamorous and entertaining evening of the year which was held at Union Station in Los Angeles and Dolby Theater in Hollywood on April 26. Oscars are all about glitz, glamor, style and dresses!

Each year, the excitement multiplies as celebrities leave no stone unturned to look their best on the Oscar Cup red carpet. Let’s take a look at the gamour performances of the celebrities at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Viola Davis

The woman with her sweet dark brown skin looks stunning in white with a chiffon corset and skirt design, paired with Forevermark jewelery and a Jimmy Choo clutch.

Carey Mulligan

Carey looked radiant in a metallic copper Valentino Haute Couture gown; with a bandeau crop top combined with a high-waisted bloom skirt, on the Sophia Webster platform.

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In a bright yellow Valentino dress, Zendaya looked stunning in a bandeau corset and high-waisted long skirt. She also wore over 183.3 carats worth of Bulgari jewelery worth over 6 million dollars!

Regina King

After that Regina’s natural beauty shines through in her Louis Vuitton satin bodycon gown. The dress features a deep v-neck style with crystal embroidery all over, and a scalloped hem; which she pairs with Forevermark jewelery.

Andra Day

Lastly channeling her character on the Billie Holiday screen, Andra Day looks stunning with this sexy Vera Wang cut, featuring a thigh-high slit, paired with $ 2 million worth of Tiffany & Co jewelery. To perfect her appearance, she wore Casadei’s high heels.

Nagita Slavina Is Ambassadors for PON

Nagita Slavina Is Ambassadors for PON

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina is ambassadors for PON XX Papua which will held in October 2021. The news announced by Raffi Ahmad in the latest video on Rans Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

“I would like to thank the PON XX Papua 2021 Team, Nagita and I are the icons, we are trusted to able to socialize the PON XX Papua 2021 in the eyes of Indonesia and internationally,” said Raffi when welcoming the Chairman of II PB PON XX Papua 2021, Roy. Letlora and native Papuan footballer Boaz Solossa in the video.

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On that occasion, Roy Letlora apparently brought a special gift for Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina for their election as ambassadors for PON XX Papua. The prize turned out to a set of outfits that they would later wear during the event.

Not wanting to linger, Raffi and Nagita immediately invited Boaz Solossa to do a photoshoot at a studio near their residence.

Nagita Slavina

There are several outfits worn in the photo shoot. For Raffi, he appeared edgy wearing a set of Papuan woven shirts and pants.

The outfit then given a modern touch with the use of a belt from Gucci and white sneakers from Alexander McQueen.

Lastly not wanting to outdone by her beloved husband, Nagita Slavina looks beautiful wearing a black Papuan woven outerwear; combined with a dark blue plisket dress.

Meanwhile, in the next photo session; the woman who familiarly call Mama Gigi appear in a smart casual style combining a green outer woven; and high waist trousers with striped motifs.

Style of Gibran's Wife

Style of Gibran’s Wife

After Gibran Rakabuming was appointed Mayor of Solo, Selvi Ananda is increasingly in the public spotlight. One of them is the style of Gibran’s wife as the mother of the Mayor of Solo.

Despite being the mother of the Mayor of Solo, Selvi Ananda has not changed much in appearance. President Jokowi’s son-in-law continues to appear in his trademark casual style.

One of them is like his recent appearance with Gibran while visiting an old-style building. Peek at the @gibranrakabuming_official Instagram account, Selvi Ananda looks simple and relaxed wearing a black T-shirt and pink mask.

Selvi Ananda

Likewise with Gibran, relaxed with a gray T-shirt and shorts. Gibran completes his appearance by wearing a black hat and white mask.

However, from the relaxed appearance of the two, the yellow bag that Selvi Ananda was carrying has caught the attention of netizens. “Salfok sm Hermes, Ms. Selvy’s garden party,” wrote @thiya ***

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Hermes bag

After tracing it on, it turns out that Selvi Ananda’s handbag is a Yellow Hermes Garden Party Leather Handbag. How much is the price of the Selvi Ananda bag?

The bag made of leather originally costs EUR6,070, but is discounted to EUR5,084 or the equivalent of Rp.102 million! Wow, Selvi’s relaxed look looks elegant with this Hermes bag.

Netizens are also busy commenting on this uploaded photo of Selvi and Gibran. They seem to like the appearance of this couple.

“Beautiful and Elegant Bu mayor 🥰🥰,” praised @dewirosa ***

“Mantaaab … The handsome and the beautiful … 👏👏,” @ half.hidu ***

Princess Syahrini's Hermes Bag

Princess Syahrini’s Hermes Bag

The luxury of Princess Syahrini’s life is unquestionable. What is in his body is branded goods at exorbitant prices. Princess Syahrini’s Hermes Bag.

About bags, for example, Syahrini doesn’t play around, you know. There are many collections of expensive bags that he often displays on Instagram, one of the most eye-catching ones is a rather large white bag that is predicted to cost Rp1.8 billion.

The Syahrini bag is known as the Hermes brand type ’35cm Nuage Matte Alligator Birkin Bag’. There is an interesting fact revealed by the Instagram account @ fashionsyahrini2, that there are only 100 bags in the world and it was released at the Grand Opening of the Hermes Store Shanghai.


However, this bag is actually not the latest release. Because, the same Instagram account revealed that the bag was released internationally at the Grand Opening of the Shanghai Hermes Store in 2014. Even so, it’s very lucky, yes, this Mrs Barack has one of 100 99 other collections.

From the photos that were shared, Syahrini was carrying the white bag with outift feminine looks. Yes, she wore a black long-sleeved midi dress with an additional accessory in the form of a sizable white belt. Then, she paired it with transparent heels and sunglasses. Syahrini’s distinctive style.

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When it comes to makeup and hairstyling, Syahrini is always consistent with her simple yet flawless makeup. The pink on his lips is enough to make him look fresh. When it comes to hair, she tied it in a simple bun style.


So, how do netizens react to knowing about this limited edition Rp1.8 billion bag collection?

“Edaaaann! It also seems like I just bought it when I was married with Mr. RB? Hermes, who bought Rp1 billion and above, was bought during marriage,” said @ ekonovianti **.

“Definitely buy the limited one for Hermes, so there aren’t many twins with other people,” said @ ernaerna74 **.

“Shit,” shocked @ edrea._letes ***.

“Wow it bounces mehong yaaaa,” said @ mawati **.

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand

Nusantara Ethnic Cloth Brand. As a national cultural heritage, of course the existence of the archipelago literature needs to be preserved. Especially among young people who are now exposed to a lot of acculturation from outside cultures, don’t let them not know what ethnic fabrics and clothing and batik are typical of Indonesia.

When examined, Nusantara wastra has a strong potential to compete in the world fashion industry. Especially in the stories and messages that stored behind every motif and color that poured into ethnic clothing; this is a potential for Nusantara literature to more widely known. The notion of wastra itself is interpreted as a traditional cloth which has its own meaning and symbol which refers to the dimensions of color, size, and material, such as batik, weaving, songket and so on.

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F Thing

Therefore, pride in wearing ethnic clothing in everyday life must be the main goal in maintaining the nation’s culture. There is a need for outreach to local fashion designers who are more sensitive to developing fashion trends.

Therefore, The F Thing held a special discount promo for product variants not only for clothing, but also for accessories such as bags and scarves, which have ethnic motifs or batik entitled “Proud of Dressing” for men and women in April.

The “Proud Berkain” promo give you discount up to 60% specifically products featuring ethnic fabrics that sold on The F Thing website. In addition, buyers will also get an additional voucher of 10%; with a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000 and enter the voucher code BERKAIN10.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop for authentic; and reliable ethnic clothing and batik at The F Thing at affordable prices; only valid from 19 April to 2 May 2021 plus free shipping.

For your information, The F thing is an original and trusted e-commerce fashion. This fashion, beauty and lifestyle based content platform aims to help; and develop retail businesses so they can show their work and stories to consumers. The F Thing also aims to have a positive impact on millennials and Gen Z both at home and abroad.

Soviet Combination Help Hiding the Imperfections

Soviet Combination Help Hiding the Imperfections

The soviet combination help hiding the imperfections of the underwear. Underwear in the Soviet Union could not boast of exquisite design or elegant cut. Sometimes on the shelves of clothing stores lay such styles that it was even unpleasant to wear. But there was not much choice, and here the combination came to the rescue. She allowed to hide the unaestheticness of Soviet bras.

The combination visually hides figure flaws

It seems that apart from underwear, this weightless piece of clothing can no longer cover anything. However, many of the women who have worn the combination for years argue that this is far from the case. It allowed to visually improve the silhouette of the figure – it emphasized the merits and at the same time smoothed out unnecessary “bulges”.

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The combination warmed and acted as a petticoat

It turns out that the combination was indispensable in winter, because, in fact, it was an additional warm layer of clothing, protecting from the frosty wind. And, in addition, she covered the body from the prickly woolen fabric. Also, the combination played the role of a petticoat, and it was thanks to this that the fabric of the dress did not stick to the feet of Soviet women of fashion, who wore skirts much more often than trousers – there were no antistatic agents in those days.

Soviet Woman's Wardrobe

Soviet Woman’s Wardrobe

Fashion, as you know, is changeable, and with it those elements of clothing that seemed indispensable yesterday can go down in history. A striking example of such a trend is the combination – our mothers and grandmothers wore them every day and could not imagine their image without it. But modern women of fashion sometimes do not know what it is. But even half a century ago, Soviet women had many reasons to wear this seemingly superfluous wardrobe item. Soviet Woman’s Wardrobe.

Wearing a combination was fashionable

It seems that this reason could not be here in any way, because the combination was an item of underwear and was worn under a dress or skirt with a blouse. However, enterprising women of fashion showed ingenuity and knew how to “show off a new thing” in front of her friends. So, they just put on a slip the same length as the dress or skirt. Accordingly, one “awkward” movement showed the edge of the thing – they often tried to show the best combinations in this way, for example, with lace.

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Practicality and versatility

The combinations were very popular thanks in large part to their practicality. And the thing is that it made it possible, oddly enough, to extend the life of basic clothes. In Soviet cities, and even more so in smaller settlements; it was not possible to regularly replenish the wardrobe with new things. And then the combination came into play: being a kind of buffer between the body and the main outfit, it absorbed sweat; and therefore it was possible to wash the latter less often. This is how things stayed wearable longer.

Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit

Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit

FILM The Penthouse: War In Life might be one of the best Korean films that you must follow for fans of the Korean drama. Success with its first episode, The Penthouse 2 managed to achieve great success. Kim So Yeon Luxurious Outfit.

The film, starring Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah and Eugene Kim, has indeed succeeded in playing the emotions of those who watched it. However, apart from the intrigue of the story, the fashion of the main characters is one that attracts attention.

Well, one of them is the luxury fashion of Kim So Yeon who plays the character Cheon Seo Jin, the evil prima donna at Hera Palace. Acting as chairman of a prestigious music school foundation in Korea; it is only natural that the outfit worn by Kim So Yeon is always luxurious and has fantastic value.

Summarizing the Instagram account, @kdrama_fashion, here is a portrait of the expensive sleeping and bathing outfit Kim So Yeon, the evil prima donna at The Penthouse, if totaled for an iPhone 12.

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Bath robe

For a bathrobe or bathrobe, Cheon Seo Jin’s character appears in a luxurious white bathrobe. The bathrobe is a collection designed by the Versace fashion house, I Love Baroque Bathrobe; which sells for USD595 or approximately Rp.8.5 million! Fantastic isn’t it?

Silk nightgown

Acting as the prima donna, the nightgown worn by Kim So Yeon still had to be luxurious and branded. For example; in episode 3 last week, this woman born in 1980 was seen wearing a silk nightgown, Avito Silk Long Gown; Champagne which sold for USD684.5 or approximately Rp.9.8 million per one piece.

Jang Nara Fashion Style

Jang Nara Fashion Style

Korean drama lovers have long been familiar with the beautiful actress Jang Nara. This veteran actress is returning to greet her fans through the latest drama series, Sell Your Haunted House. Jang Nara fashion style.

In this series, Jang Nara acted with actor and musician Jung Yong Hwa. Despite being 40 years old and appearing in so many drama titles, Jang Nara’s beauty and youthful face have never changed with the times.

No need to linger, summarizing her personal Instagram account, Thursday (15/4/2021) let’s take a peek at five beautiful and youthful portraits of Jang Nara, the actress of Sell Your Haunted House.

Short hair

Jang Nara’s face, which is already small and smooth and white as porcelain, looks even more cute with this super short haircut style. It doesn’t seem like it’s 40 years old, right?

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Bare face

Have a beautiful and cute face, smooth and youthful without wrinkles and lines. Naturally, if a Jang Nara is so confident with a plain face without even makeup, aka her bare face.

Graceful in Hanbok

Dressed in traditional Korean clothing, the Hanbok is bright blue complete with traditional pinched hair. Jang Nara shows off the classic and simple beauty of a typical East Asian woman. Like a Korean royal princess huh!

Well, if this is Nara’s style of appearance when she starred in a hit drama, VIP when she plays the character of a manager. In this drama, Nara looks beautiful, elegant, and mature with a long side-length hairstyle without brunette bangs.

Front bangs

In 2019, Jang Nara appeared cute and beautiful by wearing a schoolgirl-style haircut, shoulder length black, complete with see-through front bangs that perfectly framed her beautiful face.

Phrases That Ruins Fashion Experience

Phrases That Ruins Fashion Experience

Phrases that ruins fashion experience “Why do you need a dark one! Take better light blue! It suits you better. Moreover, spring has come … “(when trying on identical things of two different colors). Suppose a girl intends to buy a gray or black sweater because she wants a basic item. However, he hears from the seller that the model she has chosen in the dark color suits her less than in the light one. Most female shoppers, upon hearing this, would rather not buy anything at all. So the bewilderment arises: why does the seller, giving unsolicited advice, risk / deprive himself of the same revenue?

“Girl! So what if they shake a little! It’s natural leather – it gets carried away! “

This advice when trying on shoes is a little discouraging. The great French actress Catherine Deneuve, half a century ago, shared the secret of the perfect bow: “If you want to look and feel like a goddess, always buy shoes half a size larger.” Indeed, is there a need to buy a pair of shoes that are close to the foot? Firstly, it is not a fact that it spreads. Secondly – will stretched leather give a tightly covered foot elegance and comfort to the hostess? And stretched shoes will look sloppy.

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“At your age, it is a sin to hide your legs / not to emphasize your figure”

Firstly, if the style of clothing somehow depends on age, then good taste is a universal and non-aging thing. Sometimes a woman in her 50s has such legs that you can play a little naughty and put on a moderate mini. And a 20-year-old girl sometimes has such sausage legs that a maxi dress (in a youthful style, of course) will be the right choice. Secondly, the call “to cover / flaunt something” is, in general, overt sexism and a call for objectification. Kind of like, “since you are of marriageable age, so come on, attract men, do not waste time, the clock is ticking.” It’s a little offensive. Especially for those customers who came to the store to choose an outfit with different goals and style preferences.

Be on trend and read about those fashion trends that you want to forget, like a nightmare.