Sexy Jessica Iskandar Style

Sexy Jessica Iskandar Style

Sexy Jessica Iskandar Style – Jessica Iskandar is now inseparable from a sexy and seductive image. Through her social media accounts, this young mother often displays her sexy dress style.

Seen, the crop top model outfit is one of Richard Kyle’s favorite outfits to look sexy everyday. Curious, what does Jessica Iskandar’s sexy visual look like in a crop top?

Here are five sexy portraits of Jessica Iskandar wearing a crop top, which are summarized from her personal Instagram account, @inijedar, Monday (26/7/2021):

1. Long sleeve crop top

Not only super mini, looking sexy showing off her flat stomach and slim waist, the actress who is familiarly called Jedar looks hot in a long-sleeved white crop top combined with hot denim pants.

2. Denim crop top

Now for this one portrait, when Jedar looks sexy but still with a cute feel through a crop top outfit made of sleeveless denim, sweetened with a white mini love emoji motif.

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3. Crop top ivory

Summer fashion style ala Jedar, maximum dress-up by wearing a tight sleeveless crop top in ivory cream color as the top and black high waist pants as the bottom. Perfected with a beach hat and neck chain as an accessory. So beautiful and sexy, Jedar was praise as Dua Lipa!

4. Flowy

It’s sexy to wear a crop top, you don’t just have to choose a tight one. You can also choose a feminine design, for example, a plain nude pleated crop top that is flowly like the one worn by Jedar. Just pair it with full pants with high waist cutting motifs as subordinates.

5. V-neck crop top

Lastly looking sexy and hot to the maximum, relaxing by the pool, Jedar here chooses a plain white crop top cut with a deep V-neck short sleeve model that shows part of his upper body.

Amanda Manopo Hasn't Lost Her Charm

Amanda Manopo Hasn’t Lost Her Charm

Amanda Manopo Hasn’t Lost Her Charm – Playing the character Andin in the drama series Ikatan Cinta, Amanda Manopo is often seen looking luxurious with an all-branded appearance style. The clothes he knows are mostly the output of the world’s fashion houses which are priced at exorbitant prices.

Eits! But don’t get me wrong, Amanda Manopo’s beautiful and feminine appearance is not always priced at exorbitant prices. Because, several times, Arya Saloka’s ‘wife’ was seen wearing a piece of dress that was cheap, not more than Rp. 500 thousand.

Instead of being curious, summarizing the ‘fashionamandamanopo’ Instagram account, let’s take a peek at Amanda Manopo’s five cheap dresses below.

Batik Dress

This Midi dress with a combination of plaid motifs and black Batik, this Florence Dress from Cali Series turns out to be less than Rp. 200 thousand! Because it is price at IDR 170,000 per piece.

Dress and outer

In this scene of Amanda Manopo crying in Arya Saloka’s arms, Amanda looks beautiful and elegant in a knee-length dress complete with a navy blue outer, Erie Dress from Maja Series which is price at Rp. 145,000 only. Affordable isn’t it?

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Dress stripes

This 7/8 black-and-white striped dress with front pockets and belt at the waist and has a long sleeve design is one of Amanda’s ‘popular’ dresses from H&M retail fashion, Tie Belt Shirt Dress which costs only Rp.

Long sleeveless dress

This plain black sleeveless long dress with a high slit silhouette in the middle is Carla Black Top from the Gemme Clothing fashion line, sold for only Rp. 390,000 per piece.

Mini dress

Lastly Amanda has also appear sweet and cute in a mini dress full of black-and-white motifs, a Chiffon Dress from H&M. In writing, the price is only Rp. 479,059. Quite affordable right?

Thanks for reading this fashion article.

Sex and The City Outfit with Fantastic Prices

Sex and The City Outfit with Fantastic Prices

Sex and The City Outfit with Fantastic Prices – The news of the return of ‘Sex and The City’ is considered a breath of fresh air for those who have followed this series since its inception in 1998. This television program is considered as one of the series with fashion styles that influence world fashion trends.

The four main characters in ‘Sex and The City’ (SATC) namely Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes), Kristin Davis (Charlotte York), and Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) have their own distinctive characters, including questions clothes worn.

Talking about that, there are 2 appearances at SATC where the characters wear very unreasonable outfit prices or are very expensive. What does the look look like and who is wearing it?

1. Simple outfit by Carrie Bradshaw

We start with this view. At first glance Carrie looks super simple, plain white dress, carrying a gold mini clutch, and heels. But, when skinned one by one the fashion items worn, you are ready to be surprised.

At this moment, Carrie wore a Halston Heritage dress which cost 525 USD or around Rp.7.6 million, then a Chanel clutch for 3,295 USD or the equivalent of Rp.48 million, combined with a Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace which cost was fantastic at 225,000 USD or equivalent to Rp3 .3 billion.

Not only that, Carrie was also seen wearing sunglasses from Mykita for 525 USD or around Rp.

If you add up all the fashion items on Carrie’s body, the total price is 232,480 USD, or around Rp. 3.4 billion. Still dare to say simple-look?

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2. Carrie and the Versace Dress

In another ‘scene’, Carrie also presents a fashion-look that is not only stunning but pricy. Yes, the price of the clothes he wore at that moment was very ‘sultan’.

For example, this super large gray dress. According to sources, the dress that Carrie wore was made by fashion house Atelier Versace Couture with the name ‘Mille Feuille’ dress. Want to know how much this dress costs?

It is predicted that the large dress will be valued at 80,000 USD or around 1.2 billion. The super beautiful dress was used for the ‘scene’ waiting for her lover in Sex and The City, namely Aleksandr Petrovsky. Not cans, right?

Najwa Shihab's Edgy Casual Style

Najwa Shihab’s Edgy Casual Style

Najwa Shihab’s Edgy Casual Style – Najwa Shihab is attached to the image of a presenter and journalist who is critical and intelligent. However, Najwa Shihab also has a cool fashion style, you know!

This woman who is familiarly called Nana looks cool and edgy when on-duty or on duty. Whether it’s in a formal style outfit or a cool mix-and-match collection of sneakers.

So can’t wait to see Najwa Shihab’s edgy casual OOTD style look while on-duty in front of the camera? Here’s Najwa Shihab’s OOTD style summarized from his personal Instagram account, Friday (23/7/2021):

1. Denim jacket

Usually, most people choose a blue or gray denim jacket, but Najwa looked eye-catching with a sunkist orange denim jacket as a top with an asymmetrical nude cream skirt, which she combined with orange high top sneakers.

2. White classic

A classic mix and match that never goes wrong, a plain white long-sleeved shirt is paired with lightwashed blue jeans. Najdwa’s OOTD style is even cooler with a pair of high top black and white sneakers from Nike.

3. Earth tone

Besides being good at mix and match outfits, Najwa can also be said to have good color selection skills. For example, this OOTD portrait combines three earth tone colors into one, she pairs a navy blouse with a long sage green skirt and a pair of light gray Air Jordan sneakers. Three different colors but still have a harmonious tone.

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4. Baby doll

A combination of feminine and edgy style, Najwa combines a navy baby doll top with flare accents with low top sneakers with black laces.

5. Black and white

Najwa’s on-duty black and white style, a long-sleeved white shirt as a top with an asymmetrical midi skirt with asymmetrical black cut and plain white strap sneakers. Effortless edgy fashion!

Beauty of Nadya Arina

Beauty of Nadya Arina

Beauty of Nadya Arina – The figure of Nadya Arina became the talk of netizens as a new player in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Nadya plays the character of Catherine, the sister of Angga (Kevin Hillers), a friend of Aldebaran (Arya Saloka).

Not only her beauty became a byword, but also Catherine’s character in the Love Association. Catherine is a young woman who is a big fan of Aldebaran. Andin, played by Amanda Manopo, is also very jealous of Catherine, who doesn’t know if Aldebaran is married.

Until finally in yesterday’s episode, Wednesday, July 21, Catherine accompanied by Angga met Aldebaran with Andin for lunch together. Andin, knowing that Catherine admired her husband, immediately acted spoiled. Andin feeds Aldebaran in front of Catherine.

Catherine who saw Andin and Aldebaran’s romance immediately left the restaurant. The teaser video for the lunch scene with them was also busy discussing the figure of Catherine, will she be the actor?

Regardless of what it will be like, Nadya Arina is an accomplished figure by starring in several major Indonesian films even though she is only 23 years old. Curious about what Nadya Arina’s portrait looks like? Let’s see.

Beautiful in traditional clothes

Nadya Arina looks naturally beautiful when wearing traditional Balinese clothes. The yellow top combined with the belt is very suitable for Nadya to wear with her bright skin.

The alumnus of SMA Negeri 6 Jakarta also combined the top with a red batik fashion cloth. Not to forget, her hair was in a bun to make it look more like a Balinese girl.

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Narcissism with pets

Nadya has a pet in the form of a cute and adorable dog. So sad with the dog, Nadya also wanted to capture the moment with him.

He also looks cool in his casual attire. Nadya was seen wearing a black T-shirt combined with blue jeans. Her brunette hair color also supports her appearance this time.

Vacation at the beach

While on vacation at the beach, Nadya didn’t want to waste that beautiful view. He captured the moment by sitting on a rock even though the weather looked very hot at that time.

She also looks beautiful in a red tank top combined with blue hot pants. Nadya also wears sunglasses and puts her hair in a ponytail to make it look cooler.

Handsome Portrait of Arifin Putra

Handsome Portrait of Arifin Putra

Handsome Portrait of Arifin Putra – Actor Arifin Putra is famous for his good acting skills as an actor. It is undeniable that many fans have hailed him for having captivating visuals.

Having a handsome face, tall body and athletic fit, it’s no wonder the appearance of this German-Indonesian-blooded man has successfully amazed netizens. Curious about what handsome actor Arifin Putra looks like now?

Summarizing Arifin’s personal Instagram account, Wednesday (7/7/2021) let’s take a peek at the review of handsome portraits of Arifin Putra below.

1. It’s cool to be a magazine model

Recently, Arifin’s handsome and cool face adorned the cover of a famous fashion magazine in Indonesia. Appearing in a clean-cut style and displaying a cold expression, Arifin Putra looks cool in a black jacket and pants.

2. Natural Glowing

Now, if this is Arifin’s natural handsome portrait in the morning, his handsome face looks glowing aka glowing exposed to the sun’s rays of divine light. The colour in this picture just look so good.

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3. Haircut

After trimming his already rather long hair, it became shorter and neater, although part of his face was covered by a mask, the handsomeness of this Rumah Dara star actor still radiated clearly, right? I mean he just look so good in that mask. Even the mask cannot keep his handsome from radiating.

4. Hair in a ponytail

Usually seen with a neat short haircut, don’t get me wrong, it turns out that this The Raid 2 actor has also grown his hair long. Her slightly long hair at that time was stylishly styled with a ponytail at the top and skin-cuts on the sides.

5. Relaxing

Handsome men still look handsome even when lying relaxed? Well, Arifin Putra is one example. Lastly just look at this relaxing photo lying in Arifin’s house, which makes netizens intoxicated.

Portrait of Enchanting Fanny Ghassani

Portrait of Enchanting Fanny Ghassani

Portrait of Enchanting Fanny Ghassani – The beautiful artist Fanny Ghassani is no longer on the television screen. However, he still exists in the entertainment world, especially in digital media.

Fanny Ghassani who is now 30 years old is increasingly making YouTube videos, ranging from her daily activities, sports routines, to her hobby of raising animals. Everything can be seen on her social media, including her beautiful photos on Instagram.

Yes, the owner of the real name Fanny Ghassani Prera ​​quite often shares beautiful photos on Instagram. Some of his loyal fans are often amazed by Fanny’s charm, which is getting more and more radiant by the day. Do not believe?

The following is a portrait of Fanny Ghassani who is increasingly attracting attention at the age of 30:

Influencer-style poses

The soap opera player who also often receives a job as a host is getting more beautiful at the age of three. You can see in this photo, he looks very cool with an influencer-style pose.

Yes, Fanny wore a purple knit outfit with beautiful daisy ornaments. The pose of blocking the sun with the palm of his hand is quite successful, yes. In fact, he gave a happy smile expression in this photo. Very beautiful!

Shy smile

As a celebrity, Fanny knows very well how to appear in public, including in front of the camera. He never hesitated to be different from the others.

In this photo, for example, Fanny looks stunning in a low-chested balloon sleeve top combined with hot pants, jeans and high boots made of black leather. This shy laugh expression made him look adorable!

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Simple and pretty

Fanny has a smile that really catches the eye. Just look at this photo, she looks very simple wearing a nude fashion sleeveless top combined with batik cloth. Fanny’s smile never fails, who agrees?

For face and hair makeup, Fanny Ghassani looks very simple but still beautiful. What’s on his face looks just right, not excessive, and that’s what makes netizens even more fond of this soap opera artist.

The Charm of Syifa Hadju

The Charm of Syifa Hadju

The charm of Syifa Hadju – Syifa Hadju recently turned 21 on July 13. At her new age, the beautiful soap opera actor looks more mature and charming.

It’s no wonder that his girlfriend, Rizky Nazar, is getting more and more nervous with Syifa Hadju. In fact, Rizky Nazar even shared a romantic photo with his lover getting wet together on the beach.

Syifa Hadju

In the photo, Rizky Nazar wrote a short but very romantic photo caption “Happy Birthday,” he said. This is like proof that Rizky is really in love with Syifa, isn’t it?

So, here are some photos of Syifa Hadju who are increasingly beautiful and mature:

1. Take a sunshine bath

In this photo, Syifa looks very happy with the rays of the sun directly touching her body. That happy expression can be seen from the smile on his face that is so broken.

Syifa in this photo is wearing a tight brown tank top which is combined again with a white crop top shirt to give a more polite impression. For her subordinates, she chose regular fit jeans fashion which made her style even more stylish.

2. Such a beautiful side angle

Still with the feel of basking in the sun, this time Syifa wore a very simple light yellow long sleeve. He paired it with bright blue jeans, really casual.

Even though her style is casual, Syifa’s hair and face in this photo are quite intentional, you know. She looks very beautiful with coral makeup on the cheeks that is quite bold and on the lips. The look in his eyes melts the heart, yes.

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3. The pose of raising hands fixes hair

Styles like this can really be a reference for you who are confused when taking pictures. Even though it seems simple, the end result is guaranteed to be liked by many, especially when the eyes look sharply at the camera lens like Syifa Hadju did.

In this photo, Syifa shared her birthday and many friends gave the best wishes for her.

Arya Saloka Casual Outfits Style

Arya Saloka Casual Outfits Style

Arya Saloka Casual Outfits Style – Arya Saloka has always been a public concern lately. Apart from his handsome face, he is also very good at acting in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

Then his simple appearance also makes his charm shine even more. Even when with his son Ibrahim Jalal Ad Din Rumi and his beloved wife Putri Anne, Arya Saloka often wears casual and simple outfits.

Quoted from his Instagram account upload @arya.saloka, let’s take a peek at the relaxed outfit of the Aldebaran character in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

1. Gloves at home

In this uploaded photo, Arya Saloka is wearing a plain fashion white T-shirt, a batik-patterned sarong, and black strap sandals. The batik sarong he wears is priced at Rp. 210,000 from the Al Jawani Sarong collection. The black sandals are Jiro black from Hijacksandal which are priced at IDR 359,200. Combined with a batik sarong and a plain white T-shirt, it makes it look more relaxed.

2. Wear pajamas

Arya Saloka, Princess Anne, and Ibrahim were both wearing pajamas when they were at home. The color of the pajama set used also looks the same.

The three of them were in bed, playing and laughing together. Through time together, because usually Arya is busy filming.

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3. With the Love Bond crew

Then while on the set, Arya Saloka still wore a casual outfit. He wore a white long-sleeved shirt, black shorts, and flip-flops. Don’t forget, sunglasses make his appearance more attractive.

In the photo he uploaded, Arya is seen with the crew at the filming location for the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, located in Bogor, West Java.

4. Carrying Ibrahim

The closeness of Arya Saloka and his son Ibrahim is undeniable. His son looks sticky with his Baba. Meanwhile, Arya is also excited about this hero.

In the photo, Arya is wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt. While Ibrahim red shirt and shorts.

Amanda Manopo's Beautiful Transformation

Amanda Manopo’s Beautiful Transformation

Amanda Manopo’s Beautiful Transformation – Amanda Manopo is now increasingly known to the Indonesian public. This is thanks to his brilliant performance in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Manda is increasingly shining in the world of entertainment.

In fact, Amanda Manopo’s career has been going on for a long time. Since he was young, this former lover of Billy Syahputra has been good at acting.

In fact, the transformation of Amanda Manopo’s appearance is even more visible. At first she had a plain face, now she looks stunningly beautiful and elegant.

Well, here is a portrait of Amanda Manopo’s even more beautiful transformation, as summarized from her Instagram account upload @amandamanopo.

1. When I was a teenager

In this uploaded photo, Amanda Manopo is still in her teens. She also looks beautiful and attractive from a young age.

Manda looks cute with the appearance of long hair with bangs, white skin, and chubby cheeks. The makeup she wore was very natural, according to her age at that time.

2. Look flawless

Next, Manda chose flawless makeup, combined with long hair, and a white mini dress with floral motifs. He seemed to be in one of the rooms. While smiling sweetly and stylishly, his appearance looks charming.

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3. Look natural

In this photo, Manda looks natural without makeup and looks simple in her black tank top. In addition, her beautiful hair is tied to the top, and her thin bangs are slightly outlined.

Despite appearing without makeup and wearing simple clothes, Manda still looks naturally beautiful. Moreover, plus stylish fashion with a sweet smile.

“Smiles are contagious. One smile can make several people smile,” the caption reads.

4. Long hair

Currently, Manda is known for her short hair as her trademark. It turns out that Manda used to have long hair, like in this photo.

Manda looks beautiful with long, dyed hair and slightly curly hair. Then combine it with a baby blue knit T-shirt.

Reza Rahardian's Handsome Portrait

Reza Rahardian’s Handsome Portrait

Reza Rahardian’s Handsome Portrait – Top Actor Reza Rahardian has just been elected as chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival Committee (FFI) for the 2021-2021 period, replacing veteran actor Lukman Sardi.

His charm as an actor and a man is complete, he is not only handsome, famous, has many movie titles, but also has achievements. Adding a handsome aura from Reza Rahardian.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with taking a look at some of the handsome portraits of Reza Rahardian, the newly elected FFI chairman. Summarizing Pilarez’s Official Instagram account, Friday (16/7/2021), let’s take a look at the five handsome portraits of Reza Rahardian below.


Everyday, Reza usually looks very relaxed in his casual fashion style outfit. But for special occasions, for example the premiere of the film he starred in; Reza did not hesitate to appear dressed-up to the maximum.

At the virtual press conference for the film Heaven Unforgettable, Reza went all-out in a set of simple short-sleeved shirt; and full-print trousers from the indigo blue Ghea Fashion line paired with a pair of white and blue sneakers.


Reza Rahardian’s virtual visual meeting, at home the curly hair of the movie star Ainun & Habibie is getting longer and thicker. More fierce and macho with a beard aka mustache and long black beard.

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180 degrees different from the previous quarantine style, for the film Layla Majnun; here Reza looks handsome, neat; and clean with a short clean-cut haircut accented with a slight short crest on the front.

Selfie masks

Handsome guys will still look handsome even though half of his face is covered by a mask. Reza Rahardian is one example, taking a selfie wearing a white mask that only shows the eye and forehead area; Reza Rahardian’s handsomeness still clearly radiates.

formal look

Photoshoot with Melly Goeslaw for the benefit of the original Habibie & Ainun film soundtrack. Reza is dashing and luxurious wearing a formal suit, gray suit and white shirt as the inner paired with a checkered beige patterned coat as the outer.

Sexy Alyssa Daguise in Black Bikini

Sexy Alyssa Daguise in Black Bikini

Sexy Alyssa Daguise in Black Bikini – Al Ghazali’s lover, Alyssa Daguise has not been heard from for a long time. The latest info, he and the eldest child Maia Estainty and Ahmad Dhani did a very charming ethnic themed photo shoot.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Alyssa Daguise, it turns out that recently she just finished her exciting vacation in Formentera, one of the islands in Spain. It can be seen from the location description written on Instagram.

At that moment, Alyssa confidently showed her body goals wrapped in a black bikini. His stylish poses in front of the camera caught the attention of Indonesian netizens.

So, what does Alyssa Daguise’s portrait look like in a black bikini?

1. Sweet pose on the edge of the yacht

This portrait is quite interesting, because Alyssa looks adorable even though her clothes are very revealing. She combined her black bikini with retro sunglasses that were really cool. His smile makes netizens melt.

2. Beautiful looking down

Yes, in this second photo, many netizens are increasingly convinced that Alyssa is Kendall Jenner’s twin. It can be seen from the haircut and eyebrows as well as Alyssa’s face from above which indeed looks like the super fashion model with the most expensive fee.

In this photo, actually Alyssa is just posing to get ready to ride a yacht, but somehow the photos are still aesthetically pleasing like this. That’s what makes netizens even more convinced that Alyssa is never ugly.

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3. Wet on the beach

The beauty of the island in Spain is not to be missed by Alyssa. The photographer who knows who it was managed to capture a very beautiful moment.

So, not only the beach water is super clear, but also behind Alyssa, a kind of arid hill that beautifies the panorama of the photo. Of course Alyssa’s portrait itself.

Here he looks like he is about to wash his face which is already wet by the beach water. Her candid pose manages to show her unmatched charm.

Mikha Tambayong's Beautiful Fashion

Mikha Tambayong’s Beautiful Fashion

Mikha Tambayong’s Beautiful Fashion – Actress Mikha Tambayong is filled with happiness. Because Mikha Tambayong has just finished his master’s degree in law at Harvard University.

Mikha Tambayong uploaded his graduation moment to his personal Instagram account. A happy hue radiated from her beautiful face.

Wearing a blazer and black trousers and a shirt, Mikha expressed her gratitude for having completed her master’s degree education. He dedicated this achievement to his late mother.

Meanwhile, not only smart, in terms of appearance Micah also always looks beautiful on various occasions. What does the portrait look like?

The following is a beautiful portrait of Mikha Tambayong as summarized from Mikha Tambayong’s personal Instagram account, Wednesday (14/7/2021):

1. Magazine cover

Ahead of graduate, Mikha was recently line up by a well-known magazine to become a cover model for the July 2021 issue. Stylish as a fashion magazine cover model, Mikha looked girly in a long A-line dress with floral motifs while carrying a brown handbag from the world’s luxury brand, Tory Burch.

2. Modern Batik

Well, this is Micah’s spectacular appearance at the press launch of the animated film Raya recently. Mikha went all-out wearing a Mega Mendung batik suit in turquoise blue color complete with cape accents that made Mikha look like a superhero.

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3. Elegant

Mikha’s charming visuals at the invitation, looked elegant in a nude beige sleeveless dress with a deep V-neck cutting and a sexy high slit. This kind of fashion really makes her look alluring and make a lot of men fantasizing.

4. Dress up

A super beautiful portrait of Mikha who is elegantly dressed in Kebaya, a modern white dress with lace accents combined with Batik fabric with an orange tinge. Her long hair is style in an up-do, while Micah’s beautiful face is cover in makeup dominate by peach and brick red.

Stylish OOTD of Melati Wijsen

Stylish OOTD of Melati Wijsen

Stylish OOTD of Melati Wijsen – The name of Balinese activist Melati Wijsen is being talked about after it was discovered that she attended the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in France on July 10.

Melati was present at the world’s prestigious film festival, attending the premiere of the documentary she starred in, Bigger Than Us.

Not only does she look beautiful and charming at the Cannes 2021 event. Every day, Melati’s appearance is also fashionable, stylish even though she only wears a simple cut outfit.

What is the OOTD fashion style for Melati’s daily appearance? Gathering Melati’s Instagram account, Tuesday (13/7/2021) let’s take a peek at the following brief review.

1. Mix and match anti-mainstream

Not afraid to appear anti-mainstream, OOTD when staying at a hotel in Bali a la Melati is to combine a short-sleeved pajama suit with a light green pattern with a pair of black military boots. Very cool right?

2. Go to the post office

Even though she only went to the post office, Melati still looked fashionable in her white spaghetti strap top and denim pants as a bottom. He wrapped a long colorful scarf around his neck, waving in the wind.

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3. Denim overalls

Hobby wearing jeans but bored with the same style? You can cheat on this Jasmine style denim style. It’s simple! Just wear a short-sleeved T-shirt and a denim overalls jumpsuit. Complete it with a pair of black military boots that are dashing and cool.

4. Asymmetrical dress

Aesthetic OOTD in Melati’s garden, looks cute in a one-piece asymmetrical dress with spaghetti straps in ivory color.

5. Floral dress

Posing on the side of the road, Melati looked cool by combining a long asymmetrical dress with floral and polka-dot motifs in a combination of black, white and red with a deep V-neck cutting with black military boots.

Portrait of Sexy Presenter Emma Jones

Portrait of Sexy Presenter Emma Jones

Portrait of Sexy Presenter Emma Jones – The figure of Emma Jones became a byword during the 2020 European Cup, especially among England fans. Emma Jones is a sexy presenter who always accompanies live broadcasts on TV every time England competes.

The charm of the beautiful presenter from Wales became a magnet in itself on the glass screen. Moreover, Emma Jones also has extensive knowledge about football, no wonder he makes men crazy.

Not to mention, Emma Jones often shares her beautiful and sexy portraits on Instagram that makes the hearts of British fans beat fast. Therefore, his figure is certainly very much awaited to guide the England vs Denmark Euro 2020 Semifinals.

What does he look like? Here’s Emma Jones, a sexy presenter for British fans quoted from her personal Instagram account @eljonesuk.

Wear the England jersey

First there is a portrait of Emma Jones wearing the England national team jersey, which is her idol. Her beautiful portrait looks sexy with a tight jersey that wraps her body.

Great body

Not only a beautiful face, the blonde presenter also has a fantastic and sexy body. Just look at the portrait wearing a white tanktop and sporty leggings, really body goals!

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Looking simple with a tight tank top, Emma Jones still looks sexy and seductive. Beautiful face with flowing blonde hair makes her look even hotter!

Standing in the stadium

As a sports presenter, Emma Jones has also immortalized her portrait in the stadium. In this photo, Emma Jones’s simple appearance looks like a sexy fashion in a beige tight t-shirt. She combined it with a knee-length black pencil skirt. Her smile is so beautiful!


Lastly, there is a portrait of Emma Jones spending her free time in a restaurant. He was wearing a blue short-sleeved T-shirt. T-shirts with low cleavage make Emma Jones’ simple appearance seem sexy.

Take a Peek at Jesslyn's Friendly Appearance

Take a Peek at Jesslyn’s Friendly Appearance

Take a peek at Jesslyn’s Friendly Appearance – MasterChef Indonesia Season 8 (MCI 8) cooking competition has entered the top 8. The reason is, there are two people who have to leave the MasterChef Indonesia gallery, namely Thea and Laode.

One of the survivors was Jesselyn Lauwreen or known as Jesslyn. His figure is now an idol for MasterChef Indonesia fans.

His calm, neutral nature and looks innocent and has a beautiful face makes the citizens feel more at home to see him. In addition, her sweet wide smile exudes a positive and cool aura about her.

Launching his personal Instagram, this is how Jesselyn looks when she is not in the MasterChef gallery.

Cooking school

Obviously, this 21-year-old woman is smart and good at cooking. That’s because he took a culinary high school and graduated at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School.

In addition, he has several businesses engaged in the food and beverage sector such as cookies, Medan restaurants, food packages with the PO system.

Love traveling

The top 10 contestants for MasterChef Indonesia Season 8 apparently love traveling. Seen in his various social media uploads, he shares exciting moments of holiday activities abroad.

OOTD in action

Not only good at cooking, apparently he is also good at adjusting OOTD fashion outfits for daily activities. Wearing casual outfits makes her sweet aura shine even more in her.

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Animal Lover

Apparently he is also an animal lover. He often shares uploads with his small and cute pet dog. Already good at cooking, sweet, beautiful, also animal lover, sure you’re not interested?

Sweet smile

His character traits both on social media and in the MasterChef contest have always been matched by many hardline MCI 8 netizens.

His gentle, calm, neutral character is what makes him attractive. Don’t forget his smile radiates a positive and calm aura.

Exclusive Collection of Knitted Clothing from Noir Sur Blanc

Exclusive Collection of Knitted Clothing from Noir Sur Blanc

Exclusive Collection of Knitted Clothing from Noir Sur Blanc – Knitted clothing is as popular as knitting activities that are popular in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. No one knows for sure the history and origins of the knitting technique and making it a clothing material.

One of the articles on the Indonesian Creative Crafts Community website on March 20, 2021 stated that one of the clues led to Egypt; where in 1000 AD a pair of cotton socks with a knitted motif were found. After the discovery, some circles; and researchers believe the knitting technique that has developed to date comes from the Middle East.

Many suspect, this technique survives, develops, and is in demand by many people today because of its advantages. Can process into various designs, worn in many occasions, and comfortable for various ages and circles.

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The Designer

A person who really likes knitting, fashion designer Dwi Iskandar, who works from Bali, thinks that one of the advantages of knitted materials is that they can be processed as desired.

“It depends on the use, but it tends to be more casual when worn. I like colorful (knitted clothes), of course the shape is not market. Knit materials can made according to the wishes; both in terms of motifs and colors,” said Dwi Iskandar to MNC Portal , Sunday (4/7/2021).

One of the world’s leading brands that focuses on developing knitted clothing, Noir Sur Blanc; specializes in knitwear or knitwear with simple, relaxed designs, and no doubt stays in fashion.

The wool used for Noir Sur Blanc products comes from the finest wool which is comfortable and warm; not hot and sultry. No less important is that the knitted fabric produced by Noir Sur Blanc is not easily stretched and damaged, because apart from being made from the best materials, the knitting process is carried out carefully with an authentic machine so as to produce neat knitwear.

BTS Meal Packaging Assembled into Trendy Shoes

BTS Meal Packaging Assembled into Trendy Shoes

BTS Meal Packaging Assembled into Trendy Shoes – The BTS Meal had indeed become a hype some time ago, enthusiasm was seen from the long queues at a number of McDonalds outlets when the BTS Meal was first sold. This queue even had time to cause congestion and crowds and had to be closed temporarily to avoid transmission of the Corona virus.

BTS Meal has also become a very selling content on many social media platforms. The public up to the Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir uploaded the success of getting the BTS Meal in the midst of intense competition to get the product.

Well, Singaporean artist Josiah Chua takes this content to a higher level, he also makes unique and trendy shoes. Singaporean fashion designer Josiah Chua uses BTS packaging to decorate his pair of sneakers.

Starting from cardboard boxes for nuggets, sauce packaging, to soda glasses, all the packaging from the BTS and McDonald‘s boyband collaboration menu he used for the details of this shoe.

Launching from hypebae, these shoes utilize soles from the Nike Air Max Plus TN. Meanwhile, the top uses a panel from a McNugget box and a drink carton.

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The Pockets

Chua also pinned details such as pockets to store nuggets at the ankle. Not to forget also the decorations from the packaging of cajun sauce and chili sauce adorn the shoelaces.

It is not yet know how much he will charge for the BTS meal shoe collection. Chua has not announced whether the work will be for sale. But for those who want to see his BTS Meal shoes, you can see his personal Instagram @josiahchua.

As is known, the BTS Meals packaging; which is a collaboration product of BTS X McDonald is the target of the Army. These packages are even being trade on e-commerce at unreasonable prices.

Nia Ramadhani Golf Style

Nia Ramadhani Golf Style

Nia Ramadhani Golf Style – Nia Ramadhani (RA) was officially named a suspect by the police team for the use of methamphetamine. Urine tests stated that the celebrity was positive for methamphetamine or methamphetamine.

Even though he has been named a suspect, the police did not show the figure of Nia Ramadhani in front of fellow journalists, because he was undergoing a follow-up examination, namely a hair test.

Ardi Bakrie was also named a suspect because based on a urine test he was found to be positive for methamphetamine. Both are still at the Central Jakarta Police.

Before this sad incident happened, Nia’s daily life on social media was dominated by golf. He looks quite active doing the jetset sports.

Several times also seen Ardi accompanying his wife to play golf. The two of them looked very romantic when they were on the green field.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize the fun moments of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie playing golf. Nia’s beauty is really hard to deny. Do not believe?

1. Wear a pink polo skirt-mini dress

In this photo, Nia Ramadhani looks very beautiful wearing a golf outfit in the form of a sweet pink polo skirt-mini dress. You can see her white skirt under the dress.

It’s incomplete if you don’t add gloves and sneakers. He let his hair loose and his head was not decorated with a beautiful expensive hat. Even though it looks simple, it’s very charming, yes.

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2. Beautiful photo with husband

In this second photo, Nia looks very young. She wore a black top with a low v-neck and crop top. His stomach muscles make a lot of salfok!

Unlike before, here she is wearing trousers with an additional black skirt as a sweetener for her style. Sunglasses and white gloves make it all perfect.

Ardi himself looks casual wearing a contemporary shirt combined with shorts. White sneakers that are compact with his wife make his fashion style so attractive.

3. The real boss!

Well, here, Nia Ramadhani looks cooler by leaning her body against the golf caddy car. She wore an emerald green top with the chest parted slightly wide.

She paired it with a short white skirt and matching sneakers. Nia’s appearance here honestly seems more formal than before, you know. But, still beautiful as always!

Prilly Latuconsina is Getting More Beautiful

Prilly Latuconsina is Getting More Beautiful

Prilly Latuconsina is Getting More Beautiful – Prilly Latuconsina’s mother suddenly went viral because her daughter uploaded her old school photo to her personal Instagram account while giving her a happy birthday wish.

Prilly Latuconsina’s Mom

In response to this, many fellow artists and netizens said that Prilly’s mom was very look alike to her. Let’s take a look at some of Prilly Latuconsina’s fashion portraits below.

Narcissism in front of the house

Like her mother who likes to wear shirts and make them as outer, Prilly also does the same thing. However, if her mother combines the shirt with white inner, Prilly combines it with a gray crop top or bra top.

Not only that, Prilly also combined the top with baby blue jeans. Finally, he also brought a gray tote bag as an accessory.

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Both have black hair

Parents are not far from their children! Mama Prilly is known for her black hair. Likewise with his beautiful daughter. The difference is, the mother has a more wavy hair texture, while Prilly has a straight hair texture.

Wear sleeveless shirts

When uploading her mother’s photo to social media, there is one portrait where her mother is wearing a sleeveless green outfit. Likewise with Prilly, she also did the same thing!

The difference is, Prilly chose to wear a striped sleeveless top combined with black pants. She is also seen wearing bracelets as accessories and a ponytail hairdo to give a fresh impression.

Boyish in T-shirts

Apparently, Prilly who likes to wear casual clothes is similar to her mother’s habit! If her mother had ever posed with a boyish appearance because of her red T-shirt, now Prilly chose to wear a black T-shirt.

He combined the T-shirt with high-waisted jeans and black sandals. He also brought a blue sling bag and wore sunglasses to complete his appearance.

Ramadhinisari's Fashionable Appearance

Ramadhinisari’s Fashionable Appearance

Ramadhinisari’s Fashionable Appearance – The name of a beautiful MC, Ramadhinisari has been busy on social media timelines lately. Although, the case that happened to him is quite unique and rarely found.

Ramadhinisari became a byword, allegedly because of the video content on his TikTok account, which discussed the socialite-style socialite-style socialite-style popcorn for socialites.

Well, apart from the viral content that catapulted his name among netizens. In addition to being beautiful, Ramadhinisari also has an okay style of dress! Gathering Ramadhinisari’s Instagram account, let’s take a peek at the following four fashionable OOTD portraits of Ramadhinisari.

Feminine style

Present at the wedding party as one of the bridemaids, Ramadhinisari was beautiful in an asymmetrical dress in a sweet and soft pink peach color with a cape see-through decorated with floral embroidery.

Sexy with crop top

Vacation to Flores, NTT at the end of 2020 at that time Ramadhinisari chose a sexy fashion style OOTD, looked fashionable with a mix and match long-sleeved glossy crop top in sunset orange color with high-waisted denim pants in navy blue and a beach hat.

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Stylish with a beret

On a trip to Universal Studios while in Japan, this MC who is also good at singing is dressed-up to the maximum to look fashionable. Monochrome style in black and white through a wool jacket with a black and white checkered pattern, a gray turtleneck inner shirt with a black pleated skirt. As an accessory, sunglasses and a black beret to make it look more stylish.

Korean style

Lastly when traveling to Japan, Ramadhinisari looks cute and fashionable with a Korean style outfit. Combine a pastel wool jacket with a peach pastel midi skirt with a pair of sneakers. More fashionable with his flagship black beret hat.

Thanks for reading this celebrity fashion article.

Irene's Aerial Charm

Irene’s Aerial Charm

Irene’s Aerial Charm – Beautiful artist Vanessa Angel recently uploaded a 35-second video containing her moment of pole dance practice. Seen in the video, he is not alone but is accompanied by his pole dance teacher, Aerial Irene.

Even though the teacher is standing in the corner, there are netizens who also pay attention to Aerial Irene, you know. Yes, her beautiful face in sexy clothes made netizens turn their attention to her.

MNC Portal also tried to peek at his Instagram account and it turned out that he was indeed very active in the world of pole dance. The photos that he displays on social media are dominated by his actions during pole dance. Even so, there are also several portraits of him no longer playing with the pole.

So, what is the appearance of Aerial Irene, the pole dance teacher, Vanessa Angel?

Super sexy!

In the first photo, we can see together that Aerial does have a well-maintained body. Her inner thigh muscles are very beautifully formed and this is of course thanks to pole dancing which she seems to have been practicing for a long time.

The clothes worn are no less eye-catching. In this photo, Aerial is wearing a super sexy green swimsuit with ruffles accents on the sleeves. The pose is absolutely stunning!

Innocence looks

Different from the previous photo, here Aerial looks right at the camera. His eyes look very innocent with a body pose that is not kidding. Yes, she put her feet up while hugging him.

Here she only wore a kind of white lingerie with brocade accents. The panties don’t seem to give a sensual impression in this photo.

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Sensual pose

Well, this is the lingerie that Aerial wore in the previous photo. Yes, this is a photo in the same situation but in a different pose.

Aerial here looks very sensual with a pose slightly nungging and let his body close to the wall. The look in the eyes and the warm shades of the lights add to the maximum of the photo.

Only wear bra

Different from the previous photo, here Aerial looks very fierce. Her eyes with the game of eyeliner makeup give a very sharp and mysterious impression.

Here too, Aerial’s hair is styled in hanging curls with a disheveled impression that gives a sexy fashion touch. Moreover, she was only wearing a black bra. Photo editing with lighting like this is very successful in capturing the sexy-things of this pole dance teacher.

Ida Royani Remains Stunning in Old Age

Ida Royani Remains Stunning in Old Age

Ida Royani Remains Stunning in Old Age – Ida Royani is one of the senior artists who still looks beautiful. The appearance of co-star Benjamin Sueb is increasingly attractive even though he has reached 68 years.

From the first until now, Ida Royani’s beauty has remained durable. Besides being good at acting, he is also a famous designer.

The following is a series of portraits of Ida Royani’s transformation from the past to the present. Evidence of old artists who are still beautiful and work in their old age, as MNC Portal has summarized.

1. Wear Kebaya

This photo uploaded by the Twitter account @tukangpulas shows Ida Royani’s naturally beautiful youth. Benyamin Sueb’s co-star looks charming when wearing a kebaya, complete with cloth and scarf.

Ida Royani wore a soft gray brocade kebaya, a songket scarf, and a jarik cloth for her skirt. This photo has been modified or re-polished by the owner of the Twitter account, so that it becomes colorful fashion and bright.

“Ida Royani was born in Jakarta March 24, 1953. She started her career as an advertisement star and child singer in the 1960s,” the post reads.

2. Short hair

Furthermore, Ida Royani looked attractive in her time, namely by tying or shortening her curls. She seems to be wearing a patterned long-sleeved blouse and a make-up look that looks more natural.

Even though she appears in a black and white portrait, Ida Royani’s beauty looks natural and attractive.

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3. Green Abaya

Ida Royani still looks fashionable with her style at this age. In this photo, she is wearing a green abaya, combined with a hijab and a black hat.

Then he also added accessories that made his appearance more attractive and eye catching.

4. Sweater coat

Ida Royani seems to really like traveling abroad. One of them in this photo while he was in Scotland.

In this uploaded photo, Ida Royani is wearing a navy beret hat, a brown fur coat and black pants. It’s a very modern style.

The Charm of Sherly Lembono

The Charm of Sherly Lembono

The charm of Sherly Lembono – Some time ago, a young mother from Surabaya named Sherly Lembono shared her happy moment when she sent her Mother’s Milk (ASI) to the Pondok Hayat Orphanage in Surabaya. Apparently the habit of this beautiful woman who was born on October 14, 1994 has been carried out since early 2020. Every month she can give at least 400 pics of breast milk.

As a result, Sherly became famous as an inspirational figure for other mothers who have excess breast milk to donate their milk to children in need. Besides being kind, apparently this young mama has a beautiful face. Summarizing from his personal Instagram account, @sherlylembono, let’s take a peek at his beautiful portrait.

1. Good at cooking

Not only beautiful and kind, the wife of Andean Gamafu Tan is also good at cooking. In one of her uploads, Sherly seems to share a butter onion shrimp recipe. Wearing white clothes, he showed his homemade shrimp dish with a smile.

2. New Year’s photo with small family

Sherly had time to share a portrait of her little family celebrating New Year’s 2021. On that occasion, she posed in a long pastel dress, along with her son, Jason Miles Gamafu. While the husband looked dashing in a long-sleeved batik shirt and black trousers.

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3. A young mother who loves children

Even though she is still young, Sherly’s motherly attitude is clearly visible. In one upload, Sherly is seen taking pictures with her baby against the background of trees. Both of them seemed to be smiling when they were photographed.

4. Likes to exercise

It turns out that Sherly Lembono’s beautiful recipe and has a beautiful body is her habit of exercising. In one of his uploads, he appears to be exercising while wearing black corset leggings.

5. Posing like a model during a photoshoot

Sherly apparently has a hobby of doing fashion photoshoots. In another upload, she is seen taking a photo while wearing a long white dress against the background of a vast expanse of sand and towering evidence.

Dj Katty Butterfly Is Full of Charm

Dj Katty Butterfly Is Full of Charm

DJ Katty Butterfly is full of charm – DJ Katty Butterfly can’t seem to get away from her sexy and seductive image. In fact, the woman from Thailand is no longer actively DJing, which is attached to the image of a sexy fashion style.

Through her social media account, DJ Katty Butterfly seems to be actively showing off her sexy everyday OOTD style suit. No wonder this mother of one child is often dubbed by netizens as Hot Mama.

No need to linger, here are five more sexy styles of DJ Butterfly, summarized from the Instagram account @dj_kattybutterfly36, Saturday (3/7/2021):

1. Tanktop

OOTD pose by the roadside. DJ Butterfly was confident in a sexy top, a light gray spaghetti strap tanktop which she teamed with navy blue skinny jeans and a pair of strapped high-heeled sandals.

2. Lingerie

A relaxed pose in the front yard of the house, here this woman who was born in Thailand 32 years ago looks sexy in a lingerie fashion top decorated with eggplant purple lace with a deep V-neck cutting.

3. Backless

Outfit of the day Katty this time, simple and sexy cut. Combining a black long-sleeved tight shirt with a backless cutting, which shows the back. Then as a subordinate, this young mama looks wearing high-waisted jeans.

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4. V-neck dress

Relaxing on the beach, as a casual outfit this time; this former lover of artist Aiman ​​Ricky chose a pink slevelless dress with a deep V-neck cut; which some netizens considered a sexy piece of clothing.

5. Bathrobe

Not deliberately appearing openly, Katty’s sexy moment was right when she appeared only wearing a bathrobe or bathrobe because she wanted to do a traditional spa treatment. Wearing a bathrobe, Katty did not forget to pose first; by deliberately revealing a little part of the collar of the bathrobe she was wearing.