Arya Saloka’s Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals

Arya Saloka played the role of Aldebaran in the soap opera Bond of Love which seemed to have an impact on his partner. Yes, the wife of Aarya Saloka Putri Anne, is now getting attention from netizens. Arya Saloka’s Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals.

Princess Anne’s appearance has also been in the spotlight of netizens, starting from her style when she was with Arya Saloka, to when she went to a shopping center. Not infrequently, netizens also seem to want what year the price of the clothes worn by Princess Anne.


The Tukang Ojek Pengkolan (TOP) actress has a casual style with a shirt and jeans. This casual style is combined with a pair of Louis Vuitton sandals. The price for a pair of sandals is apparently up to IDR 12.3 million.

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Arya Saloka's Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals
Arya Saloka’s Wife Wear Louis Vuitton Sandals

This 30-year-old woman looks casual with a combination of a hoodie, trousers, ciput and a pair of sandals in blue and black shades. Arya Saloka’s wife also appears to be wearing a well-known brand bag which is known to cost tens of millions.

Starting from the Fendi brand hoodie, the price is known to reach Rp. 13.2 million. Then, the bag she wore was YSL’s Medium Niki Shoulder Bag for Rp.48.9 million. Then, a pair of shoes also comes from a luxury brand, namely Louis Vuitton, for Rp. 12.4 million. In total, the price of Princess Anne’s outfit reaches IDR 74.5 million. Wow!