Arya Saloka Hat Collection

Arya Saloka hat collection is enormous and the price is ranging from tens of thousands to rp6 million! Hats are one of Arya Saloka’s mainstay accessories in daily appearance. The main opponent of Amanda Manopo in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta looks cute with a hat on his head.

Arya Saloka itself has several collections of hats with various brands and prices. There are hats at low prices to super luxurious.

Summarizing the Instagram account, @fashion_aryasaloka, here are four collections of Arya Saloka hats from branded to super cheap.

1. Kenzo

This plain black hat with the image of a white tiger worn by Arya when she was carrying her son is one of the hats produced by the world famous brand, Kenzo, the Tiger Cap Black, which is priced at USD 125 or approximately Rp. 1.8 million.


For a baseball cap model, Arya once wore a baseball hat designed by a luxury Italian fashion house, GUCCI, Original GG canvas baseball hat, black with a GUCCI logo motif with red and green stripe accents. Price? Dibanderol USD400 or approximately Rp6 million per piece.

3. Bucket hat

Apart from baseball caps, Arya also collects other hats. For example, a bucket hat that can be reversed with this motif. Reversible Chess Bucket Hat, from ELFS which is very affordable, only IDR 40,000! with that price even regular folks can afford it very nice. Now everyone get to look like Arya Saloka i guess.

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4. NY hat

The black hat with a simple but cool New York Yankees logo emblem that Arya is wearing is the New York Yankees Mini Font Black, a product of the famous sports fashion brand, New Era. Price? Rp.599.000, very cheap for the size of an artist as famous as Arya Saloka.

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