Artists Wearing Black Kebayas

The charming style of artists wearing black kebayas, from Yuni Shara to Ariel Tatum. Kebaya has been known as formal wear, such as invitations or state events. Kebaya itself can emit a beautiful and charming aura for its users.

In addition, the selection of the right fashion style also makes the kebaya suitable for use in various other formal events besides invitations. Then what is certain, make the wearer look very on point with the right mix and match.

In order to find inspiration for a mix and match of kebaya, the following MNC Portal presents the charming style of Indonesian celebrities using black kebaya. Let’s look at the review.

1. Yuni Shara

Yuni Shara prove that the kebaya is not only suitable to be wear at an invitation, but can also be use on various occasions.

Wearing a black kebaya combined with a Balinese sarong fashion motif while singing, she looks very beautiful and charming with a simple bun and gold floral motif accessories.

2. Krisdayanti

There is also the inspiration for the black kebaya from Yuni Shara’s sister, Krisdayanti. The musician, who recently collaborated with his daughter, Aurel Hermansyah, in the single ‘This is Indonesia’ looks beautiful wearing a black kebaya.

Her style when wearing a black kebaya looks very charming. A beautiful aura clearly radiated on the face of the 1990s Indonesian pop diva with her bun hair and additional lavender flower accessories on her ears.

The selection of gold earrings makes her appearance even more matched with a black kebaya; which has accessories such as matching pins.

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3. Enzy Storia

A touch of modern nuance in the mix and match of kebaya is also displayed by artist and presenter Enzy Storia.

Wearing a new flea-style black kebaya that has black; and red floral motifs embroidered combined with a brown skirt, her appearance looks classy.

The choice of gold-colored heels with hair tied in a modern bun made Enzy look very on point and charming.

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