Amanda Manopo’s Beautiful Transformation

Amanda Manopo’s Beautiful Transformation – Amanda Manopo is now increasingly known to the Indonesian public. This is thanks to his brilliant performance in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Manda is increasingly shining in the world of entertainment.

In fact, Amanda Manopo’s career has been going on for a long time. Since he was young, this former lover of Billy Syahputra has been good at acting.

In fact, the transformation of Amanda Manopo’s appearance is even more visible. At first she had a plain face, now she looks stunningly beautiful and elegant.

Well, here is a portrait of Amanda Manopo’s even more beautiful transformation, as summarized from her Instagram account upload @amandamanopo.

1. When I was a teenager

In this uploaded photo, Amanda Manopo is still in her teens. She also looks beautiful and attractive from a young age.

Manda looks cute with the appearance of long hair with bangs, white skin, and chubby cheeks. The makeup she wore was very natural, according to her age at that time.

2. Look flawless

Next, Manda chose flawless makeup, combined with long hair, and a white mini dress with floral motifs. He seemed to be in one of the rooms. While smiling sweetly and stylishly, his appearance looks charming.

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3. Look natural

In this photo, Manda looks natural without makeup and looks simple in her black tank top. In addition, her beautiful hair is tied to the top, and her thin bangs are slightly outlined.

Despite appearing without makeup and wearing simple clothes, Manda still looks naturally beautiful. Moreover, plus stylish fashion with a sweet smile.

“Smiles are contagious. One smile can make several people smile,” the caption reads.

4. Long hair

Currently, Manda is known for her short hair as her trademark. It turns out that Manda used to have long hair, like in this photo.

Manda looks beautiful with long, dyed hair and slightly curly hair. Then combine it with a baby blue knit T-shirt.