Styles of Medina Zein

Styles of Medina Zein

Take a peek at styles of Medina Zein with a bag for a total of IDR 300 million! Medina Zein is a businessman and hijaber whose name is now in the public spotlight. Especially after the news that Rachel Vennya had collected a debt from him some time ago.

Previously, the figure of Medina herself was known to often wear luxury bags like Hermes and Dior. No doubt, one of the prices of Medina’s own luxury fashion bag reached Rp 380 million, namely the bag she bought from the celebrity Rachel Vennya. The latest news, Medina Zein has paid the payment.

For this reason, the following is MNC Portal Indonesia information on 3 styles of Medina Zein wearing a luxury bag, summarized from the Instagram account @fashion_medinazein, Sunday (29/9/2021).

1. Hermes Bag – IDR 228 Million

The first portrait is a camel gold Hermes bag. Medina herself was seen capturing the moment wearing this bag. Then, this handbag spent quite a fantastic amount of USD 17,600 or around IDR 228 million.

2. Dior Bag – Rp39 Million

The next portrait is the Dior bag that Medina is wearing with the bright red base color. The shoulder bag type spent up to Rp. 39 million. Such a ridicilous amount for normal people but for celebrity this amount to nothing.

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3. Gucci Bags – Rp33 Million

The woman who often mentions the word ‘Gucci gangs’ on her social media has also been caught wearing a Gucci branded bag which is a black shoulder bag type with a sweet ribbon accessory on the side of the bag. It is known, the price of his bag reached Rp. 33 million rupiah. In total, the 3 Medina Zein luxury bag collections reach Rp. 300 million! A very fantastic amount is not it, indeed this socialite is very rich.

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Artists Wearing Black Kebayas

Artists Wearing Black Kebayas

The charming style of artists wearing black kebayas, from Yuni Shara to Ariel Tatum. Kebaya has been known as formal wear, such as invitations or state events. Kebaya itself can emit a beautiful and charming aura for its users.

In addition, the selection of the right fashion style also makes the kebaya suitable for use in various other formal events besides invitations. Then what is certain, make the wearer look very on point with the right mix and match.

In order to find inspiration for a mix and match of kebaya, the following MNC Portal presents the charming style of Indonesian celebrities using black kebaya. Let’s look at the review.

1. Yuni Shara

Yuni Shara prove that the kebaya is not only suitable to be wear at an invitation, but can also be use on various occasions.

Wearing a black kebaya combined with a Balinese sarong fashion motif while singing, she looks very beautiful and charming with a simple bun and gold floral motif accessories.

2. Krisdayanti

There is also the inspiration for the black kebaya from Yuni Shara’s sister, Krisdayanti. The musician, who recently collaborated with his daughter, Aurel Hermansyah, in the single ‘This is Indonesia’ looks beautiful wearing a black kebaya.

Her style when wearing a black kebaya looks very charming. A beautiful aura clearly radiated on the face of the 1990s Indonesian pop diva with her bun hair and additional lavender flower accessories on her ears.

The selection of gold earrings makes her appearance even more matched with a black kebaya; which has accessories such as matching pins.

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3. Enzy Storia

A touch of modern nuance in the mix and match of kebaya is also displayed by artist and presenter Enzy Storia.

Wearing a new flea-style black kebaya that has black; and red floral motifs embroidered combined with a brown skirt, her appearance looks classy.

The choice of gold-colored heels with hair tied in a modern bun made Enzy look very on point and charming.

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Renatta Moeloek Style

Renatta Moeloek Style

Renatta Moeloek style in the Indonesian masterchef gallery, simple and elegant! Chef Renatta Moeloek, the judge of MasterChef Indonesia always attracts attention when cooking. In addition, the appearance of the beautiful chef was also in the spotlight.

Although a celebrity chef, Renatta Moeloek’s outfit looks simple and minimalist. However, when he became a judge for MasterChef Indonesia with Arnold Poernomo and Juna Rorimpandey, Renatta Moeloek seemed to be the main attraction.

Here’s chef Renatta Moeloek’s style, while in the MasterChef Indonesia gallery.

Denim Jacket and Black T-shirt

Chef Renatta is on the podium of the MasterChef Indonesia gallery. He looked casual fashion by combining a denim jacket, T-shirt, stretch pants and black oxford loafers. Her fashion appearance looks simple, but still shows the beauty of Renatta.

“Stopping the podium again,” he said.

Semi kimono blouse

Next, chef Renatta wore a blouse of all kimono, jeans, booth and a natural makeup look. Chef Renatta is standing in the middle of the podium of the MasterChef Indonesia gallery, holding a glass with a flat expression.

Black Outfit

Then chef Renatta wore a black outfit, in line with the other two jury chefs, Chef Arnold and Chef Juna. Chef Renatta Moeloek wore a black blazer set, with strap details that slid from the shoulders, and combined it with boots.

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Photo with all three judges and top 3

Chef Renatta Moeloek, chef Arnold, chef Juna, Nadya, Jesselyn and Lord Adi took a group photo. In this photo, chef Renatta looks elegant because he is wearing a black dress, also matching the other two judges.

They look friendly and cheerful, because MasterChef Indonesia season 8 is full of color because each contestant has its own character.

Black Outfit and White Sneaker

This time, chef Renatta, chef Juna and chef Arnold wore black outfits combined with white sneakers. In his photo upload, Chef Renatta looks more feminine because he is wearing black dresses, with a little slit at the edges.

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Muthe JKT48 Beautiful Portrait

Muthe JKT48 Beautiful Portrait

Muthe JKT48 beautiful portrait called k-pop idol momo twice! For lovers of Idol K-Pop, surely you are no stranger to the JYP Entertainment girl group named TWICE. Moreover, playing their dancer, Hirao Momo is often in the public spotlight.

The woman who is familiarly called TWICE’s Momo often steals attention because of her energetic dancing talent. However, who would have thought that one of the Indonesian idol groups, JKT48, has a member who is said to be a twin of TWICE’s Momo, namely Muthe JKT48.

The JKT48 member whose real name is Mutiara Azzahra Umandana is said to have a facial expression similar to Momo. Citing his personal Instagram account @jkt48.muthe_ on Wednesday (25/8/2021), here are the five portraits.


I don’t know what Muthe is thinking, but in this portrait he poses with one hand on his chin as if he was daydreaming.

Even though he was daydreaming, Muthe’s face still looked beautiful. She wore natural makeup with a pink blush and also a shade of lip gloss one shade darker.

Innocent face

The innocent face pose in Muthe’s portrait this time makes her look even cuter. She looks beautiful with natural makeup with a matte finish combined with sharp wing eyeliner.

Not only that, she also wore a patterned dress with a beautiful red color. The dress with the Sabrina model is very suitable for her to wear when her hair is in a ponytail like in the photo.

Adults in off-shoulder clothes

Muthe’s off-shoulder dress this time managed to make her fashion appearance look more mature. This beautiful dress has a combination of green and white.

To balance her outfit, Muthe also wore flawless makeup with thick eyebrow frames and matte lips. The pearl necklace she wears also supports her more mature look.

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Cute with Korean bangs

While posing on a beautiful park bench, Muthe also tried to take the time to take selfies. As a result, she looks cute with her Korean-style front bangs.

In addition, her cute face was also made up with natural makeup with a matte finish. Her sweet smile that was thrown into the camera successfully made her look even cuter.

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Jesselyn Fashionable Style

Jesselyn Fashionable Style

Grand final masterchef Indonesia, take a peek at Jesselyn fashionable style. The Grand Final of MasterChef Indonesia season 8 brought together Jesselyn and Nadya Putri. They will compete with cooking skills to become The Next MasterChef Indonesia.

Besides being a good cook, Jesselyn MasterChef Indonesia also has a fashionable style, you know. Her white skin and slim body make her suitable for wearing any clothes.

Quoted from his Instagram account @jesselyn.mci8, this is Jesselyn’s fashion able style both in the MasterChef Indonesia gallery and when traveling.

Bringing the Best Dishes

In this photo, Jesselyn is in the MasterChef Indonesia gallery. He wore a gray short-sleeved T-shirt, glasses, and an apron with his name on it.

With a sweet smile, Jesselyn brought a dish that was presented to the chef jury to be judged. “Gallery today,” Jesselyn wrote in his upload.

Oversized Sweaters

Next, Jesselyn wore a yellow oversized sweater, mini backpack, and nude sneakers. He seems to be posing in the middle of an urban street.

Jesselyn also wears natural makeup, her beautiful hair is left loose. This appearance is very simple, and is suitable for traveling outfits.

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Horse riding

In this photo, Jesselyn is seen riding a horse on one of the beaches. She also wore a dress that made her look even more beautiful. The makeup look that Jesselyn chose also looks natural. Moreover, he let his long hair loose just like that.

Wear Hanbok

Jesselyn looks elegant while wearing a hanbok, a traditional South Korean dress. The hanbok that she chose combines peach and white off colors.

In this photo, Jesselyn is wearing a hanbok at Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is a palace area as well as historical tourism in South Korea.

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Tiara Andini Portrait

Tiara Andini Portrait

Tiara Andini portrait is beautiful in simplicity, not interested in buying branded goods! Tiara Andini has recently been widely discussed in cyberspace. The graduate of the Indonesian Idol 2019-2020 talent search event revealed that he was not yet interested in buying branded goods at exorbitant prices.

The 19-year-old singer revealed that there was no interest in buying branded goods. He said this when he was a guest star on Anang Hermansyah’s podcast.

“This is the effect that I don’t get along well with brands like that or my age, that could also be a factor. Because I still haven’t thought about things like having to wear expensive bags, having to wear expensive shoes, that’s normal,” Tiara said on the Asix Chat YouTube podcast.

The following is a portrait of Tiara Andini’s natural and simple style which is summarized from her personal Instagram @tiaraandini on Monday (23/8/2021).

Natural beauty with black overalls

Tiara Andini’s appearance in this portrait looks simple. However, her modesty did not detract from her beauty at all. She actually looks naturally beautiful without wearing excessive makeup or accessories.

It’s enough to combine overalls with a white shirt, Tiara Andini already looks beautiful. Plus, her long hair was left down to make it look more feminine. Not to forget, he also wore a watch as an accessory.

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Pinky girl

Posing in the yard, Tiara Andini looks feminine in a pink dress. She also combines her clothes with a flawless makeup style with pink lips.

To make it look more feminine, Tiara Andini also let her long hair down. Not to forget, she also brought a sling bag and wore a bracelet to complete her fashion appearance.

Cute in nude dress

Tiara Andini’s appearance this time made her look even cuter in a nude dress. The dress, which was equipped with a belt, succeeded in making Tiara look even cuter.

In addition, her long hair was left loose and formed a natural wave at the bottom. Tiara’s dewy makeup style also makes her appearance even more perfect.

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Indonesian Fashion Brands

Indonesian Fashion Brands

Indonesian fashion brands are ready to show off at New York Fashion Week 2022. The quality of local fashion brands created by the nation’s children is increasing and increasingly able to penetrate the global market.

One example can be seen from the good news brought by the local fashion product line Erigo. The local fashion brand will show off at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Spring/Summer 2022 September.

Erigo’s moment of breaking into New York fashion week coincided with the 10 year anniversary of the presence of this clothing brand that is loved by many young people.

Appearing on the New York Fashion Week The Show stage in collaboration with well-known e-commerce, Muhammad Sadad, CEO and Founder reveal that on the NYFW runway stage later, he will display around 60 total looks of daily wear, active and formal wear, one of which is from the exclusive line. , ERIGO X which is specially design to perform in New York.

“The show takes about 20 minutes, later there will be 60 gender neutral looks; collections that can be wear by men or women as well as plus sizes. This year, it is know as a “market” product; so at NYFW we present something exclusive, bolder and more different,” said Sadad, in a virtual press conference, Monday (23/8/2021).

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Debuting in a fashion week as big as New York Fashion Week; Sadad admit that all preparations for the show had been compress since last May.

“Preparations have been going on since March this year, actually; but because PPKM was block, I was also positive for Covid-19, then there was Lebaran. So, pushing it since the end of May, we’ve really condense it,” he added.

For the color game, the collection on the NYFW runway will be present with classic colors; that are young at heart. “Elements of color palette, neonic such as orange tiger, black beauty, lemon chrome, teal blue, raspberry, and lime green. The theme is fashion meets function, which is definitely not uncommon,” conclude Sadad.

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Charm of Naura Ayu

Charm of Naura Ayu

Portrait of the charm of Naura Ayu, the eldest Nola B3 in ethnic cloth. In addition to singing talent, Naura Ayu also has a charming beautiful face. Plus, the daughter of singer Nola B3 is also fashionable!

On many occasions, this young singer looks charming in a traditional Indonesian ethnic cloth that can’t be doubted. Curious what the portrait of Naura Ayu looks like in ethnic clothes?

Here, Okezone summarizes the beautiful portrait of Naura Ayu in ethnic cloth from her personal Instagram account, @naura.ayu, Monday (

So curious right? Gathering Naura Ayu’s Instagram account, Thursday (19/8/2021) let’s take a peek at the charm of Naura wrapped in ethnic cloth below.

1. Ethnic pants

Appearing at an event that promotes tourism and local creative creations, Naura looks cool in an ethnic dress with a modified azure biur color by famous designer Priyo Oktaviano. A long sleeved dress as a top combined with straight pants with a woven motif. Modern, young and cool with ethnic fabrics.

2. Batik wrapped cloth

Balinese dance practice for the first time, here, Naura performed optimally by wearing traditional clothing, a golden yellow Balinese kebaya combined with a waxy skirt with a blackish brown Batik motif as a bottom. Don’t forget to tie a white scarf around the waist as an obi.

3. Batik Camp

Celebrating the moment of Indonesia’s 76th independence day this year, a few days ago Naura uploaded a portrait of herself looking so elegant and beautiful in her Batik fashion motif knitted skirt and Batik motif cloth wrapped skirt. Make Naura look like a young and modern Kartini portrait.

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4. Balinese Kebaya

The Balinese kebaya suit seems to be one of Naura’s favorite traditional clothes. In addition to the golden yellow kebaya, Naura has also uploaded a beautiful portrait of herself appearing in a turquoise Balinese kebaya and a blackish brown batik motif cloth wrapped skirt.

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Lesti Billar Wedding Bridesmaid

Lesti Billar Wedding Bridesmaid

The beautiful portrait of the Lesti Billar wedding bridesmaid , from Syifa Hadju to Margin Winaya! The wedding of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar which was held in the middle of PPKM Level 4 was highlighted by netizens. It’s not only about how the newlyweds look, but also the clear bridesmaids.

Peeked from social media, there is the name Syifa Hadju in the row of bridesmaids at the wedding of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar. Not only him, there are also Margin Winaya, Shania Indriani, and Aliya Alhabsyi.

These four women looked beautiful in similar outfits, namely a modern fashion purple nude kebaya with beautiful beaded details. Then, for the skirt, use batik cloth with tight styling.

There is no different styling between the four beauties, they are all the same. It’s just that, at the margins, the abdominal area is made looser because of the middle of the two bodies.

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The Elegance

Syifa Hadju herself looks beautiful with a simple but elegant hair styling. This can be created because the wavy side-bang game is left to unravel. The back hair is in a modern bun to complete the whole.

The fashion detail on the neck to the chest looks different from the others. Yes, one of them is because both bridesmaids wear hijabs and Margin adds a kind of puring and accents with beautiful stones in the neck area.

If it’s Syifa, she leaves her chest open without any material blocking it. The circle-neck that Syifa chose made her look more level and because there was no necklace there, she looked even taller.

So, out of these four bridesmaids, who is your hero? Is it Syifa Hadju or the other three women?

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BLACKPINK Jisoo Beauty

BLACKPINK Jisoo Beauty

BLACKPINK Jisoo Beauty Who Made Her Acting Debut in Drakor Snowdrop. After a long wait, finally BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will make her acting debut in the Korean drama Snowdrop. The teaser poster for the Drakor that Jisoo stars with the famous actor Jung Hae In has also been released to the public.

This made his fans even more impatient to see the appearance and acting ability of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo in the drama Snowdrop. Now, while waiting for Jisoo’s action at Snowdrop, it never hurts to go back and see the amazing charm of the singer of the hits of Boombayah and How You Like That.

Summarizing Jisoo’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (19/8/2021), let’s take a peek at Jisoo’s five beautiful portraits below.

1. Like a princess

Take a fashion photo on a vintage bed with classic bedroom decor like in a fairy tale. Jisoo in a white vintage dress and long black hair, poses beautifully on the bed surrounded by a bouquet of pink roses. Makes Jisoo just like a royal princess in fairy tale books.

2. Blonde hair

Since her debut, Jisoo has been seen in public with dark hair, either black or dark burgundy brown. But for a different vibe for the song Lovesicks Girls, specifically in the video clip, Jisoo appears with blonde brown hair complete with front bangs.

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3. Glowing on the cover of Vogue

Having a naturally beautiful face, makes Jisoo not dressed up in many different ways; when appearing as a front page cover model aka the cover of Korean Vogue magazine. It’s enough to have a light make-up on her face; and pink mauve lipstick and pastel nail art, Jisoo’s beauty is maximized, isn’t it?

4. Glass skin

Like most other Korean stars who look charming with glass skin, so does this beautiful girl born in 1995. Jisoo’s beautiful face with smooth and glowing glass skin looks flawless even though she’s photograph close up or even from close range.

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Portrait of Kahiyang Ayu

Portrait of Kahiyang Ayu

Portrait of Kahiyang Ayu as the mayor of Medan, beautiful and unpretentious. Kahiyang Ayu’s status is now not only the daughter of President Jokowi. After her husband, Bobby Nasution served as Mayor of Medan, Kahiyang Ayu is now also known as the wife of an official.

No wonder Kahiyang Ayu’s appearance is getting more and more highlighted. Her appearance as the Mayor of Medan looked beautiful and simple during a work visit.

Kahiyang Ayu still looks modest fashion, far from being glamorous as an official’s wife. The following is a portrait of Kahiyang Ayu as the Mayor of Medan, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account @ayanggkahiyang, Thursday (19/8/2021).

1. Eid al-Adha moment

Kahiyang Ayu seems smart in choosing clothes for the last Eid al-Adha. Even though she only wears Muslim clothing with only one color, this does not reduce her beauty with a white dress complete with hijab.

2. Appear during the Medan City Anniversary Celebration

The official moment when commemorating the anniversary of Medan City made Kahiyang Ayu like a princess. She looks charming in traditional Batak clothes. Not to mention the ulos cloth perched on her shoulder, adding to the elegance of this 30-year-old woman. Kahiyang Ayu wears traditional Batak clothes which are dominate by blue. This smiling pose is also show by Bobby Nasution’s wife.

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3. Inauguration of the Hydroponic Green House

As the wife of the Mayor of Medan, Kahiyang Ayu also contributed to supporting her husband’s career. On one occasion, Kahiyang looked elegant in her semi-formal attire during the inauguration of the PKK Hydroponic Green House in Medan, North Sumatra.

Kahiyang Ayu looks at the cultivation of hydroponic plants. Not infrequently he was also chatting with the people present there.

4. Commemoration of National Family Day

In between as a housewife, Kahiyang Ayu often attends work visits with her husband. Kahiyang Ayu was again seen wearing traditional North Sumatran clothes while commemorating National Family Day (harganas).

She looks beautiful in traditional Batak clothes complete with her trademark ulos cloth. This time, Kahiyang Ayu chose red domination in this traditional dress.

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History of Batik

History of Batik

In August 17, 2021 the people of the country are invited to get to know the history of batik. This is one of the historical relics, a symbol of the close relationship between the Chinese and the Javanese.

One of them is written Peranakan batik in Pekalongan, Central Java. But unfortunately the owner of one of the oldest Peranakan fine batiks there, which is famous for being a “perfectionist” maker, estimates that his products can no longer be maintained or will become extinct in the near future.

There is no sign of Oey Soe Tjoen, a batik business that is almost 100 years old, on Jalan Kedungwuni, which is about 30 minutes by car from Pekalongan square. There is only a small white board with the traditional fashion ‘Batik Art’ written on it, so visitors from out of town may have to get lost several times before finding the place.

Although from the outside it looks like any other dwelling, the house behind the typical Chinese brown trellis is a silent witness to the formation of Batik Oey, one of only two fine-grained Peranakan batik businesses that still survive in Pekalongan.

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Among collectors, batik is known as the most refined and most concerned with detail, so it can be sold at prices up to tens or even hundreds of millions of rupiah. But for Widianti Wijaya, the third generation; or maybe the last one, that effort is just waiting for his “last breath”.

Widianti told how they stayed in the business for 20 years; with the figure of the batik makers whom she called her “seniors”; because they taught her to understand the process of making batik from scratch.

One Cloth, Three Years

Widia’s fingers were blue, like the dye she was wearing. He stood holding one side of the cloth. Meanwhile, Kunirah, a 53-year-old batik maker, holds the other side in the batik drying area behind her house.

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Celebrity Wearing Mask

Celebrity Wearing Mask

Portrait of the celebrity wearing mask, inspiring style to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. Celebrating the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic can be done in various ways. One of them took a picture with a red and white mask.

Capturing photos wearing Red and White Masks can be a form of enthusiasm for celebrating Indonesian Independence Day in the midst of a Pandemic. The following artist’s style portrait can be an inspiration to look cool when wearing a red and white mask.

Beautiful Kalalo

This brown-skinned artist really loves his area and his homeland. This is evidenced by the clothes he wears, namely a white T-shirt that reads “I Love Bali” and a red-and-white mask that covers part of his face.

The fashion accessories that Indah wears also exude her beauty as an Indonesian woman. Indah Kalalo was seen wearing a crescent moon necklace and round earrings.

Cinta Laura

While sunbathing by the pool, Cinta also showed her love for the country by wearing a red-and-white mask. The style of sitting on this orange pillow is also really cute.

Cinta looks to mix and match the mask with a white crop top and hot pants that look like leopards. Not to forget, he also wore gray sneakers with white shoelaces.

Yuni Shara

Senior artist Yuni Shara is known as a very Indonesian artist. Like the clothes he is wearing today, he wears traditional Javanese clothing, namely a green kebaya complete with batik cloth and orange cloth which is wrapped around his waist and functions as a belt. He also combined the outfit with a red and white mask. Oh, it’s really beautiful.

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Farah Quinn

In her upload, the woman who was born in Bandung on April 8, 1980, looks stunning in her bright red dress. Farah Quinn’s beauty in this photo really looks real, even though she only wears natural makeup.

Farah also did not forget to pose wearing a red and white mask, to remind the Indonesian people about the importance of wearing a mask in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Next there is the beautiful singer Gisella Anastasia. Gisel uploaded a video to invite Indonesians to always wear masks when doing activities.

In the video, Gisel also wears a red and white mask. She still looks beautiful even though she’s only wearing a white t-shirt, with her hair tied back and natural makeup.

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Anya Geraldine Exercise Style

Anya Geraldine Exercise Style

Anya Geraldine exercise style stay sexy and stylish! Anya Geraldine is known as one of the celebrities who like to exercise. The beautiful celebrity has also recently tried various sports that she has just started.

Diligent sports, no wonder Anya Geraldine has a slim and ideal body. The portrait of her appearance is increasingly stealing the attention with a fashionable fashion style, including when exercising.

The following is Anya Geraldine’s style when exercising, which is summarized from the Instagram account @anyageraldine, Monday (16/8/2021).

1. Cycling

One of the sports that Anya Geraldine does is cycling. He looked cute wearing a black jersey suit. Don’t forget to wear a helmet to protect his head.

2. Fitness

The next sport is fitness. In fact, Anya admits that regular exercise makes her lose weight. “If yesterday was 70kg, now it’s 67kg a week,” wrote Anya Geraldine.

In addition, Anya also shared other tips for losing weight, namely by balancing exercise and eating healthy and right foods.

In terms of style, Anya is definitely cute, she wears a sports bra and purple shorts. Anya poses for a mirror selfie while showing her flat stomach.

3. Riding

Anya Geraldine really does this one sport, which is horse riding. Anya admits that riding is her favorite sport. “Doin my hobby,” wrote Anya Geraldine in her Instagram upload.

Not only that, Anya also looks beautiful and looks sporty while riding a horse. He wore a maroon jacket and gray riding pants. Don’t forget to wear a helmet to protect your head when riding.

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4. Tennis Court

Then, Anya Geraldine also had time to try tennis. Anya looks so beautiful and girly in a mini skirt and wearing a soft pink fashion dress.

5. Golf

Golf is another sport practiced by Anya Geraldine. Anya is very active with various types of sports that she is involved in. Like tennis, golf seemed new to him.

Even so, Anya still looks good and reliable when she holds and swings the golf club. His style is also no less cool wearing a polo shirt combined with white trousers, and a green hat as accessories.

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Contrasting Top Bottom Fashion

Contrasting Top Bottom Fashion

Contrasting top bottom fashion doesn’t look good on short girls. Contrasting top and bottom divide the body in half. Remember the classic base that haunted us not only at school, but also at work? Yes, we are talking about the famous “white top + black bottom”. It’s a pity, then we did not know how much this technique harms our figure. Contrasting colors that converge at the waist visually cut your figure in half, making you even shorter. To enjoy the effect of contrast, but at the same time not get lost in the background of your outfit, just move the seam line slightly above or below the waist. For example, you can wear black palazzo pants with a high rise and a white top – it will look very stylish and sophisticated, and most importantly, you will lengthen your legs.

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YES: Long jacket

Monochrome elongated jackets look very advantageous. If your height does not exceed 160 cm, be sure to complement your wardrobe with a jacket or cardigan, the length of which ends below mid-thigh. Such a thing will bring together all the details of the image, make you taller and slimmer. Try to choose plain clothes – they look the most advantageous. However, a vertical stripe or a symmetrical small print would also be an excellent solution.

Interestingly, the cropped jacket works in much the same way as the elongated one. It visually shrinks the torso, making the legs appear truly endless. A great excuse to drop by your nearest Chanel fashion boutique. But with standard jackets you are definitely not on the way. They will not bring any benefit, and if you also combine them with the wrong clothes, you risk gaining a few extra pounds in the waist area.

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The Vertical Stripe

The Vertical Stripe

The vertical stripe is not only one of the trendiest and most versatile prints, but also a great solution for girls who want to look taller visually. The pattern works best on high-waisted skirts and trousers, and dresses. In the case of tops and blouses, the result will not be as good as we would like. However, choose things more carefully – too wide a strip will not give the desired effect, and will also add a few extra pounds.

Please note: The vertical line can be not only explicit, in the form of a print. Long pendants, longitudinal rows of buttons, arrows on trousers also act as stripes. All these elements are capable of adding several centimeters of growth.

Many different colors

The colorful fashion outfits have one weighty plus – they stand out from the crowd and allow you to rivet the eyes of others. However, firstly, not everyone is ready for such attention, and secondly, in bright clothes the figure will get lost and will seem like a shapeless spot. As a result, the growth will become even smaller. However, this does not mean at all that multi-colored things are taboo for petite girls. They just need to be correctly combined with clothing in basic shades.

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Monochrome total look

Unlike multi-colored sets, total bows stretch the silhouette and make the figure slimmer – a real magical combo. It is not necessary to choose items of the same shade. Wardrobe items may differ by a couple of tones, but the general monochrome color scheme must be observed. If you do not want to make an outfit in a similar color, use an alternative option – keep only the bottom in one tone: shoes and trousers or a skirt. This technique will visually make your legs longer.

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Emergence of New Trends

Emergence of New Trends

The 60s were rich in the emergence of new trends. Another proof of this is the short skirt. It was invented by British designer Mary Quant, who had her own boutique in London. Young people crowded at his door in the hope of quickly acquiring new fashion items. But Mary’s most daring product was a mini-skirt named after the designer’s favorite car. She was swept off the shelves with lightning speed, despite the outrage of a huge number of people around the world. However, it was not for nothing that the 60s were called rebellious: very soon Jacqueline Kennedy appeared in a short skirt, and a few years later Quant received the Order of the British Empire, which was presented to her by Elizabeth II herself.

Interesting fact: The hem of the things created by the designer was so short that she soon had to sew underwear to match the skirts and dresses so that it did not attract attention and seemed part of the overall outfit.

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Raincoat mac

Now this raincoat can be find in the collections of many designers, as it is incredibly popular. But few people know that a wardrobe item made of water-repellent fabric appeared completely by accident. Chemist Charles Mackintosh loved to experiment, but that day he accidentally dripped a rubber solution onto his jacket. What a surprise Charles was when he discovered that the material no longer allows water to pass through! He later became the founder of a waterproof raincoat company. However, the first batch turned out to be frankly unsuccessful: people did not want to buy clothes, because they smelled of rubber; they cracked in the cold and melted in the heat. Fortunately, after a while the quality has improved; and the comfortable “mac” has taken pride of place in both men’s and women’s wardrobes.

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Health Minister Beautiful Assistant

Health Minister Beautiful Assistant

The portrait of the Health Minister beautiful assistant, Budi, who went viral, took a selfie with Gibran Rakabuming. The figure of Assistant Minister of Health Budi suddenly went viral in cyberspace after taking a selfie with the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming. At that time, the beautiful assistant accompanied the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, with the Minister of Health Budi to visit Klewer Market, Solo.

The assistant to the Minister of Health Budi named Kemala Fabrian. A peek from the Solo Regional Youtube show, when asking for a selfie with Gibran, Kemala wore a white shirt and a navy blue scarf.

Curious what he looks like? The following is a beautiful portrait summarized from the Instagram account @kfabrian, Thursday (12/8/2021).

Semi Formal Outfit

In this photo, Kemala is wearing a semi-formal outfit, which combines a nude rectangular blouse and hijab fashion, brown culottes and wedges of the same color. Kemala seemed to be in the middle of the park, surrounded by trees and other green plants.

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Located in Guiyang Park

Then there is a portrait of Kemala while visiting Guiyang Park, China. The garden has red flowers that are shaped into curtains. In addition, there are also other beautiful plants.

When in Guiyang, Kemala wore a sporty outfit. Starting from jackets, inners, sneakers and black trousers. While the hijab is brown.

Traveling to Seoul

Furthermore, this time Kemala was traveling to Seoul, South Korea. He visited one of the royal tourist destinations in the country.

Kemala looked stylish by wearing a long outer and black trousers, a gray inner and a rectangular hijab, a scarf, sunglasses and a sling bag to complete her appearance.

“From far away, there is no crush on oppa, instead he has a crush on the wall,” he said.

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Fashionable Vintage Wear

Fashionable Vintage Wear

Fashionable vintage wear things that actually appeared many years ago. Everyone knows that fashion goes in circles. Although designers try to present something new on the world catwalks every year, in some things we can safely say that this is just a well-forgotten old thing. We tells what clothes and accessories that are popular today actually appeared many years ago.

1. Turban

Looking at the modern turban, few can assume that the kings in Ancient Persia used it as a helmet for their protection. In other cases, up to 20 meters of fabric could be spent on its manufacture. The headdress became a fashion trend thanks to Napoleon, so the first women who try it on were French women. Then beauties from other countries drew attention to the turban. This was facilitate by the fact that the heroines of various films perform by Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Greta Garbo began to wear it. The peak of the popularity of the headdress came in the 70s of the last century.

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2. Glasses “cat’s eye”

Elegant and daring, this accessory is recognizable by the well-define outer corners of the frame, which slightly raised upwards. This form of glasses turns the eyes of its owner into a cat’s, hence the name.
Despite the fact that the accessory appeared in the 40s, it gained its popularity only in the 50s. The glasses caused a storm of excitement among fashionistas, because before that, manufacturers presented copies exclusively with rounded edges. It is not know how the future fate of the “cat eyes” would have develop if Audrey Hepburn had not appear in them in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. After the release of the picture, all the girls rush to the store for sunglasses “like Holly Golightly.” However, then the model was call “Manhattan”.

Besides Audrey, this accessory could be seen on Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bordeaux. The love of celebrities for these glasses is quite justified: they can be match to absolutely any type of face and in the blink of an eye turn into an elegant, graceful, self-confident beauty.

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The Handsome El Rumi

The Handsome El Rumi

One of the sons of Maia Estianty, the handsome El Rumi is known to the public not only with a thin brain, but also with a handsome appearance. El Rumi has just graduated completing his bachelor’s degree in SI in the UK.

El Rumi’s achievements increasingly make the Eve so fascinated by him. Moreover, besides being smart and handsome, El also has a cool style.

No need to linger, summing up El’s Instagram account, Tuesday (10/8/2021) let’s look at a brief review of five handsome portraits of El Rumi on various occasions below.

1. Handsome from childhood

Like his two brothers, Al and Dul, El also inherits visual genes from his father and mother. Uploading old school portraits when he was with Al and Dul when they were toddlers, it was clear that El was naturally handsome since childhood.

2. Ponytail

Perfecting his aura as a musician, El appeared with long hair and then tied it in a simple and cool ponytail. This ninja-style pigtail hairstyle adds to El’s good looks.

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3. Play the piano

It is said that a man’s handsomeness increases by a certain percentage if he can play a musical instrument. A classic expression that fits perfectly into the portrait of a handsome El who plays the piano while wearing an indigo blue formal fashion suit.

4. Glasses

Long hair plus black aviator glasses pinned on his handsome face, this candid photo of El sitting on the stairs in a casual outfit, this dark gray shirt and blue jeans and white sneakers is mesmerizing!

5. Young CEO

Like a young CEO, El looks super handsome wearing a semi-formal suit. A white shirt combined with a navy blue formal suit set plus a pair of sneakers for a more relaxed informal impression. Don’t forget the aviator sunglasses as an accessory to complete your appearance.

Figure of Anya Geraldine

Figure of Anya Geraldine

The figure of Anya Geraldine seems to have no end in stealing the public’s attention. This time, the beautiful celebrity captured attention through her latest film which will premiere on August 13, 2021 in online theaters.

In the film directed by Tompi, Anya Geraldine will compete acting with Gading Marten and Ariel Tatum. Anya will play the role of the actor aka the male usurper in the ‘Finished’ film.

Anya is known for her sexy and seductive image like her character in the film. Geraldine’s style with fashionable clothes also seems tempting in everyday life.

Here, Okezone summarizes Anya Geraldie’s seductive style from her personal Instagram @anyageraldine, Monday (9/8/2021).

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Simple but sexy wearing a tank top

In her latest film, Anya Geraldine will play an actor named Anya. The character seems to have a fashion style not much different from Anya in real life, looking simple but still sexy.

Like Anya’s style when promoting the latest film, she looks simple wearing a black tanktop with long flowing hair, seductively sexy!

Red is always tempting

This time Anya chose to wear a sleeveless midi dress with a fairly low chest cut. In this photo, we can see that the chest piece is on the upper abdomen which makes her look sexy.

Anya combined the red dress with a beautiful and simple sunflower necklace. Wanting to give a more maximal touch, he applied frangipani flowers on his left ear.

black bikini

Next there is a portrait of Anya Geraldine appearing in a black bikini. Anya Geraldine looks adorable posing standing by the pool. He poses with both hands on his head in what is often called a ‘dizzy or headache style’ photo.

Seductive pose on the beach

Anya Geraldine looks even more beautiful with long, flowing hair. Posing sensually, Anya Geraldine’s sexy aura shines even more in her appearance this time.

Not to mention, Anya Geraldine wore a brown crop top which made her look tempting. He combined it with black shorts so that his smooth thighs were exposed.

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Rachel Vennya Fashion Style

Rachel Vennya Fashion Style

Minimalist style does look more practical and suitable for use anywhere and one of the celeb who likes it is Rachel Vennya fashion style. Even though it’s called minimalist, that doesn’t mean you can’t look elegant and elegant.

Well, if you want to combine a modern minimalist style but still look luxurious, try the following example of Rachel Vennya’s celebrity style, as reported by her Instagram account.

White color to the rescue of Rachel Vennya Fashion Style!

One of the characteristics of a minimalist fashion style is the selection of neutral colors in the outfits worn.

It looks like Rachel Vennya who is wearing a long dress in the form of a white overalls that has holes in the seams at several points. Her appearance looks chic and very stylish with a small red bag accessory. If you want to play it safe, white color to the rescue!

Outfit with Matching Color

In addition to choosing a neutral color, the key to a minimalist OOTD is choosing a matching outfit color.

As Xabiru’s mother did, she chooses clothes with matching colors between tops and bottoms. The color selection is also interesting, namely light brown which gives a modern and fresh impression!

All-in Black

Furthermore, to look minimalist fashion and create an elegant impression, a black outfit will automatically help you get those looks.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in black. You can copy Rachel Vennya’s All-in Black OOTD concept from head to toe!

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Modern and Luxurious

One of the advantages of the minimalism style concept is that the wearer can create a modern and luxurious impression.

To achieve this look, Rachel Vennya chose a long sleeve in gray with a green motif combined with olive green pants. Perfectly beautiful!

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Ugly Mask in Olympics

Ugly Mask in Olympics

Today’s article is about ugly mask in Olympics. The use of masks is a very common sight at the biggest sporting event in the world, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Every athlete is required to be disciplined in following health protocols, including one of them wearing a mask (except when competing in the arena).

Instead of just wearing disposable masks or regular blue or green medical masks, athletes from each country were seen wearing various masks that represented their respective identities.

But unfortunately, not all of these athlete mask designs are consider good. Some of these countries are consider to have bad designs. Summarizing the National Post, Saturday (7/7/2021), here are a number of country mask designs with the worst scores at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

1. United States of America

It is rate 4/10, because it is consider that there is nothing special about this white mask belonging to the United States contingent. Comes with a simple fashion striped pattern design and a red USA lettering emblem. The US athlete’s masks, however, are say to be durable and comfortable to wear.

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2. Canada

3/10 is the value give by the National Post for masks from the Canadian contingent. The Canadian athlete’s mask in light gray is considered too ordinary and does not show Canada‘s identity as a country. Does not support the official costumes of Canadian athletes who have maximize.

3. Australia

4/10 is the value for the Australian contingent’s masks at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In terms of color, Australian masks actually have a solid and firm color; but the material is consider to be not good; because it looks thin and damp and looks like it comes off easily when worn. It just doesn’t look like the ideal mask even for medical purposes.

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Inul Daratista the Stylish Queen

Inul Daratista the Stylish Queen

Inul Daratista the stylish queen is one of the celebrities who actively remind the public about the dangers of COVID-19. Often this “Ngebor Queen” provides education to the public regarding health protocols (prokes) to prevent exposure to the corona virus.

Inul Daratista also often shows that she is obedient to the procedures by always wearing a mask. Quoted from an upload on his Instagram account @inul.d, Tuesday (3/8/2021), the following are a series of portraits of Inul Daratista when she always wears a mask to prevent covid-19.

1. Cute wearing a pink mask

When posing with fellow artist Karlina Octarani, Inul Daratista looks cute wearing a nude pink mask. The N95 mask is combined with eye-catching makeup.

Then Inul also combined her beautiful makeup with a light brown shirt. Not to forget, she also wore earrings to complete her appearance.

2. Wear a green mask to make it more shiny

Inul’s appearance this time is arguably more eccentric than before. She looks shinny with a lime green mask covering her face.

To make her appearance look the same, she also combined the mask with green, but with a darker tone. Inıl also wears a decoration on her head to make her look even more beautiful.

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3. Cheer up with an orange mask

Bright colors are believed to give a cheerful impression when worn. Therefore, Inul was interested in trying to wear an orange mask.

So, to make his appearance match, the dangdut singer combined the orange mask with an orange outer combined with a long-sleeved black shirt.

4. Feminine wears a pink mask

Inul’s appearance this time was truly stunning. She looks feminine when wearing a fanta pink mask. Again, he also combined fashion clothes with pink sleeves to match.

In order to look unique as usual, she also styled her blonde curly hair at the top. Not only that, Inul Daratista also wears accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets as accessories.

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Fashion Products Penetrate Export Markets

Fashion Products Penetrate Export Markets

One of the Founders of HoD, Nur Cholidah, said that he did not expect that his handmade fashion products penetrate export markets. He stated that initially the products were only focused on the domestic market.

Ida, as she is known, explained that so far, most of the buyers are from outside Malang and admitted that most of the buyers are from outside Malang, such as Jakarta. However, lately the production has actually been sold, to several developed countries in Europe, America, and Asia, such as England, Finland, Canada, United States of America, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Fashion Products

“Customers can order online. We are also a manufacturer of retail stores that support small, community-based businesses. There are so many overseas, so we reach out to shops; or organizations that oversee retailers who want to take advantage of their products. In Indonesia, there is one in Canada, there are three in America; there is one in Australia, in Singapore there are three;” said Ida, through a release received on Saturday (31/7/2021).

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Ida stated that there are various ways he offers HoD products, one of which is by wholesale (wholesale). First of all, HoD will offer wholesalers or shops that buy products in large quantities the traditional fashion products that HoD usually produces. From there, there are wholesalers who directly buy the product; but there are also shops that want to install it according to their wishes; regarding the design and sewing pattern.

“So each wholesaler has its own characteristics, but they are produce by HoD. The strategy is to join a large organization, the goal is so that we can be promote; so that we can get new wholesalers. At first I didn’t expect anyone to buy the products sold by HoD,” he said. .

He admitted that during the Covid-19 pandemic; there was an impact on the decline in sales turnover to the HoD business. But slowly the turnover began to stabilize, even reaching the export market.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in early February, HoD produced batik and non-batik cloth masks to be supplied to several wholesaler stores outside Indonesia, Jakarta and Malang. However, he admitted that one of the obstacles faced by the pandemic was the cessation of raw material suppliers.

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