Super Junior Members Wear Batik by Ridwan Kamil

Super Junior Members Wear Batik by Ridwan Kamil

Super Junior Members Wear Batik by Ridwan Kamil. The batik made by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, shocked the world of Korean entertainment lovers or K-Popers.

It was Kim Jong Woon alias Yesung who uploaded his pose wearing two batik clothes on his personal Instagram account @ yesung1106, Monday (24/5/2021). A green and cream colored batik shirt, combined with a red blazer and red pants, makes Yesung even more beautiful.

“Is it suitable for me? Thanks to #RidwanKamil who designed this batik. Thank you for West Java and Indonesia. I love you @ #BatikJawaBarat #JabarJuara #SmilingWestJava,” wrote the 36-year-old man.

Yesung wears batik

Of his six million followers, nearly 300,000 followers are liked with 15,400 more temporary comments.

One of the comments came from the singer from West Java @ itsrossa910 alias Rossa who is Yesung’s duet friend.

“Aa hatur nuhun, Aa meni kasep,” wrote Rossa.

Not only Yesung, other Suju personnel, namely the leader Park Jung-soo alias Leeteuk, joined the Instagram social media universe wearing a blue batik suit combined with a red batik shirt with pants that matched the outer batik he was wearing at that time.

As with Yesung, hundreds of thousands of followers liked his uploads and over 15,000 comments flooded his comments column. Among them were curious about the cohesiveness of Yesung and also Leeteuk wearing batik from West Java and posted together. The rest, the majority of comments from Indonesians feel proud and increasingly amazed by the duo of Suju personnel.

The two retainer of Suju wearing batik from West Java were re-posted by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

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“Thank you KPop stars @xxteukxx and @ yesung1106 of @superjunior for wearing west java batik @batikkomar that i designed,” wrote Kang Emil.

“You are now officially ready for” to go “or” join the elections “in Indonesia. Khamsahamnida from your Hyung, “he continued.

“For Indonesian girls, with this they look more local and of course more affordable fashion. Let the spirit make Indonesian batik worldwide. I use it for cultural diplomacy, “said Kang Emil closing his post caption.

Citra Monica Wedding Dress Style

Citra Monica Wedding Dress Style

Citra Monica Wedding Dress Style. Designer Ancha officially shows the details of Ifan Seventeen’s wedding dress and Citra Monica. On this occasion, the designer who also designed the wedding dress of Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah leaked the wedding dress.

In the video, you can see that the wedding dress of Citra Monica and Ifan Seventeen carries a white-silver concept that is full of Malay nuances. However, if you look at it in more detail, the Malay clothes they chose were given a modern touch that was increasingly beautiful.

The Stones

There are many Swarovski stones scattered on Citra’s wedding dress. Starting at the top of her kebaya to the veil, a transparent cloth that will decorate Citra’s head.

This modern kebaya has an ovale collar that is wide enough, allowing it to give a beautiful silhouette to Citra’s small body. Then, with the slit detail under the kebaya and placed in the middle it makes Citra’s body look tall.

The silver songket chosen by this couple also looks very beautiful. The crystal sprinkles got there, added Ancha to give it a more luxurious fashion impression. What’s interesting about this kebaya is the placement of a crystal stone in the middle with a style like a belt or a separator of the upper and lower body.

The details are of course once again to give a tall silhouette to Citra’s small body. This outfit is really made especially for Citra as it is very detailed and makes her look even more charming.

Meanwhile, Ifan Seventeen looks dashing in a Malay outfit complete with the same songket as Citra worn around his waist.

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There are also crystal ornaments in Ifan’s outfit. It can seen from the decoration on the middle chest, collar and cuffs of Ifan’s shirt.

One thing that should not go unnotice is Ifan’s slipper which is also stud with crystals that make salfok. The white sandals also give the impression of luxury from the overall Ifan style. The white cap is also stud with crystals.

Cynthia Lamusu OOTD Style

Cynthia Lamusu OOTD Style

Cynthia Lamusu OOTD Style. Looking young makes Cynthia Lamusu an artist who has her own charm. One of the things that makes this 1978-born artist stay young is thanks to his clever clothing and mix.

Including when she wanted to take her child to school, Cynthia Lamusu always paid attention to her appearance. No wonder many netizens call her ‘Animal Tiger’ aka Beautiful Mama Between Children!

Curious about what Surya Saputra’s wife looks like when she takes her child to school? Come on, scroll down!

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Don’t underestimate negligent mothers

While taking a selfie in the car when she wanted to take her child to school, Cynthia Lamusu had warned netizens that never underestimate mothers who often wear negligee. Because if they make up, their appearance will look very beautiful.

“Don’t underestimate a negligent mother, when you get dressed, it’s your life!” he said.

How not, just look at his appearance when wearing makeup. The look of shaky eyelashes coupled with long earrings made her look like she was only in her 20s.

Look luxurious with a sling bag

This time, Cynthia Lamusu’s appearance looks luxurious fashion with a black-gold sling bag attached to her body. Not only that, he also wore a gray set which could add a luxurious impression to his appearance.

He also combined the top set with a sleeveless outer nuance combined with white sneakers. Finally, don’t forget to wear a mask as part of carrying out the Covid-19 health protocol.

Casual wear jeans

This is one of the secrets why Cynthia Lamusu often looks youthful, one of which is wearing jeans! Not only that, he also combined the trousers with a white T-shirt lined with a flower-patterned outer.

then, he also wears slip-on shoes that are comfortable to wear when on the move. Finally, this short-haired woman also carries a tote bag and wears earrings as accessories.

Cool while wearing a blazer

Bright colors like yellow can also enhance your appearance to look younger. So, when she arrived at her child’s school, maybe Cynthia was seen as a newlywed.

He combines a yellow shirt with a gray blazer which is equipped with a matching yellow line. He also paired the outfit with black pants and matching shoes. Well, the color of these socks is also quite a show because of the bright yellow nuances of the clothes.

Dewi Perssik Fashionable Style

Dewi Perssik Fashionable Style

Dewi Perssik Fashionable Style. Sexy image cannot be separated from the famous sworddut figure, Dewi Perssik from the past until now.

One of the most obvious sexiness of Dewi Perssik is the style of her clothes in front of the camera.

No need to linger, summarizing Dewi Perssik’s personal Instagram account, Friday (28/5/2021) let’s take a peek at the four sexy OOTD (outfit of the day) styles of Dewi Perssik who is hot because of the harassment of her ex-husband, Aldi Taher.

Bustier outside

If the standard bustier that is attached to form the upper body of a woman is used as the inner alias. But not with Dewi Perssik, looking all-out sexy, the singer who is usually called DP is wearing a bustier corset as the outer garment of the floral T-shirt she is wearing.

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Tight shirts

Having a sexy style does not always have to be in open clothes. For example, this DP-style OOTD is fully closed but tight and full of sexy motifs fashion. Combining a full motif t-shirt as a top with Aladdin trousers with snake skin pattern in gray and white.

Span skirt

Combining a colorful snake skin pattern top with long sleeves with a black tight span skirt, a high waist model that shows off the curves of her body, plus the use of black net stockings.

This ex-wife of Saiful Jamil shows that he can look sexy, without having to open up.

Bike short

The bike short trend is tight or commonly referred to as pants for cycling; and is also worn by this singer of the hits. Mimpi Manis.

Appearing on one of the television shows, DP chose an outfit with a blouse shirt; and tight, metallic silver bling-bling bike pants paired with a pair of black high-knee studded boots and a purple oversized jacket with a zebra pattern.

Natasha Mannuela Style of Dress

Natasha Mannuela Style of Dress

Natasha Mannuela Style of Dress. Miss Indonesia and Runner Up of Miss World 2016, Natasha Mannuela, is known as a feminine and gentle figure. Natasha Mannuela also often uploads a selection of everyday fenimim clothing styles.

Are you curious to see what the style of dress, aka OOTD, is feminine in the style of Natasha Mannuela? As summarized from Natasha Mannuela’s personal Instagram account, Wednesday (26/5/2021) let’s look at the following brief review.

Baby doll

Want to look beautiful and feminine but with a simple cut? Sontek this OOTD Natasha style, just wear a baby doll dress 7/8 with a white drawstring accent that implies a soft and sweet impression. Pair with white slippers.

Plisket skirt

Tired of wearing denim as a hangout outfit? Try this Natasha style, mix and match milo brown knitwear long sleeve model as a top with a black 7/8 plisket skirt. Complete the appearance with flat shoes with tone colors that match the top. Fashionable with a monochrome concept but not in black and white.

Batik Skirt

Look beautiful and elegant when attending a wedding, not only in a kebaya or dress. For example, you can use a Batik motif span skirt whose color and pattern can be uniformed with our partner’s Batik shirt.

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Nude dress

This sleeveless dress with a V-neck collar in nude beige color with a playful accent tulle skirt with A-line silhouette and floral embroidery is the dress Natasha wore for her engagement day. Beautiful, feminine, and looks luxurious, right? Natasha looks like a ballerina huh!

Long dress

Being the MC I Fashion Festival and The Masterpiece at that time, Natasha was perfectly beautiful like a princess in a fairy tale in a short-sleeved long dress with an aqua blue Cheongsam collar model, decorated with sequins and crystals and a full embroidery floral game that made Natasha’s feminine and soft aura. the more radiating perfect.

The Design Path of Anne Avantie

The Design Path of Anne Avantie

The Design Path of Anne Avantie so far. Anne Avantie is known as a well-known fashion designer in the country. His career has been decades. He started everything from scratch.

He literally crawled from below. The sewing talent she got from her mother, Amie Indriati, was taught by herself in a rented house with two sewing machines.

The Workshop

“I then opened a simple sewing workshop called Griya Busana Permatasari and rented out dance clothes,” he said during an interview some time ago.

Anne only had time to go to junior high school. He also felt that he had many limitations and had experienced failures in marriage. But he didn’t want to fall into a slump.

After being the person behind the scenes who makes many dancer costumes and various night clothes, she tries to try her luck in Jakarta with her fashion designs.

After going through a long struggle, he is know as the best kebaya designer. Kebaya designs not only attract fashion enthusiasts in the country, but also the international community.

For him as a fashion designer it cannot be measure from a diploma and a diploma should not hinder one’s abilities.

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Therefore, he accepted a tailor, a sequin worker without having to include a diploma. Because a person’s fashion career cannot be prevented by just a single paper.

“I have many shortcomings and also do not speak English fluently, nor do I keep up with technological advances,” he said.

With all the limitations on technological developments, it actually makes Anne’s work exclusive by maintaining her handmade touch.

That’s why the production is never too big, because there is no touch of technology. No wonder the design results have a high value (exclusive)

“I have never and cannot make a fashion design pattern. All the ideas flow when experimenting directly on materials,” he explained.

Doctor Reisa Calm Fashion Style

Doctor Reisa Calm Fashion Style

Doctor Reisa Calm Fashion Style. The face of Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro is no longer on the television screen in the afternoon. Yes, as a spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force, Doctor Reisa used to provide education to the public through live channels on television.

Even so, his charm never fades to continue to be admired by his loyal fans. On Instagram, Doctor Reisa still often shares selfie moments or OOTD photos. In the midst of her busy schedule as a spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, she can still be a great mother for her children.

So, to treat your homesickness and homesickness with the figure of Doctor Reisa, in this article MNC Portal Indonesia tries to summarize the appearance of this great doctor. Intrigued and impatient? Here’s the review:

Dressed in a blue robe

In this photo, Doctor Reisa shares a beautiful portrait with the atmosphere of Eid. Yes, she was wearing a very beautiful modern long dress.

The wave pattern on the dress gave a calm impression, especially the blue color. He combined the clothes by showing the ‘Hermes Jige Elan 29 cm Lagoon Blue Clutch Bag’ clutch for IDR 65 million. Really cool, right?

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Beautiful relaxed pose

While enjoying the beautiful nature with cool air, Doctor Reisa looks so beautiful. The pose is simple, just sitting with your legs turned away, but the final photo is still impressive, isn’t it?

Here Doctor Reisa means a white top, combined with blue pants, and a scarf that is styled like the outer. The Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag baby pink jersey emblazoned there. The price of this bag, want to know? Around Rp. 29 million.

Photo with Aspri

Doctor Reisa is so humble, you know. This is a photo that she specially uploaded to wish her personal assistant and makeup artist a birthday, @ ar.makeupartist. In the photo caption, the man is usually called CIRIPA.

Doctor Reisa’s graceful and compassionate style shines through in this photo. Her consistent hairdo, namely hanging curls and parted edges, makes her beautiful aura never fade.

Wearing Balinese traditional clothes

This photo shows that Doctor Reisa deserves the label ‘beautiful doctor’ who is not only smart and great. She really exuded her inner aura behind the baby pink Balinese traditional dress.

A yellow cloth wrapped around her waist, then frangipani flowers behind her hair, and a pink mask that covers part of her face, completes her look here. Even though the mask is closed, we can still see the doctor’s cute smile, is that right?

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DJ Dinar Candy Sexy Fashion

DJ Dinar Candy Sexy Fashion

DJ Dinar Candy Sexy Fashion. The beautiful DJ Dinar Candy is known to have blocked Aldi Taher’s account, which he thinks is too social assistance. Dinar Candy’s anger stems from Aldi’s action, who is said to want to meet him, but, because he is already ‘ilfeel’, Dinar doesn’t respond to the invitation and now they are both enemies.

Meanwhile, Dinar Candy’s Instagram account was suddenly busy after he shared a nungging portrait on the balcony of the house. This pose made netizens pause for a moment and wanted to see the photo in more detail.

Not only once did Dinar pose for nungging, on Instagram he often gave this sensual pose. Do not believe? Here are some in summary just for you:

Latest Photo

In this photo, Dinar is wearing a mini dress with a small vintage floral motif with a few ruffles on the bottom. He mixes the sexy dress with yellow heels. If you look at this photo, Dinar’s face is massaged a little whiter than the skin of his arms.

Despite posing sexy, it turns out that not many netizens pay attention to his style.

Photo on the balcony

The balcony of the house seems to be Dinar Candy’s favorite photo spot. Not only the location, the style is the same again, namely nungging.

Here, Dinar wore a purple mini dress with the inner strap of the dress deliberately removed, I don’t know what that meant. In order to make it look different from before, she added an accessory in the form of a bandana that was styled like a head covering. Hey, do you prefer this one or before?

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Pose from behind

This sensual pose was deliberately given by Dinar to tease his followers on Instagram. He even provided a photo caption that provoked netizens to comment.

In this photo, Dinar wore a black velvet mini dress that made his body perfectly formed. Such facial expression adds to the strong sensual impression that Dinar Candy wants to show.

Playing on the sofa

He has given this kind of riding pose for a long time and has become a hallmark of Dinar on Instagram. In this 2020 photo, for example, Dinar has given a nungging pose and he even showed it while relaxing on the sofa.

With his long hair, then wearing an orange mini dress plus a minnie mouse headband accessory, Dinar looks both cute and unsettling, don’t you think?

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Demi Lovato Dress Fashion Style

Demi Lovato Dress Fashion Style

Demi Lovato Dress Fashion Style. Singer and actress, Demi Lovato is becoming a byword. Through her Twitter account, Demi Lovato announced that she was a non-binary person.

Non-binary is a general term for gender identity that does not refer specifically to either male or female genders. In other words, Demi Lovato now claims that she is neither a woman nor a man.

Regardless, Demi Lovato’s appearance style has indeed evolved experimentally during her career. Starting from cute teenagers, feminine, to androgynous edgy style. Quoting US Magazine, Thursday (20/5/2021) let’s take a flashback of 5 of Demi Lovato’s best OOTD portraits on the following red carpet.

Strapless dress

Present at the People’s Choice Awards ceremony in Los Angeles in 2010, at that time Demi looked glamorous with a strapless mini dress model in royal blue color. His appearance is even more magnificent with the hairdo made with extra volume blow style.

V-neck dress

One year later, while posing on the red carpet for the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, Demi looks mature and sexy in a magenta dress designed by Roland Mouret, with a V-neck design silhouette that reveals her cleavage,

Lace dress

In these years, Demi’s style is still very feminine, graceful, and glamorous. One of them was when wearing a red high low dress when she attended the People’s Choice Awards in January 2012

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High slit dress

The dress style of the singer of the hits Heart Attack in a red high slit (thigh high) dress from the Lanvin fashion house with an open neckline silhouette when she was present at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, is said to be one of Demi’s best red carpet styles.


In 2015, Demi became even bolder with her open and ignorant style of dress. Posing on the red carpet for the debut of her newest single, Cool for the Summer in July 2015, Demi appeared to be bold enough to wrap her body in a sexy black strappy bralette, denim hot pants and gladiator thigh-high sandals.

Ashanty Stylish Red Kemben

Ashanty Stylish Red Kemben

Ashanty Stylish Red Kemben. Ashanty’s trip to Dubai for treatment turned out to be tucked into a photo shoot in a dune. It can be seen from the uploaded photo he recently shared on Instagram.

In the photo, Ashanty is not only in the photo herself, but is accompanied by her beloved husband, Anang Hermansyah, and Arsy. The three photos of him in the Dubai desert are very eye-catching.

Yes, Ashanty wore an all red shirt with additional accessories in the form of sunglasses. Her hair she let loose as the wind blew her hair. His photos in the desert are also widely praised by netizens.

So, what is the portrait of Ashanty like in the Dubai desert? The following reviews are especially for you:

Hands up pose

The first photo we can see Ashanty looks so enjoying the moment of her presence in Dubai. He seemed to raise his hand and put it on his head while letting the sun touch his body.

In this photo, we can see that Ashanty looks like a model. The photo edits are made very dramatic with a touch of vignate at the edge of the photo to give this photo a cool impression.

MNC Portal Indonesia managed to find detailed outfits from what Ashanty was wearing. Starting from the red kemben which is known to come from Paul Ropp for USD88 or the equivalent of IDR 1.2 million. Then, the beautiful outer length is from the same brand at a price of USD334 USD or the equivalent of IDR 4.8 million. Netizens also praised Ashanty a lot in this photo.

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Photo with husband in front of a luxury car

Well, if this is a portrait of Ashanty taking a photo with Mas Anang. You can see, Ashanty added an accessory in the form of a Gucci bucket hat, as well as Anang who wore a Gucci hat too.

If in the previous photo Ashanty raises her hand and puts it on her head, this time she puts her hand on Anang’s shoulder. The style is really cool, yes, even though it’s simple.

Posing with Arsy

In this photo, Ashanty looks very gentle while holding Arsy’s hand in front of a luxury car in the Dubai desert. The red outer is carried away by the wind and gives a pretty photo effect.

Meanwhile, Arsy looked very cute in her orange dress and pink sandals. Transparent pink glasses and added eyeglass accessories make the style so cute.

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DJ Dea Alexa Sexy Fashion

DJ Dea Alexa Sexy Fashion

DJ Dea Alexa Sexy Fashion. DJ Dea Alexa’s birthday party was suddenly disbanded by the Makassar City Covid-19 Task Force, because it was considered to have caused a crowd and violated the PPKM. The incident occurred at a discotheque of a hotel on Jalan Andi Pangeran Pettarani.

The reason is, the Task Force officers found invited guests for DJ Dea Alexa’s birthday party who were drunk without wearing a mask and kept their distance. Until this news spread to the public, there was no direct statement from DJ Dea Alexa regarding the events last night.

Regardless of the incident, the public was curious about the figure of DJ Dea Alexa. When viewed from her Instagram, @djdeaalexaa, this beautiful woman is not much different from other female celebrities or djs. Like to show off holidays and beautiful selfies.

Well, in this article MNC Portal Indonesia tries to summarize some portraits of DJ Dea Alexa while wearing a bikini. Curious?

Get ready to splash

This selfie immediately catches the eye when you look at DJ Dea Alexa’s Instagram account. In the photo, he looks ready to swim in the sea complete with his snorkeling gear.

The bikini that Dea wore was quite a steal. Yes, she is wearing a rainbow bikini with a very sexy cut. Don’t get the wrong focus, OK!

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The red swimsuit is seductive

Not wearing a bikini, but here DJ Dea Alexa wearing a red swimsuit which is very seductive. Not only because her body is exposed very clearly, but because the cut of this swimsuit is on her chest area so low that it shows quite clearly the sensitive part of this beautiful DJ.

Just wear a bra during the show

DJ Dea seems like a DJ who is brave enough to appear sexy in front of many people during shows. Just look at her clothes in this photo.

He only means black bra while playing a dj. There is no impression of embarrassment, let alone uncomfortable from the look on his face, there are actually enjoying and enjoying the moment.

Just walk around wearing a bra

Duh, this woman seems to be proud of her body and doesn’t hesitate to show it to the public. When he wanted to hang out in Bali, DJ Dea only wore a bra combined with short black pants and sandals. He chose this relaxed style so that his sexy aura could be radiated.

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Dimas Beck Colorful Fashion

Dimas Beck Colorful Fashion

Dimas Beck Colorful Fashion. Not only handsome, Dimas Beck is also good at mixing and matching clothes. One of them is when choosing colorful clothes that adhere perfectly to her white skin.

The appearance of the actor, who is reportedly close to Nikita Mirzani, also looks even cooler. His style was no less to steal the attention of his gossip, who reportedly married Nikita Mirzani soon.

The following is Dimas Beck’s Colorful OOTD Style, which is summarized from his personal Instagram account, Wednesday (19/5/2021).

1. Yellow blazer

Giving a fresh, young and contemporary impression, this Dimas trick can be tried. Mix and match the usual plain white T-shirt with flagship jeans, then add a slim-fit blazer full of saffron yellow motif as the outer. Voila! Your OOTD style is instantly upgraded.

2. Orange peach shirt

Sports at home, Dimas still tries to look stylish. This time, an eye-catching orange peach t-shirt with gray shorts was Dimas’ choice for his sports suit at that time.

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3. Shirt pattern

Wearing a full colored shirt as an outer combined with a white T-shirt, makes Dimas look younger and fresher, right? Far from being almost 35 years old.

4. Orange t-shirt

Most men are usually reluctant to wear bright and bright colored clothes like this one Dimas wears. You can see the trick to balance Dimas’ color play, he pairs a carrot orange T-shirt with a dark and neutral subordinate, namely light gray trousers.

5. The mustard jacket

Wear a denim jacket, this movie star What Is Love, choose a jeans jacket that is anti-mainstream in terms of color. Instead of the standard blue or black jeans. Dimas looks cool and trendy in a mustard yellow jeans jacket which is very contemporary, combined with a straw yellow shirt with softer tones.

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Nikita Mirzani Hermes Bag Collection

Nikita Mirzani Hermes Bag Collection

Nikita Mirzani Hermes Bag Collection. Not only Syahrini or Nagita Slavina, Nikkta Mirzani is also one of the Indonesian celebrities who is famous for collecting luxury bags, including Hermes. The price of the bag Nikita Mirzani has certainly has a fantastic price tag.

Do you want to see the artist’s collection of Hermes bags that make netizens excited for uploading their intimate photos with Dimas Beck? Collecting Instagram accounts, @ nikitamirzanimawardi.wearing and @hermes_selebritii, Tuesday (18/5/2021) let’s take a peek at the five Hermes bags of Nikita Mirzani’s collection.

1. Birkin crocodile skin

For the Birkin variant, Nikita has a 35-centimeter Birkin bag, blue jeans with a porous crocodile skin pattern with palladium hardware, which sells for USD9,995 or approximately IDR 870 million.

2. Plain birkin

In addition to the crocodile skin, for the 35-centimeter Birkin variant, this sensation-filled artist also has a plain version, the Birkin bag 35, concrete clemence palladium hardware, beige cream color. Written, the price reached USD25,500 or approximately IDR 423.4 million.

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3.Birkin 30

Firstly for the 30 centimeter size, Nikita chooses the Birkin Tressage De Cuir Swift Epsom bag in bold red color with the addition of red and black plaid accents in the middle of the bag. Price? Priced at USD30,000 or approximately IDR 419.6 million

4. Travel case

This small bag for traveling, this shocking pink Bride-a-Brac travel case is indeed small in size. But make no mistake, it sells for 470 Euros or approximately Rp. 8.1 million.

5. Birkin 25

Completing her collection of 30 and 35 centimeter Birkin variants, Nikita also has a 25-centimeter Birkin bag. Birkin 25 bronze dore togo leather with gold hardware in camel color, which can be obtained for SGD32,800 or approximately IDR 350.9 million. This brings the total price of the five Hermes collection bags belonging to Nikita Mirzani to Rp. 2.1 billion. Fantastic nominal right?

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Glenca Chysara Dress Fashion

Glenca Chysara Dress Fashion

Glenca Chysara Dress Fashion. The figure of Elsa, played by Glenca Chysara in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, has successfully stirred the emotions of her loyal audience. On the other hand, Glenca’s stylish appearance also fascinates loyal fans of the Ikatan Cinta.

The style of the woman who is now also familiarly called ‘Mistress Frozen’ has often stolen attention, one of which is when wearing a dress. Moreover, Evan Sanders’ opponent has a slim body and a beautiful face. Quoted from the Instagram account @fashion_glencachysara, here is a collection of Glenca Chysara dresses, beautiful and attractive fashion.

Floral Cream Dress

In this upload, Glenca wears a cream floral dress with red flowers. The makeup look she chose looks flawless, according to her outfit.

This dress is a collection of an online shop, priced at Rp. 295,000. Glenca also combines it with transparent sandals. “Always enchanted beautiful,”

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Long Dress Pumpkin Orange

Then Glenca Chysara looked charming when wearing a black pumpkin orange long dress. He combines it with cream heels, and earrings. This dress is a collection from Nona, priced at IDR 415,000. Glenca looks stunning, huh. “Very nice,”

Black Dress

Not only cheerful, Glenca also chose a black dress or black dress to be her outfit of the day. Priced at IDR 395,000. This appearance seems simpler, but does not make the charm faded. He still looks cute and beautiful.

Orange Dress

Furthermore, Glenca wears an orange dress, with a detailed strap on the belly. This time he wore a collection from Tory Burch, priced at IDR 8,111,000. Glenca looks fashionable. She combined her dress with cream heels, her makeup look matched her outfit.

“Love with Ms. Glenca, her clothes are always polite,”

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Lilac Clothing for Office Halalbihalal

Lilac Clothing for Office Halalbihalal

Lilac Clothing for Office Halalbihalal. Altough Lebaran has passed, but through the halalbihalal tradition we usually gather together with office friends even if only for a short time. We will also meet people who may be of different divisions and we rarely greet them.

Indeed, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, several offices have implemented 50 percent capacity. However, if your office holds a halalbihalal, there are several clothing inspiration that you can use.

Well, this time why not try a color like the trending lilac. This lilac or purple color is softer, so it was chosen for clothing worn on holidays, and is suitable for halalbihalal wear in the office, including:

Lilac fashion

Ayu and her family also chose lilac color for uniforms on this year’s Eid al-Fitr. Starting from mother, father, sister to only daughter Bilqis.

Ayu and her family chose semi-satin fabrics, combined with croton and sequins that complimented their appearance.

“Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1442 H Minal Aidin walfaidzin apologize for the inner and outer lives of everyone,” said Ayu.

Celebrity Family

Then the comedian Sule family, namely Nathalie Holscher, Rizky Febian, Putri Delina, Rizwan, and the youngest Ferdinand also chose lilac colors for this year’s Eid clothes.

Not only the color, but the motifs of the clothes he wore were very compact. Putri and Nathalie made it into a dress, while Sule, Rizky, Rizwan and Ferdinand combined it with black trousers.

“Sorry to be born inside,” wrote Sule in his photo caption.

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Kesha Ratuliu

Kesha Ratuliu also chose lilac colors for clothes on Eid al-Fitr. The clothes he wore were semi-factual robes. Plus motifs such as batik, making it look even more attractive.

Kesha combines it with a plain, nude paris hijab fashion. Meanwhile, her husband, Adhi Permana, enforced Koko modern gray.

In this year’s Eid, Kesha is also pregnant with her first child. He feels happy and grateful for being given the most beautiful gift by God.

“The first Eid to be a wife and prospective mother. A tremendous blessing from Allah. Minal aidzin wal-Faizin apologizes physically and mentally to my online friends,” he said.

Indonesian Actor Eid Outfits

Indonesian Actor Eid Outfits

Indonesian Actor Eid Outfits. On the day of Eid, apart from the various kinds of food that are served, new clothes are one that is also sought after. Not only the general public, artists also compete to display their Eid clothes.

Usually, they choose to wear a compact Eid outfit. Not to be separated from the soap operas Ikatan Cinta who celebrated Eid. They also wore cool Eid clothes on that Hari Raya.

Starting from Arya Saloka, Glenca, Mayang Yudittia, Evan Sanders to Ayya Renita, who this year celebrated the first Eid al-Fitr as the popular soap opera player.

So curious about the style of the OOTD Lebaran in the style of the soap opera players, Ikatan Cinta? To summarize the personal Instagram accounts of the Ikatan Cinta stars, let’s take a peek at the brief description below.


Not much different from her appearance as Elsa, who always looks beautiful and feminine. Likewise with the OOTD Lebaran Glenca this time. Glenca looked beautiful, well-mannered and elegant in her peach Kaftan dress adorned with glittering sequin details on the collar.

Evan Sanders

Often seen in formal dress when in front of the camera, but in real life Evan is very relaxed. Congratulating Eid, Evan is seen wearing only a mix and match white short-sleeved T-shirt with a woven cloth that he drapes on his shoulders.

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Mayang Yudittia

The character actor Mici, a friend of Aldebaran and Andin (Amanda Manopo), looks luxurious and glamorous in a fully embroidered dress with a light gray 7/8 sleeve model that blends perfectly with Mayang’s white skin. Plus the accent ribbon at the waist as an obi, makes this Lebaran Mayang shirt look cute.

Ayya ​​Renita

Usually seen only wearing the Aldebaran family ART uniform when he appeared at the Ikatan Cinta. Celebrating Eid this time, Ayya looked glamorous by choosing a plain beige nude Kaftan dress complete with a gray embroidered full cape layering that gave off a majestic and luxurious impression.

Arya Saloka

Green is Arya Saloka’s choice for this year’s Eid dress theme. Uploaded by his wife, Putri Anne, Lebaran 2021, Arya Saloka’s small family looks simple with a green uniform fashion. Arya in a dark emerald green koko suit with black embroidery accents.

Trendy Skirts That Fashionistas Need

Trendy Skirts That Fashionistas Need

Trendy skirts that fashionistas need for their summer wardrobe in 2021 clothing. Despite the fact that spring is late this year, many girls have already hidden warm trousers and tights on the far shelves of the closet and rub their hands in anticipation, dreaming of stylish bows with skirts. We suggest checking if there are trendy models in your arsenal and if you can do without going to the store. In today’s article – the most fashionable summer skirts of 2021.

Mini Skirt

The miniskirt can be denim or printed. Yes, yes, the short skirt is back in trend, as if there weren’t those few years when she sat on the bench. We suggest not to be shy and replenish your wardrobe with playful model that will help to expose slender legs in the most favorable light. Choosing a length that suits your figure is very simple – put your hands down and see where your fingertips are. As for the texture and color of the product, here the designers could not agree on one thing. For example, the Dolce & Gabbana brand presented a bright model full of icons, and at the Coperni show, models took to the catwalk in basic black skirts.

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Do not forget that a mini skirt is a very provocative thing; that can turn a beautiful ensemble into a vulgar one in the blink of an eye. To avoid this, remember the well-known rule: only one part of the body can be exposed in a stylish image. That is, if you put your legs out for everyone to see, then the top should be laconic and closed. This simple trick will help you not to slip into banal vulgar fashion. Therefore, avoid translucent blouses, tight tops, low-cut T-shirts, etc. The same applies to shoes – do not wear stiletto heels with a mini-skirt. Better to get by with sneakers or other flat shoes when it comes to day trips.

Wearing Ballerina Style in Spring and Summer

Wearing Ballerina Style in Spring and Summer

Wearing Ballerina Style in spring and summer. In spring and summer the best option would be pointed ballet flats or pumps in neutral shades that blend perfectly with your skin tone. But in the fall and winter, ankle boots, boots or boots with a pointed cape will come to the rescue. The color and texture of the shoes should be as close as possible to the bottom of your look in order to stretch the silhouette and make it more slender. So, for example, black suede boots are ideally combined with warm tight tights to match. And brown leather trousers literally merge with pointed ankle boots made of the same material in a similar color.

The bottom of relaxed styles, for example, the popular palazzo pants, will especially play into the hands. They should be paired with platform or heeled shoes, and make sure that the length of the legs overlaps the shoes.

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Cropped Jackets and Elongated Shirt

Paired with a cropped jacket, you need to wear an elongated shirt or tunic. This trick only works if you combine a cropped top with a high-waisted bottom. Unlike standard and elongated jackets, cropped garments do not make the silhouette heavier or add extra volume. And if you choose the right trousers or skirt, you can harmonize the proportions of the figure, which is a priority in the case of short stature and extra pounds in the waist area. As a result, your legs will appear slimmer and longer, and you will be five to ten centimeters taller. The same goes for leather jackets. Despite the fact that brutal biker leather jackets; and elongated leather jackets have returned to old fashion, the shortened ones also do not give up their positions. Therefore, you can quite afford to wear such models and look trendy.

Ayana Moon Muslim Fashion

Ayana Moon Muslim Fashion

Ayana Moon Muslim Fashion. confused about what style to style on Lebaran day? Even though we can’t go back to our hometown, that doesn’t mean we can’t have new clothes.

Well, if you are still looking for a robe for Eid, then just cheat on Ayana Moon’s style with her always beautiful mix and hijab.

Yes, this Korean celebrity never fails to look beautiful with a hijab-style that is mutually exclusive. Not only about the hijab style, but she can always look fresh and charming with her robe and hijab style.

Well, in this article MNC Portal Indonesia tries to summarize some of the Ayana Moon styles that can really be used as a reference for your Eid style:

Gray robe combined with a long blue tunic

Who would have thought that a blue dress was also suitable to be combined with a gray robe. However, what must be a concern, of course, is that the color selection must still be one tone, namely the super light color. Therefore, Ayana also added white ciput as her neutral area.

When it comes to the style of the robe itself, he tends to like something simple. In this style, Ayana only processes the hijab square with a side lock style. Even so, still beautiful, huh.

Tucked in neck

If you like the hijab style wrapped around the neck, then this Ayana robe style can really be a reference. So, the choice of robe material is certainly very important for this one style.

Ayana created her peach hijab with a neck wrap to maximize the collar accent on her long tunic. Don’t forget to choose a color that matches the robe with the clothes you are wearing.

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Super simple

If you are a typical woman who doesn’t want to be complicated, then this style should be your main guideline. Yes, Ayana only ties the bottom of the hijab to lock in her hijab styling. Does it seem normal, the answer is no.

Ayana maximizes that simple hijab fashion with simple clothes. So, there is a unified impression of the style. Still pretty, right?

Sneaker Recommendation From Local Brand

Sneaker Recommendation From Local Brand

The next sneaker recommendation from local brand, Heiden Heritage. This brand offers various models of modern sneakers with quite a variety of color choices.

As seen in the photo uploaded by, Former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio. In the photo, he is seen showing off a collection of running shoes from Heiden Heritage. At first glance, the appearance is not inferior to sneakers from world-renowned apparel such as Nike and Adidas.

Shoes from Heiden Heritage compose a modern concept with the use of quality materials. The price of the shoes itself is only around Rp. 300 thousand.

910 Sportswear

Confused about choosing affordable sports shoes, but not tinned quality? You can cheat the cool sneakers that the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, often uses.

In this photo, Sandiaga Uno appears to be wearing blue running shoes from a local brand, 910 Sportswear. The fashion design of this shoe is dominated by blue with a few black accents, and white on the sole.

Peeking from the official 910 Sportswear website, the price for the running shoes worn by Sandiaga Uno turns out to be only Rp.400 thousand.

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Compass Shoes

Finally there are the Compass Shoes. Since the last few years, this Bandung-based brand has succeeded in capturing the attention of Indonesian sneaker lovers, thanks to its attractive and contemporary shoe designs.

In fact, Minister of BUMB Erick Thohir also ‘poisoned’ by collecting rows of shoes from the brand. As seen in this photo, Erick appears to be wearing one of the classic black and white collections of Compass Shoes.

After that he combined the sneakers with black trousers with a slim fit cut, and a long-sleeved batik shirt. Super cool!

Lastly for the price itself, the average Compass shoe products are priced starting from IDR 348 thousand-IDR 548 thousand.

Chanyeol EXO Formal OOTD

Chanyeol EXO Formal OOTD

Chanyeol EXO Formal OOTD. Right today, EXO’s main rapper, Park Chanyeol, will be leaving for his mandatory military duty. EXO’s Chanyeol will be on hiatus from the entertainment world for about two years.

Because of that, there is nothing wrong with reminiscing about the handsome portrait of the man born in 1992 in a formal suit. Summarizing his personal Instagram account, let’s take a peek at the brief review of Chanyeol EXO’s 4 formal OOTDs below.

1. Oversized suit

In one of his most recent shoots, Chanyeol was seen wearing a suit with an oversized silhouette of midnight blue sky. Showing a trendy and up-to-date impression, Chanyeol combines the formal suit with a pair of white tennis shoes.

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2. Mix and match the turtleneck

This semi-formal fashion OOTD in the style of the singer of the hits Growl, Love Shot and Call Me Baby, this time is completely black. With a mix and match of a black turtleneck as the inner and a black blazer as the outer. Pair it with black trousers and black loafers or dress shoes.

3. Colorful orange

For the 1 Billion Views album jacket photo for his duo unit group with Sehun EXO, EXO-CY, this handsome man who owns 187 centimeters tall looks colorful in a trendy suit with an eye-catching orange sunkist color combined with dark brown dress shoes. Modern but still looks formal.

4. Suit lavender

Who says formal suits only have to be dark colors. Just look at Chanyeol’s OOTD, Chanyeol looks handsome and fashionable wearing an unusual colored suit for a formal suit, soft and sweet lavender color, plus a diamond brooch pinned to the upper chest as an accessory. Combining the contrast with Chanyeol’s silver platinum hair color, the appearance of the man who stars in The Box film looks really edgy, right?

Kai Exo Release Special Design With Gucci

Kai Exo Release Special Design With Gucci

Kai Exo Release Special Design With Gucci. After successfully debuting as a solo singer, Kai EXO has become a byword again. Kai stole the attention through the release of his special design collection with the famous Italian fashion house, GUCCI, KAIxGUCCI.

Having succeeded in becoming a fashionista, Kai EXO has shown his excellent fashion sense. He is also adept at combining simple pieces of outfit but can look cool and attractive.

Instead of being curious, let’s take a peek at 5 simple and cool OOTD inspirations in the style of Kai EXO, as compiled from Kai’s personal Instagram account, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

1. Denim on denim

As long as you know the trick, wearing jeans or denim as a top and bottom can look cool. For example, this Kai-style mix and match combines a dark blue front button collared jeans jacket as a top and straight-cut jeans that are rolled up at the bottom. The key, choose denim with a darker color tone. For shoes, go for the classic Converse sneakers that are simple and distinctive.

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2. Turtleneck

Well, this one outfit from Kai is perfect for use during the rainy season like this. A plain black long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, paired with faded blue or light wash jeans. Fashionable without the effort.

3. Pastel sweatshirts

Want to appear with OOTD in the korean fashion boys in spring? As an example, Kai’s style is wearing a long-sleeved shirt in ivory white as the inner color, then layered with a warm and comfortable nude cream sweatshirt For subordinates, you can wear neutral khaki trousers.

4. Stripes suit

Stylized with an all-black monochrome color theme but doesn’t look monotonous? The trick of this GUCCI brand ambassador trick is to pair a black blazer suit with a semi-formal striped silhouette with a plain black scarf and baggy pants and a pair of casual strappy black sneakers.

During Ramadan Purchase of Kaftans Increases

During Ramadan Purchase of Kaftans Increases

During Ramadan Purchase of Kaftans Increases Over 8,000%, Sarongs 1,800%. Eid al-Fitr DAY is synonymous with religious celebrations packaged in tradition. In Indonesia, pastries and sweet drinks are the prima donna that will always be sought after Eid.

This year is no exception. It is noted that Muslim fashion and cake jars are the best-selling products in online stores, with the majority of Indonesians shopping via their smartphones.

The results of iPrice’s research stated that during the first two weeks of Ramadan or the two weeks leading up to Eid al-Fitr 1442 H, products in the fashion category ranked first with total buying interest increasing to more than 8,000 percent for kaftans in the first 2 weeks of Ramadan.

iPrice compares impressions on Google Analytics for the first two weeks of Ramadan in 2021 and 2020.

Three of the top five products with the highest increase in buying interest are in the fashion category, namely robe in the third position, increasing by 2,800 percent and sarong in the fourth position, 1,800 percent.

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Muslim fashion

IPrice data shows that in second place there is a jar of food whose buying interest has increased by 3,500 percent, then pastries are in 6th place with an increase of 1,600 percent. Followed by syrup in 8th place with an increase of up to 1,000 percent; and dates in the last position with a total increase of up to almost 800 percent.

In contrast to Indonesia, in Malaysia and Singapore perfume is in the top ranks; where interest in buying increases during the month of Ramadan.

Perfume ranked second in Malaysia with a total increase of up to 6,100 percent. Perfume ranked first in Singapore with a percentage increase of up to 6,000 percent.

In Malaysia, the 5 products with the highest increase in buying interest; were skincare, perfume, oven, Malay clothes and sofa categories. Whereas in Singapore the 5 product categories are perfume, supplements, induction cookers, kurta clothes and coffee.

Marion Jola Wearing Sexy Clothes

Marion Jola Wearing Sexy Clothes

Marion Jola wearing sexy clothes became a hot topic of public conversation. This is because Marion Jola’s video when answering netizen questions related to her reasons for looking sexy and sensual on stage and her Instagram uploads, has returned to viral on social media.

In the video, Marion Jola says she often wears sexy clothes because she feels comfortable and fits her personality.

“It’s actually part of my branding as an entertainment product. But whatever I use it must be ‘approved’ by myself. It’s more honest, more idealistic, and I’m enjoying it,” said Marion Jola when she was a guest star on the channel. YouTube Gritte Agatha.

Since working in the entertainment industry, the Indonesian Idol dropout has immediately stolen the attention of Indonesian music lovers thanks to his unique voice and sexy fashion style of dress.

Some of Marion Jola’s outfit styles have even become a trend in themselves among the younger generation. One of them, mix and match basic clothes with long loose hair styles that are now his trademark.

Pink crop top and hot pants

In the first upload, Marion Jola appeared confident in combining a white wool crop top with pink hot pants. Marion also wears white heels to sweeten her appearance.

Sleveeless tees and high waisted jeans

In this photo, Marion Jola looks beautiful in her casual outfit. He wore pink sleeveless tees combined with high waisted jeans. But netizens are actually fascinated by Marion Jola’s super spoiled hairdo. She let her long hair down and then accented it in the middle so that she succeeded in creating a very thick sensual impression.

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Crop top tees and hotpants

Next is a sexy portrait of Marion Jola wearing a white crop top and gray hot pants. In this photo he poses sensually to highlight his sexy curves. Even though she appeared in a casual outfit, Marion Jola was still beautiful with the addition of accessories in the form of fresh frangipani flowers pinned to her ears.

White tank top

Finally, there is a sexy portrait of Marion Jola when taking a selfie wearing a white tank top on the bed. In the caption, Marion Jola said that the photo was taken shortly after he woke up. Even so, her face still looks beautiful and natural.

Tips to Buy Eid Clothes Safely

Tips to Buy Eid Clothes Safely

Tips to buy eid clothes safely. It is feared that there will be market clusters or malls appearing ahead of Eid because many people want to hunt for new clothes. Moreover, the Tanah Abang Market video that shows a crowd of people is viral on social media.

This is proof that the culture of buying new clothes is still being carried out in the community even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, to minimize the formation of a shopping cluster for Lebaran clothes, there are a number of things that can be practiced when buying new clothes.

As explained by Modest Fashion Designer, Jeny Tjahyawati, business people actually have several regulations to ensure that health protocol efforts apply in their boutiques or clothing stores.


“One thing for sure is that clothes should not be tested directly on the body. We enforce this rule in an effort to prevent clothes from becoming a means of spreading the Covid-19 virus,” said Jeny, some time ago.

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In addition, only a maximum of two people are welcome in a shop or fashion outlet with 1 waiter. This rule is also expected to minimize crowds in shops or fashion outlets.

“So, we also enforce that consumers can only be two people in the store with 1 waiter. We are doing this to prevent the accumulation of people in the shop,” he added.

Eid clothes

On the cleanliness side of the clothes being sold; Jeny emphasized that the clothes on display are sure to be clean; and have been sprayed with disinfectant so that buyers are safe when handling them to ensure product quality.

“We also urge that after buying the product, consumers are expected to wash their clothes when they get home. Of course with soap to ensure that Lebaran clothes are clean from germs; even though they are guaranteed cleanliness in stores,” said Jeny.

“One important thing is that we require consumers to enter the store using masks. There is no reason for the masks to be removed when they are in shops or boutiques. This also guarantees that the shop does not become a Covid-19 cluster due to droplet splashes that may stick in the shop area due to removing the mask. “he added.