Bebe Rexha Will Be The Face of The New Puma and Deichmann Collaboration

Bebe Rexha The Face of The New Puma and Deichmann Collaboration

The singer Bebe Rexha the face of the new Puma and Deichmann collaboration; as a matter of fact championed by two models of sneakers with clear lines. The American artist; who became known for writing the songs of great artists such as Eminem, Rihanna or Selena Gomez until she stood out with her own melodies; stars in the campaign of this collaboration under the slogan #WhateverSuitsYou.

The new models represent the classic and at the same time fun side of the singer; “With my style, I can show the different facets of myself and express what is inside me and how strong I am;” says Bebe in an official statement.

The two models stand out for their timeless simplicity, their clear lines and their pink color, and will be available from April 1, 2021 in Deichmann stores in Spain, Portugal and in several European countries, as well as on the official website of the brand.

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Today Deichmann has around 43,000 employees, 4,200 stores and 40 online stores. In Spain, the brand arrived in 2010 and already has more than 60 stores in the main cities of the Spanish geography, as well as an online shop.

Priyanka Chopra Fashion

Priyanka Chopra Fashion

Priyanka Chopra Fashion is famous not only in Asia, but also all over the world. Married to Hollywood actor Nick Jonas, Priyanka became one of the Bollywood artists who was able to penetrate Hollywood.

However, Priyanka’s path to becoming an artist is also very steep. In fact, she was a victim of racism when she was in high school.

This she revealed during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. In fact, she has a beautiful face and a fashionable style, you know. Summarizing her personal Instagram account @priyankachopra, here are the four portraits.

Elegant in a tiger dress

Priyanka Chopra is an actress who likes to experiment in fashion. After previously wearing a red bodycon outfit, now she is trying to wear a tiger patterned dress.

The dress with the combination of colors is also complemented by long sleeves and also a high neck model that makes her appearance look elegant. To complete her appearance, she also wore several accessories such as glasses, hair ties, earrings, and high heels.

Go casual with a knit top

This woman who lives in London, England looks beautiful in her knitwear. She is seen wearing an ivory white knit top with a turtle neck model.

To make it more casual, Priyanka also combined this top with black leggings. She also added accessories in the form of glasses and earrings to make him look even cooler.

Dressed in red

Posing around the housing estate, Priyanka Chopra’s style is quite quirky with her red dress. Yes, the tight clothes are in the form of dresses and pants that form her curves.

The clothing is also equipped with gloves and socks. In fact, she wrapped her heels with these clothes too! Her unique appearance is also supported by lips that are no less red than her clothes.

Office look

Priyanka’s appearance this time is quite formal. She was seen wearing a yellow blazer combined with a matching skirt.

She is also seen wearing black stockings to cover her legs. Her big smile also indicates that she is cheerful. Wow, it’s only natural that fans will be amazed by her sweet smile.

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What is Fashion (Fashion History)

What is Fashion (History)

What is Fashion (History), According to Experts:

As a term that is often intended to express the form of the times, fashion according to experts is also very diverse. Below are some theories and statements from experts regarding fashion.

Thomas Karlyle

According to Karlyle; “Clothing is a symbol of the soul. Clothing cannot be separated from the development of human life history and culture ”. In other words, fashion can be defined as the skin of the social aspect . It contains messages and also the way of life of certain individuals and communities that are part of social culture.

Besides, fashion can also show the identity of the wearer. Therefore, it is natural that many people are very concerned about the fashion they wear. Because this is considered to have an impact on their self-worth before the public. This is of course one of the reasons why fashion is very important in the development of human life.

Malcolm Barnard

Barnard stated, that from the etymological point of view, the word fashion is closely related to a word from Latin, namely factio which means “to make”. A person is carrying a fashion. At present, however, there appears to be a narrowing in meaning. Because today fashion is about a fashion individuals or groups worn. Even though fashion has a definition as a form, type, manner, or action.

History of Fashion

Based on the history of its development, fashion is a symbol of the occurrence of a phase of cultural change in a group. Fashion can also be a measure to determine social status and so on. In the early 1000 AD, fashion in Europe was in classic style with characteristics such as large clothes. This is inseparable from European customs and culture at that time, which upheld the value of politeness.

Meanwhile, in modern times, almost every nation and country seems to be competing to create its trend. Generally, every country has its characteristics, perceptions, and different views about fashion. So that the development of fashion design is also unlimited.