Madonna Daughter Shows Off Her Armpit

Madonna Daughter Shows Off Her Armpit

Looking sexy, Madonna daughter shows off her armpit hair in front of the world’s socialites! Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, was not seen by the camera while attending the 2021 Met Gala. Her presence at the event was masked by the appearance of other celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian who came wearing a full-black Balenciaga.

But, who would have thought that Lourdes Leon would actually make a fuss at the 2021 Met Gala in his own way. Yes, the 24-year-old woman shows off her fairly thick armpit hair to the public.

This action has only recently become the talk of netizens. For some reason, his figure only appeared on social media after the 2021 Met Gala had been running a week ago.

At that moment, Lourdes Leon wore a fuschia-colored Moschino dress with details such as small black stones in the bra area and under her stomach. At first glance, the clothes worn by Madonna’s children resemble a typical Indian sari, yes.

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The impression is increasingly evident with the appearance of long black hair that is left loose; similar to the style of contemporary Indian women. Then, the appearance of the face is made very bold with the emphasis on the eyes.

Accessories fashion were not spared on display. Lourdes Leon wore silver teardrop-style earring that was gorgeous. Then, there is also a hand bag of the same color as the dress she was wearing; which was designed by Benedetta Bruzziches.

Well, the moment to show off your armpit hair happened when Lourdes Leon entered the museum area. On that phenomenal staircase, Lourdes Leon blatantly exposed the hair on her armpits. It is not known for sure what the reason for the child of the mega star did this action.

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The Beautiful Chef Chitra

The Beautiful Chef Chitra

The beautiful Chef Chitra a woman who is rumored to be a judge for Masterchef Indonesia. Rumors that the current 3 MasterChef Indonesia judges Chef Arnold, Chef Juna, and Chef Renatta will be replaced are being widely heard. Moreover, there were 3 figures who then took pictures in the MasterChef Indonesia gallery.

One of the judges who is rumored to be replacing the three of them is Chef Chitra. Chef Chitra is a woman of Indonesian, Dutch and Chinese blood.

Apart from being a chef, he also works as a model and is active on YouTube. Curious about what Chef Chitra looks like? Citing his personal Instagram account, here are his five daily portraits.

Mirror selfie

Despite doing a mirror selfie with a fierce face look, Chef Chitra actually looks more beautiful. The woman with blonde hair in a bob is looking in the mirror with a serious look.

On the other hand, he wore patterned clothes with a deep round neck model. Her makeup also plays a role to make her beauty shine even more.

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Casual wearing frog clothes

Frog shirt made from jeans is indeed timeless. Even though it has been around for a long time, until now the frog shirt still exists and is worn by many people, including Chef Citra.

She looks beautiful in a casual dress style in the form of a short blue frog dress combined with a red crop top which is complemented by a wrinkle fashion model.

Look relaxed wearing hot pants

While at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the fields, Chef Chitra looks relaxed with a mix of casual clothes. He was seen wearing a white crop top combined with jeans hot pants.

To make her look more relaxed, she didn’t wear shoes, but beautiful white sandals. Not to forget, Chef Chitra also wore a hat to complete his appearance.

Summer look

The concept of shooting with a summer look managed to make him look like a Caucasian. Dressed in all white, he also put some oranges around him.

Starting from the dress, sandals, glasses, to the earrings, everything is white. Apart from that, there is something unique about this photo. Namely a piece of orange that is in his glasses.

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Colorful Portraits of Celebrity Fashion

Colorful Portraits of Celebrity Fashion

Colorful portraits of celebrity fashion at the 2021 Emmy Awards. The 2021 Emmy Awards, an award ceremony for Hollywood television personalities, has just been hold. The event at the Live’s Event Deck, Sunday, September 19, 2021, Los Angeles time marks the return of this event being held live.

The 2021 Emmy Awards red carpet event was even more special for the nominees and invitees who attended. If you pay attention, the Emmy Awards 2021 for actors and actresses comes with outfits in the form of dresses, dresses and tuxedos that are so colorful, so eye-catching.

Curious? Summarizing Variety, Monday (20/9/2021), here is a brief review of the colorful fashion variety at the 2021 Emmy Awards.

1. Classic black – Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet, who this year has been nominated for a lead actress in the limited series category with her role in the Mare of Easttown series, comes with a classic look, a plain black dress with sheer sleeves and a deep V-neck.

2. Tomato red – Mandy Moore

Posing on the red carpet, Mandy Moore caught the eye in a luxurious fashion tomato red spaghetti strap dress with an eye-catching ruffle tulle skirt by Carolina Herrera which she paired with sparkling jewellery, a ring and a pair of earrings from Fernando Jorge.

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3. Blue velvet – Jason Sudeikis

Getting rid of the safe black tuxedo, Jason Sudeikis, who was nominate for four awards at once, looks neat in a blue velvet dandy suit from Tom Ford.

4. Lime green

At this year’s Emmy Awards, star actress Kaley Cuoco looked beautiful; and fresh in a lime green open-front dress which she paired with a pair of matching high heels.

5. Pinky pink – Keenan Thompson

Keanan Thompson, who this year was nominate for the category of main actor; and supporting actor in a comedy series, looked dapper and sweet in an all-pink dress. Pink formal suit complete with pink bow tie and black aviator glasses.

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Charm of Resti Handayani

Charm of Resti Handayani

Take a peek at the charm of Resti Handayani the flight attendant, her beauty makes work enthusiastic. The stewardess always fascinates the eyes of anyone who sees her. Moreover, a beautiful face with a graceful face that always gives the impression to feel at home near her.

Likewise with the charm of flight attendant Resti Handayani, a flight attendant from a low-cost private airline.

Visiting her Instagram page @r.soemamihardja, with more than 31,000 followers, this beautiful flight attendant often shares various moments of her daily activities.

Intrigued by the beautiful photos of the flight attendant who is familiarly called Resti? Here Okezone has summarized them.

Show swaggy

The body goals of the flight attendant who is usually called Resti are even more amazed, this can be seen from the photos uploaded on her Instagram feeds.

Wearing a crop top sweater, especially with a slim body and showing her sexy belly, the flight attendant Resti invited netizens to be excited to comment.

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Graceful with long hair

Even wearing a casual fashion outfit with a T-shirt doesn’t detract from Resti’s beauty. Even with the appearance of her hair down she looks even more beautiful.

Because of the photo, it looks like this one flight attendant is missing her long hair style. As written in the photo caption.

“I miss my long hair ..,” wrote Resti’s long hair.

Highlight feminism

Stewardess appear in a feminine style not only when on duty, but also when carrying out their daily activities.

Like the flight attendant Resti who appeared with a full touch of make-up, and the style of casual clothes. Looks relaxed but always steals the attention of his followers

Look elegant

Through a personal account, Resti’s flight attendant often shares a series of photo collections. Including, a photo of him wearing his on-duty clothes complete with watch accessories that make Resti even more beautiful.

Really, this one flight attendant does look very elegant when wearing a light blue batik uniform, coupled with a sweet smile from the curve of her lips.

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Gigi Hadid Modeling Comeback

Gigi Hadid Modeling Comeback

The portrait of Gigi Hadid modeling comeback instantly amazes NYFW 2022, welcome home baby! GIGI Hadid is back to enliven fashion week, New York Fashion Week 2022 is her choice. Taking a year off from maternity break, the supermodel returned to the runway smoldering.

Zayn Malik’s wife is unmitigated, there are several runways that she ‘plays’ at NYFW 2022. Yes, not only bringing 1 collection from 1 designer, but Gigi Hadid has been contracted by many fashion houses in her debut return to the catwalk stage.

In fact, recently he looked super charming at the 2021 Met Gala with his red hair. A long break that immediately electrifies, that’s Gigi Hadid.

So, here are some of Gigi Hadid’s looks at New York Fashion Week 2022 and the 2021 Met Gala as her modeling debut:

1. Brandon Maxwell NYFW 2022

Supermodel Gigi Hadid capped Brandon Maxwell’s runway at NYFW 2022 with a bang. This mother of one child appeared in a silver-colored suit with a bikini poking out behind her blazer. Silver heels complete it all.

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2. Tom Ford NYFW 2022

Gigi Hadid’s collection of glitter designs has been conquered by Gigi Hadid. He wore a shirt that was styled super classic with a tie at the bottom. Gigi Hadid’s beauty shines even more with a little accessory on the side of her head. She’s so stunning!

3. Altuzarra NYFW 2022

Gigi Hadid is also trusted by the Altuzarra brand to present her latest collection. At that moment, Gigi wore a super edgy collection with a two-piece hippie nuance with tie dye accents. The style here is very eccentric with drunken makeup that really feels under the eyes. So edgy!

4. Moschino NYFW 2022

One of Gigi Hadid’s most eye-catching looks at New York Fashion Week 2022 was when she wore the Moschino collection. With a cheerfull-kiddo feel, Gigi swayed while carrying a very large pacifier bottle.

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Arya Saloka Hat Collection

Arya Saloka Hat Collection

Arya Saloka hat collection is enormous and the price is ranging from tens of thousands to rp6 million! Hats are one of Arya Saloka’s mainstay accessories in daily appearance. The main opponent of Amanda Manopo in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta looks cute with a hat on his head.

Arya Saloka itself has several collections of hats with various brands and prices. There are hats at low prices to super luxurious.

Summarizing the Instagram account, @fashion_aryasaloka, here are four collections of Arya Saloka hats from branded to super cheap.

1. Kenzo

This plain black hat with the image of a white tiger worn by Arya when she was carrying her son is one of the hats produced by the world famous brand, Kenzo, the Tiger Cap Black, which is priced at USD 125 or approximately Rp. 1.8 million.


For a baseball cap model, Arya once wore a baseball hat designed by a luxury Italian fashion house, GUCCI, Original GG canvas baseball hat, black with a GUCCI logo motif with red and green stripe accents. Price? Dibanderol USD400 or approximately Rp6 million per piece.

3. Bucket hat

Apart from baseball caps, Arya also collects other hats. For example, a bucket hat that can be reversed with this motif. Reversible Chess Bucket Hat, from ELFS which is very affordable, only IDR 40,000! with that price even regular folks can afford it very nice. Now everyone get to look like Arya Saloka i guess.

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4. NY hat

The black hat with a simple but cool New York Yankees logo emblem that Arya is wearing is the New York Yankees Mini Font Black, a product of the famous sports fashion brand, New Era. Price? Rp.599.000, very cheap for the size of an artist as famous as Arya Saloka.

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Portrait of Ariel Noah

Portrait of Ariel Noah

The handsome portrait of Ariel Noah, who is celebrating his 40th birthday, is even more charismatic! Ariel Noah celebrates his 40th birthday on September 16, 2021. Not only his work as a musician, Luna Maya’s former lover is also known for his charisma.

As the vocalist of the band, the man whose full name is Nazril Irham has a charm that makes women melt. His handsome face and style, both on stage and in daily life, has its own charm.

At the age of 4, Ariel NOAH looks even more charismatic. Here’s the portrait that Okezone summarized from his personal Instagram account, @arielnoah on Friday (17/9/2021).

Playing guitar, the level of handsomeness increases many times

Music has definitely become Ariel NOAH’s life. On several occasions, Ariel shared her portrait playing music.

In this photo, Ariel plays the guitar in a simple all-black style, but is maximally handsome. He wore a black jacket and jeans and matching Nike sneakers. Ariel’s style is really cool.


As a musician, the music studio is one of Ariel NOAH’s favorite ‘hangout’ places. When in the studio, Ariel often appears with a simple style.

One of them just by wearing a white T-shirt like in this photo. Even though he only wears a T-shirt, Ariel NOAH still looks cool and handsome to the maximum!

Stylish on the plane

Next there is a portrait of Ariel NOAH posing sitting on the fuselage of the pioneering aircraft. Ariel wore a white t-shirt combined with brown cargo fashion pants. His style is even cooler by wearing light blue-black Air Jordan sneakers.

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Cool wearing sunglasses

This time, Ariel NOAH chose to cover her beautiful eyes using sunglasses. This in no way reduces his good looks, but makes him even cooler.

This man who is good at mixing and matching clothes also managed to make himself look handsome thanks to the combination of a gray T-shirt and a blue-black flannel shirt. Guaranteed girls will be tempted to see it!

Macho on top of moge!

Riding a motorbike, aka a big motorbike, is one of Ariel’s hobbies. The style of Luna Maya’s ex-lover looks very macho on top of Moge.

Ariel wore a black shirt combined with ripped jeans of the same color. Her style is further enhanced by wearing a long-sleeved denim jacket. Not to forget, he wears a black helmet as head protection. Cool, you still have to be safe!

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Charm of Tiphaine Poulon

Charm of Tiphaine Poulon

The charm of Tiphaine Poulon who was attracted to Acehnese men, to the point of converting to Islam! A woman named Tiphaine Poulon from France suddenly went viral because she married an Acehnese man. This news spread quickly on social media and made netizens curious about the portrait of the French Caucasians.

According to some information, Tiphaine Poulon is a model in France. However, the job he threw away for the sake of love. In fact, the former model’s beliefs changed because she went with her husband.

Yes, Tiphaine Poulon decided to convert to Islam. He claimed to find happiness in Islam and because of that now he claims to be happier than before.

Apart from that, MNC Portal here wants to share some portraits of Tiphaine Poulon which are spread on his personal Instagram. So, what is the figure of the French model who is attracted by this Acehnese man?

1. Casual style

Tiphaine apparently likes the casual fashion style of Santi. You can see in this photo, she looks attractive even though she’s only wearing a black midi dress combined with baby blue sneakers. Don’t miss the sunglasses so that the style is better.

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2. More feminine

Unlike the previous photo, here Tiphaine looks more feminine wearing a mustard yellow blouse with a turtleneck accent. The floral motifs on her clothes make her look more fresh. Again, sunglasses are not to be missed to accompany her daily outfit.

3. Wear modern ethnic clothes

If you refer to the photo caption, Tiphaine here is wearing Minang clothes but of course more modern. There is a gold kebaya combined with a blue scarf that is used as a veil and a headpiece that is worn on the forehead. Her smile melts the heart!

4. Photo with horses

While in her home country, Tiphaine was not a woman who was afraid of animals. Yes, he is quite comfortable being close to the horse, even looks calm because he can still smile at the camera.

The fashion style here is very simple, only wearing black long sleeves but somehow the aura is very beautiful.

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Portrait of Echi Unyu

Portrait of Echi Unyu

Portrait of Echi Unyu Baim Wong’s beautiful assistant, looks like Tatjana Saphira! Echi Unyu is a beautiful girl who has recently become a netizen conversation because of her appearance in one of Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven’s Youtube videos.

In the video, Echi Unyu is introduced as the caretaker of Kiano, the son of Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven. Like a celebrity, Echi’s personal Instagram account was invaded by netizens and now has 352 thousand followers. Not a few netizens said that her beautiful and cute face was like the German-blooded artist, Tatjana Saphira.

This girl whose full name is Desita Aurellya Wungkana is only 20 years old. Echi, who is now known as Baim Wong’s beautiful assistant, has started to open endorsements and is active on Instagram.

1. Casual Look

Echi looks beautiful with a simple trendy outfit. A button-down white puff sleeve top and a V-neck cut with highwaist jeans. Comes with necklace and watch accessories. Then Echi chose natural makeup that matched her age, not forgetting to apply red lipstick to keep her look fresh and young.

2. Comfy Outfit Look

This time, Echi looked fresh in a set of army green tops. Beautiful, simple and effortless are the right words to describe Echi’s style. The no makeup makeup look makes Echi very glowing.

3. Comfy Picnic Look

No wonder Desita is often call Echi Unyu. Echi looks ‘cute’ or cute and cute in a set of abstract fashion patterned clothes. The turquoise color makes Echi look more fresh and cheerful!

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4. Comfy Outfit Look

Again, Echi always chooses a set of clothes with loose pieces so that they are comfortable and cool. How cool he looks! Echi in this photo looks very similar to Tatjana Saphira.

5. No makeup makeup look Selfie

Echi fascinated the men with her beauty. Look more beautiful with natural makeup with long and curly eyelashes, thick eyebrows and don’t forget cherry red lipstick.

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Yoona SNSD is Flawless

Yoona SNSD is Flawless

Yoona SNSD is flawless and have a beautiful appearance. Idol and actress Yoona SNSD lined up to play in 2 O’Clock Date a new romantic comedy. Yoona will also compete with Kim Seon Ho who is on the rise.

Even though she graduated from Idol, Yoona is known to have solid acting skills. Plus, she is the center of SNSD, one of the leading girl groups in South Korea.

Certainly, the charm of beauty from an Im Yoona is able to melt the hearts of men. Summarizing Yoona’s personal Instagram account, let’s look at a brief review of five beautiful portraits of Yoona below.

Puppet-like visuals

Line up to be a model for the world famous luxury fashion brand, Miu Miu, Yoona’s feminine look with a ruffle dress with a blue checkered pattern and her shoulder-length hair that hung in a simple way, was sweetened with a polka dot headband. Yoona’s smooth visual appearance here is like a doll, isn’t it?

Disney couple

First met Kim Seon Ho as an MC at the year-end music party. Yoona, who looked like Princess Belle in her yellow dress, had uploaded a selfie portrait of herself with the handsome actor Kim Seon Ho as a visual couple in the style of a Disney movie character.

Glass skin

Calculation of Korean age, Yoona who was born in 1990 has entered the age of 32 years. Even though she’s already head 3, through this one portrait it can be seen how beautiful and youthful Yoona is with the healthy and glowing glass skin she has.

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Beautiful painter

Painting the door yourself wearing only simple home clothes, hair in a simple and slightly messy ponytail, and light makeup, there is no painter as beautiful as Yoona, right?

Pink Princess

Line up to decorate the cover of Marie Claire magazine, this EXIT and Miracle movie star looked perfect and stunning in a pink polka dot strapless dress, bold red lipstick and soft Korean style makeup, agree here Yoona looks charming as a pinky princess.

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Intimate Portrait of Dimas

Intimate Portrait of Dimas

An intimate portrait of Dimas and Nadine Chandrawinata, becoming fathers and mothers-to-be! Actor Dimas Anggara received a sweet gift on his 33rd birthday on September 10, 2021. His beloved wife, Nadine Chandrawinata announced that she was pregnant.

This was revealed by Nadine Chandrawinata through her Instagram account, right on her husband’s 33rd birthday, Friday (10/9/2021). Dimas Anggara is now a prospective father from the fruit of his love with Nadine Chandrawinata who always looks romantic and harmonious.

What is the portrait of the future father and the harmony of the couple who are often called couple goals like? Come on, take a peek at the portrait, which is summarized from the Instagram account @dimsanggara, Saturday (11/9/2021).

1. Celebrating a special day

In this portrait, the couple, who got married on May 5, 2018, looks compact posing looking at the camera with a flat face while holding a crystal ball together. They wore clothes with a monochrome fashion theme complemented by striped motifs. Against the background of the ultrasound image of the baby-to-be and the declaration of “Father’s Dirgahayu”, they looked so enchanting.

2. Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr

They appear compact wearing white shades with a combination of brown on the other parts. Posing straight while jumping, they held hands tightly. Dimas is wearing a white koko shirt combine with brown chino pants. Meanwhile, Nadine is seen wearing a white ethnic dress that makes her face look radiant. Not to forget, the sandals they wear are compact!

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3. Celebrating Wedding Day

This photo was take while celebrating his third wedding anniversary. Posing while looking at each other, both of them smiled so cheerfully. A positive aura emanated from this couple. In his statement, Dimas expressed his feelings to Nadine.

4. Compact with bucket hat

Portrait of Dimas and Nadine leaning against the car while wearing a compact bouquet of hats and glasses. Nadine wore a patterned dress combined with white sneakers. For the bucket hat, she chose red to match the motif on her dress.

Dimas himself looks simple wearing a white shirt combined with white sneakers. The bucket hat he wore matched his shirt. As if they never let go, again they posed holding hands.

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Denny Sumargo Street Style

Denny Sumargo Street Style

Denny Sumargo street style in New York, compact and intimate! Denny Sumargo with fellow celebrities and well-known Indonesian influencers is traveling around New York. They are introducing a local fashion brand that was pioneered by Muhammad Sadad. The local Indonesian brand itself will appear at New York Fashion Week 2022.

Denny Sumargo also invited his wife, Olivia Allan, at that moment. This hit couple often shares their compact and intimate moments in New York. What’s the portrait like? Here, MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized on Saturday (11/9/2021).

1. Posing at the airport

This one portrait hasn’t arrived in New York City yet! Here, Denny and his wife are posing like teenagers in love at the airport when they are about to leave for New York City. Compact wearing black sweaters, they look so harmonious. Posing looking at the camera while holding hands and forming a heart image, this couple looks so cute!

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2. Look cool with street style

Posing hand in hand, they looked so cute wearing street fashion style clothing. Denny wore a bright blue hoodie combined with his gray ripped jeans.

Meanwhile, Olivia is seen wearing a pink oversized t-shirt combined with her transparent leggings. To complete her style, she ate an electric blue snapback with the LA logo on the front. Their appearance looks so simple but still fashionable.

3. An intimate portrait while eating ice cream

In this photo, they appear intimate by eating a small ice cream cone that is eaten together. Denny wore a gray jacket combined with a hat and sunglasses. Meanwhile, Olivia looks beautiful with a bucket hat and her hair that is deliberately flowing.

4. Carrying wife in Times Square

Portrait of Denny and Olivia enjoying the beauty of the sparkling lights in the Times Square area while cradling on the roadside. Deny wore a black t-shirt wrapped in a white jacket and paired with his blue light denim pants.

For his shoes, he chose to wear a Nike Air Jordan to make it look cooler. Olivia looked simple wearing an all-beige outfit combined with white sneakers. Posing grinning at the camera, Denny Sumargo’s wife looks cute like a child.

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Indonesian Designers in NY Fashion Show

Indonesian Designers in NY Fashion Show

Indonesian designers in NY Fashion Show Indonesian Consulate General. The Indonesian Consulate General in New York in collaboration with New York Indonesia Fashion Week (NYIFW) has held a Fashion Show event in the Pancasila Room, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Building in New York, on September 10, 2021.

2 Indonesian diaspora designers from New York, namely:

a. Marry Indo by Merry Salmeri; and

b. Sasmita Batik by Novi Palluch.

Fashion Show at the Consulate General in New York

The fashion show was opened by the Indonesian Consul General in New York and attended by make-up artists, models, lecturers in the fashion department, the ASEAN Consul General in New York, vloggers, and fashion businessmen. A total of about 100 participants attended this event. The invitees had the opportunity to witness the fashion and accessories demonstration of Indonesian designers; who also appeared at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The event was held in a hybrid way (offline and online on the social media of the Consulate General in New York).

Because of that the Fashion Show started with an audio and visual performance of Tarawangsa from Kampoeng Tjibarani Bandung; which symbolized the ceremony to welcome the arrival of Dewi Sri (Sri Pohaci), known as the Goddess of Agriculture. Dewi Sri’s visualization is shown through a dress designed by designer Joni Permana which has an elegant dark nuance combined with a golden pattern like rice that is ready to be harvested. This pattern reflects the agrarian society of West Java and cares about the natural environment.

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Fashion Show at the Consulate General in New York

Lastly the event continued with the appearance of a Borneo style Batik by designer Indah Darry; followed by a fashion appearance with Balinese Dancer Batik patterns from the Made Tari designer. The Made Dance clothing combines modern fashion models such as Hoodie with Balinese Dancer Batik patterns, through a combination of bright colors, but still pays attention to the existing batik grip.

Meanwhile, the fashion appearance of designer Theodora Matrutty de Lima; featured in NYIFW was dominate; by woven fabrics with designs inspired by local wisdom; and the nature of the Maluku region, which is rich in marine resources; such as fisheries and shellfish.

After that the designer Novi Palluch displays casual clothes with a combination of bright colors; such as light blue, yellow; and light brown which are suitable for use in summer.

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Rachel Vennya OOTD

Rachel Vennya OOTD

Rachel Vennya OOTD in New York, looks great with hundreds of thousands of T-shirts and rp62 million boots! Celebrity Rachel Vennya will soon appear at New York Fashion Week 2022 along with local fashion brands. Not only alone, he was also accompanied by his lover, Salim Nauderer and several fellow celebrities.

While in New York, Rachel Vennya often shares her self-portraits with cute outfits. Curious as to what? Launching from her Instagram account @rachelven, Tuesday (7/9/2021), here are portraits of Rachel swinging beautifully while in New York!

1. Candid with loose hair

In this photo, Rachel is wearing a white cropped top combined with striking blue cargo pants which makes her look so stunning. Posing candidly while carrying a yellow bag, she looks so fashionable. Equipped with Nike Air Jordan sneakers for IDR 3,710,000, his appearance looks stunning.

2. Monochrome shades

This time, Rachel appeared in monochrome shades. Posing wearing a white shirt wrapped with a black pippa top, his appearance is so cute. Combined with detachable pants and a black bag, her appearance is so fashionable.

To complete the look, Rachel wears glasses and dangling earrings as accessories, plus Chanel boots which are priced at Rp. 62,648,000. Wow, that’s pretty fantastic for the price of a pair of shoes.

3. Creamy clothes

This time Rachel appeared with all-beige shades. He wore a one-shoulder top wrapped in a Harrington jacket for Rp. 155,000.

He combined his top outfit with a matching colored drawstring elana for IDR 690 thousand. To complete her appearance, she wore Nike Air Jordan Gold Hoops which were priced at IDR 3,710,000.

Not to forget, to decorate her neck, she wore a Dior fashion necklace for Rp. 12,406,000. Posing smiling while tossing her hair, Rachel looks so beautiful.

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4. Look cute with a skirt

Portrait of Rachel wearing a long-sleeved shirt wrapped in a beige jacket and combined with a black NikexSacai collaboration skirt for Rp. 5,990,000. His appearance is even more cool with the white Nike Air Jordan, which is the same as the point 4 style.

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Portrait of Bowo Tiktok

Portrait of Bowo Tiktok

The latest portrait of Bowo Tiktok who is getting more handsome, is called Iqbaal Ramadhan! BOWO TikTok Alpenliebe has gone viral thanks to his actions on Tiktok which caught the attention of netizens. We haven’t heard from you in a long time, Bowo’s latest appearance on TikTok is in the spotlight.

Her hair is long and she looks even more beautiful. Quoting his personal Instagram account @prabowomondardo on Tuesday (7/9/2021), here are 5 of his newest portraits that are more handsome.

Wear high school clothes

Posing wearing a high school uniform, Bowo TikTok looks more handsome like an FTV artist. He combined the gray white uniform with a black alma mater.

Her long hair was left loose. As a result, Bowo looks really cool. His feet, wearing sneakers, were placed on the table.

Cool bring flowers

No longer wearing a high school uniform, now Bowo TikTok looks cute while carrying a bouquet of flowers. The red and white flowers also look like the flag of the country.

In addition, the mix and match of clothes is also very suitable to wear when he is carrying flowers. Bowo TikTok is seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt combined with a contemporary black hat.

Nice to wear a blue shirt

Bowo’s big smile this morning can make girls have a crush on him even more. Even though he only wore a plain blue shirt, Bowo’s appearance still looked cool.

Especially when he was glancing at his cellphone, the look in his eyes made his face look sweet. Bowo also wears a watch as an accessory.

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Eat chewing gum

When capturing the moment when he was chewing gum, Bowo actually looked cute. She pinned some of her hair back.

In addition, her appearance was enhanced by casual fashion clothing with a white sweater combined with gray trousers. Not to forget, he was also wearing the same nuanced shoes.

All of black

Dressed in all black, Bowo TikTok’s appearance this time looks manly. Starting from his shirt, his pants, to his shoes, everything is black. It’s just that the shoes have a blue color combination.

In addition, he also hung a necklace around his neck to complete his appearance. His hair was parted to the side which made him look even more handsome.

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Cinta Laura Style

Cinta Laura Style

Cinta Laura style is dressed in ethnic clothing in the latest video clip, it’s cool to wear Papuan weaving! Cinta Laura gave birth to a new work entitled Passion, which is also called ‘Marqueesa’. This song features the energetic character of Cinta but with a touch of ‘Bollywood’ which has influenced him a lot lately.

The song, which is really good for dancing, also has a video clip. There, Cinta Laura appeared very total, not only in how she danced, but also in appearance.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some of Cinta Laura’s appearances in the latest ‘Marqueesa’ video clip, which is a pity to miss. Because Cinta gives ethnic elements with an edgy impression according to its mission to bring Indonesian culture to the world stage. Here’s the review:

1. Crop Top made of woven

This first look seems to be inspired by Papuan culture. Cinta Laura wore a long sleeve crop top made from Papuan woven fabrics designed by Jacob William with an attractive dark color. He doesn’t want to hide his plaid belly.

As for the skirt, it’s like wearing a root skirt which is a typical Papuan dress for women. However, it is formulated in such a way that it looks more modern, especially at the waist. So stunning!

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2. Shining like the sun!

In the second portrait, Cinta Laura looks shining in a flashy yellow dress that is so beautiful. The clothes designed by Yogie Pratama designer highlight the beauty while maximizing the appearance of Cinta’s body.

The gold woven fabric accents around the belly create a simple yet glamorous impression. Moreover, Cinta combines these clothes with Bvlgari brand jewelry. So perfect!

3. Color block style

Laura’s love is full of energy and passion. He tried to implement this young spirit into the clothes he wore and this is how it turned out. Yes, super cool color blocks.

Cinta wore a top structure like a Victorian bun designed by Jacob William in orange, combined with bright blue pants with split edges that maximized her long legs exposed. Super stylist!

4. Tropical Queen!

In the photo shoot for the latest song, Cinta Laura appeared in super high fashion. As revealed by the designer, Priyo Oktaviano, Cinta Laura is like a ‘Tropical Queen’.

She wore a bra-top with a super detailed ornament on the front. The ornament is also in the leggings section. Bvlgari jewelery was re-applied to complete the style.

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Rizky Febian Handsome Portrait

Rizky Febian Handsome Portrait

Rizky Febian handsome portrait in the video clip of the latest song gives up. Rizky Febian, the eldest son of comedian Sule, is becoming more and more present in the Indonesian entertainment world. Recently, Rizky Febian released the song “Release” for the soundtrack of the film Kata, which he will also star in.

The film titled Kata, which will star Rizky Febian, is adapted from the novel of the same name by Nadhifa Allya Tsana alias Rintik Sedu. To promote the new song Rizky Febian uploaded several portraits of himself in the video clip to Instagram.

Curious as to what? Let’s take a peek at Rizky Febian’s portrait that MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized on Monday (6/9/2021).

1. Running

In the portrait, Rizky Febian is running in a hurry like chasing something. Wearing a black suit fashion, there’s no way he’s exercising right? In the description of the photo, he also gives spoilers as if there is a new single that will be released soon.

2. Photo on the escalator

This time Rizky posed candidly with a blank stare. He seemed to be thinking about something. Stylishly pocketing his hands in his pants pocket, Rizky looks so cool.

3. Smile

Posing smiling while pocketing his hands and crossing his legs, Rizky, who is often called Aa Iky, looks so cute. Netizens can’t even see it.

4. Posing with the car

Wow, it looks like the theme of this video is going to be really cool. The BMW car that Rizky was leaning on looked completely destroyed. In the photo caption, he wrote the title of the song that will be the soundtrack for the film ‘KATA’ from Falcon Pictures.

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5. Expressing emotions

Well, in this photo, Rizky can be seen venting his anger. He shatter the windshield of the car and used a crowbar in the rearview mirror. Judging from his expression, it seems that Rizky is really disappoint about something. About what about?

6. The car caught fire

In this photo the car he had destroyed looks like it was on fire. It looks like his anger is really burning. The expression that wrinkled his forehead was like he was frustrate about something. About what?

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Rachel Vennya Style

Rachel Vennya Style

Rachel Vennya style with luxury handbags, the total price is IDR 104 million! Rachel Vennya’s name became a public conversation. It’s not about romance, the beautiful celebrity is in the public spotlight after daring to speak up about an online forum that is quite disturbing.

Apart from that, Rachel Vennya is known as a celebrity who collects luxury bags. He often shows this on his personal Instagram account.

The style of the mother of two children is getting cooler when she is carrying an expensive bag. Curious what the portrait of Salim Nauderer’s lover looks like with his expensive bag?

Here are some portraits of Rachel Vennya carrying an expensive fashion bag summarized from her personal Instagram account, @rachelvennya, Monday (6/9/2021).

1. Balenciaga bag

Posing wearing a striped shirt combined with patterned pants, Rachel looks so cute. To complete her OOTD, she wore a Balenciaga Le Cagole XS shoulder bag. Launching from Mytheresa, the bag is priced at EUR 1,565 or equivalent to Rp. 26,540,000.

2. Dior bag

This time Rachel posed wearing a white blouse wrapped in a black pippa top and combined with gray detachable pants. In the portrait, he can be seen wearing a Dior Metallic Black Micro Cannage bag which is no less expensive. Launching from the Yoogi’s Closet website, the bag is priced at USD 2,700 or equivalent to Rp. 38,542,500.

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3. Chanel bag

Portrait of Rachel Vennya wearing a white top combined with black pegasus pants and white sneakers for her footwear. Seen, he is wearing a flap card holder bag with a Chanel brand chain. Judging from his official website, the bag is price at EUR2,010 or equivalent to Rp. 39,902,000. Meanwhile, these 3 collections of Rachel Vennya’s luxury handbags, in total, cost around Rp. 104 million! What a fantastic price, so much mone spent on just a bag.

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Medina Zein Style

Medina Zein Style

Medina Zein style with luxury bags, the total price is IDR 422 million! Entrepreneur and hijaber, Medina Zein, is being discussed by the public after Rachel Vennya and Citra Kirana collect debts from him. Even though he has clarified about the debt, it turns out that there are still parties who are not satisfied with Medina.

Medina Zein has been known to often show off his luxurious lifestyle on his personal social media accounts. In fact, he also often exhibits OOTD complete with branded bags that cost millions of rupiah.

So, what is Medina Zein’s style like when carrying a luxury fashion bag? Here MPI has summarized some of his portraits, Friday (3/9/2021)

1. Hermes Birkin bag for IDR 283 million

In this photo upload, Medina is wearing an all black outfit combined with her white outer. Posing candidly as she descended the stairs, she was carrying a red Hermes Birkin 30 Clemence bag. Launching from the Farfetch website, the bag is sell at a price of around USD 19,709 or the equivalent of IDR 283 million.

2. Prada Crystal Mini Bag for IDR 24 million

Posing wearing a Balenciaga jacket, Medina combined her outfit with a Prada Satin Crystal Mini Black bag. Launching from the Prada website, the bag was sell for USD1,690 or equivalent to Rp24 million.

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3. Chanel Tweed Flap Bag for IDR 57 million

Apart from Prada, Medina also showcased her collection of bags from Chanel. In the photo, she is wearing a Gucci sweater and a pleated skirt in the same color as her hijab. The outfit is complement by a quilt twee shoulder bag from Chanel. Launching from the Farfetch website, the bag is price at 4,010 US dollars, equivalent to Rp. 57 million.

4. Mini Dior Book Tote for IDR 58.9 million

Posing on her chin with a red outfit, Medina showed off her Christian Dior bag collection. The Mini Dior Book Tote bag is a maroon color with elegant embroidery details. Launching from the official website of Dior, the bag is price at 1,900 euros or the equivalent of Rp. 32 million.

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Kpop Idol Contribution to Fashion

Kpop Idol Contribution to Fashion

Kpop idol contribution to fashion is not small. Korean Idols or often referred to as K-Pop are booming everywhere. This happens after the many reality shows that tell the journey of the idols

Well, in the 2000s where his drama productions were allowed to be broadcast overseas. This has a big impact that brings the Korean waves into people’s lives.

An idol can easily influence many people in several aspects of life, including one in terms of fashion sense. Here, there are five K-Pop idols who have a big role in the fashion industry, especially in some luxury brands. Who are they?


Since his debut in 2006 until now, G-Dragon has always captured the public’s attention. Not only for his rapping skills, but also for his eccentric dressing style.

In 2015, he successfully became the first kpop idol to be invited to Paris Fashion Week. Appearing with a unique style, he managed to attract the attention of big brands to make him a Global Brand Ambassador. One of the brands with the image attached to G-Dragon is Chanel.


Success in raising the name of YG Entertainment and bringing the Korean Wave to the international realm, made many brands want to work together with these four beautiful women.

Jennie managed to become the brand ambassador for Chanel, Rose became the brand ambassador for Saint Laurent, Jisoo became the brand ambassador for Burberry and Lisa as the brand ambassador for Celine Paris.


Mino is not only known for his expertise in producing rap songs and dancing, but also in terms of fashion.

On several occasions he also often appears in Fashion Week events and wears clothes from well-known brands such as JW Anderson, Ralph Lauren Polo and Dolce & Gabbana. Currently, he is known to be the brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton.

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Jackson Wang, GOT7

Starting a career from athlete to rapper did not limit Jackson’s career to widen into the fashion industry.

Currently, Jackson is list as a brand ambassador for several well-known fashion brands, such as Armani, Cartier, and Fendi. Of the three brands, Fendi is one of the brands with the image most attached to Jackson.

Jackson himself is also know to have a fashion brand under his private label, Team Wang. Recently he also surprised the public by appearing in a promotional video for the 2020 Olympics.

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Choosing Anti-Tacky Colorful Clothes

Choosing Anti-Tacky Colorful Clothes

Tips for choosing anti-tacky colorful clothes  with the color wheel technique . Bored with clothes that have a wardrobe because the colors are monotonous but afraid of being weird when the color is wrong? Well, there are mix and match tips for fashion using the color wheel technique.

For women, sometimes having a lot of clothes is not necessarily easy to combine. Especially if the outfit that is combined must be with a certain theme and color.

On this occasion, HighEnd will provide tips on mixing and matching outfits with the color wheel technique to add inspiration to your outfit.


Fashion lovers must be familiar with the use of the color wheel in mixing and matching various outfit colors. With the color wheel, you can combine two opposite colors and apply them to tops, bottoms, and accessories. Here are some types of color combinations that you can try.

Spectral Yellow and Purple

Yellow is one of the brightest colors and can be quite dazzling in summer. For that, yellow should be combined with colors that are not too dark like black or bright colors like white. therefore, a suitable color to accompany yellow as in the color wheel is dark purple.

Blue Turquoise and Dark Orange/Brown

Blue is a color that is suitable for use when attending formal or non-formal events. To look more stylish with blue, you can use brown or dark orange.

This color combination creates an earth tone so that it is still suitable for use in summer and winter. Don’t forget to use colored shoes that are still in the same color tone as your subordinates to avoid color blocking.

Dark Red and Brunswick Green

The combination of these two colors reminds you of Christmas, doesn’t it? True, these two colors are identical to the color of the Christmas tree and Santa Claus clothes.

You can use a combination of these two colors if you want to attend a formal event or an event at night. You can also add accessories such as a sling bag or cream colored clutch to add a bright impression to the outfit.

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Lilac Purple and Sage Green Colors

Being a trendy color in 2021, fashion lovers are looking for ways to combine outfits with a touch of lilac color. One of the colors that are suitable to be combined with these colors, besides yellow is green.

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Portrait of Zana Cobhita

Portrait of Zana Cobhita

A rare portrait of Zana Cobhita, daughter of lady rocker Nicky Satria. Who doesn’t know the famous Indonesian lady rocker, Nicky Astria? Music lovers, especially rock music, must be very familiar with Nicky Astria.

But maybe not many know, Nicky Astria has a beautiful grown daughter named Zana Cobhita. Like her mother, Zana inherited a beautiful face and a rocker voice on her.

So you’re curious as to what the figure of Zana Cobhita, Nicky Astria’s daughter, who is rarely seen by the public looks like? Summarizing Zana’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (2/9/2021), let’s take a peek at the following five portraits of Zana Cobhita.

1. Cute portrait as a toddler

Before transforming into a beautiful adult girl, this is a portrait of Zana’s appearance when she was a toddler. Little Zana looks cute, with curly hair with adorable chubby cheeks.

2. Bold makeup

Having a rocker aura like her mother, Zana’s aura is getting stronger and stronger, supported by the bold makeup style she often wears. For example, in this selfie, Zana is stylish with thick black cat eye eyeliner and blushing matte red lipstick.

3. Soft look

Usually seen with a bold makeup style with a strong character, this time for the Eid celebration, Zana appeared with a softer style of appearance by wearing a black long outer suit, light and soft makeup, and loosely flowing short black hair.

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4. Sexy

Well, in this case, Zana looks sexy in a black tube top and a purple shirt that is left open. The cat eye glasses that hit in the 80’s complete Zana’s edgy cool look.

5. Feminine style

Zana looks feminine and mature in a girly-style outfit, a long transparent black blouse with a floral fashion motif which she combines with a tomato red ethnic fabric skirt.

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Beautiful Han So Hee

Beautiful Han So Hee

This beautiful Han So Hee with innocent makeup style. Han So Hee’s name soared when she played her role as Yoo Na Bi in the Korean drama Nevertheless. How not, just entering the first episode, this Korean drama has made many viewers baper.

In addition, Han So Hee is also good at playing makeup on her face so that it is pleasing to the eye on the small screen. If you are curious about how Han So Hee looks with her innocent makeup, let’s look at the following 4 portraits.

Glowing nude makeup

If you want to emulate Han So Hee’s makeup fashion style on this one, you can play with the complexion with a dewy finish. Then, you can add a little blush on the nuances of coral.

Next, apply highlighter on the nose to define the shape of your nose. Finally, brush lightly on eyeshadow and frame your eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Don’t forget to apply nude lipstick with a matte finish on your lips.

Brown makeup

Brown makeup is very suitable for people who want to emphasize their makeup, but not too flashy like bold makeup.

Here, Han So Hee is wearing all the makeup products that contain elements of chocolate. Starting from the blush, eyeshadow, to the lipstick. Finally, he also framed his eyebrows which were covered with thin bangs to make them look cute.

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Focus on lips

Maybe some of you think that combining makeup like Han So Hee’s appearance this time is fairly easy. In fact, if you don’t apply the product in the right amount, you may fail in applying a no makeup, makeup look like this.

If you want to imitate it, you can wear a complexion with a matte finish. Then apply a thin layer of soft pink blush. Next, use eyeshadow that is close to skin tone, without eyeliner. Finally, make your lips the focus of attention by wearing a coral nude lipstick.

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Nagita Slavina Casual Style

Nagita Slavina Casual Style

Nagita Slavina casual style in Turkey, the aura of pregnant beauty shines even more! Even though she is pregnant, Nagita Slavina’s appearance is still fashionable and stylish, including when visiting Turkey. No wonder Nagita Slavina’s style when accompanying Raffi Ahmad in Turkey stole the attention of netizens.

This holiday is wrapped in a casual appearance. Casual fashion style is indeed the most suitable for pregnant women like Nagita because it is more comfortable when worn. Let’s take a peek at Nagita Slavina’s casual style while on vacation in Turkey as quoted from her personal Instagram account on Tuesday (30/8/2021).

Look relaxed with batik set

While posing in front of the old building, Nagita appeared intimate with Raffi Ahmad. He also returned to wearing casual clothes that look more relaxed.

Nagita chose to wear a blue batik set combined with baby pink sneakers. She also wore several accessories such as sunglasses and a green sling bag to complete her appearance.

Hold the stomach while narcissistic

This pregnant woman looks beautiful casual when posing while holding her growing belly. The natural makeup she wears is perfect for her casual outfit.

Nagita Slavina looked relaxed in a black oversized t-shirt, which was combined with gray hot pants. Her hair was partly tied in a ponytail to make it look fresher.

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Beautiful feminine with dress

When they arrived at the Turkish airport, they immediately captured the moment together. Raffi Ahmad is embracing his wife who looks beautiful in a midi dress.

Yes, Nagita does look pretty feminine in a patterned midi dress equipped with a v-neck. She also seen wearing a green sling bag and flip-flops to make her look relax.

By reading this fashion review that is titled “Nagita Slavina Casual Style” hopefully the reader is going to get fashion inspiration.

Styles of Medina Zein

Styles of Medina Zein

Take a peek at styles of Medina Zein with a bag for a total of IDR 300 million! Medina Zein is a businessman and hijaber whose name is now in the public spotlight. Especially after the news that Rachel Vennya had collected a debt from him some time ago.

Previously, the figure of Medina herself was known to often wear luxury bags like Hermes and Dior. No doubt, one of the prices of Medina’s own luxury fashion bag reached Rp 380 million, namely the bag she bought from the celebrity Rachel Vennya. The latest news, Medina Zein has paid the payment.

For this reason, the following is MNC Portal Indonesia information on 3 styles of Medina Zein wearing a luxury bag, summarized from the Instagram account @fashion_medinazein, Sunday (29/9/2021).

1. Hermes Bag – IDR 228 Million

The first portrait is a camel gold Hermes bag. Medina herself was seen capturing the moment wearing this bag. Then, this handbag spent quite a fantastic amount of USD 17,600 or around IDR 228 million.

2. Dior Bag – Rp39 Million

The next portrait is the Dior bag that Medina is wearing with the bright red base color. The shoulder bag type spent up to Rp. 39 million. Such a ridicilous amount for normal people but for celebrity this amount to nothing.

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3. Gucci Bags – Rp33 Million

The woman who often mentions the word ‘Gucci gangs’ on her social media has also been caught wearing a Gucci branded bag which is a black shoulder bag type with a sweet ribbon accessory on the side of the bag. It is known, the price of his bag reached Rp. 33 million rupiah. In total, the 3 Medina Zein luxury bag collections reach Rp. 300 million! A very fantastic amount is not it, indeed this socialite is very rich.

Thanks for reading this celebrity fashion article that is titled “Styles of Medina Zein”